Quotes from Witness for the Persecution

"Do you think Diana knows something's happened to her?" -Claudia

"Stop trying to help with everything." -Julia
"That's not easy." -Griffin

"Now just find this guy, okay?" -Bailey
"That's what we do." -cop

"Why is everyone so sure that I must be a mess without Daphne....? Over is over, and we're a family. Why cant people just accept that?" -Charlie
"'Cause we care about you." -Kirsten

"If that guy had hurt you -- I can't even think about what I woulda done." -Bailey

"He's a guy. They turn everything into the need to smash something or somebody." -Sarah

"You hit me, Ned. Nobody hits me." -Julia

"I'm scared I'm gonna lose you. ... I grabbed on to hold you, so I wouldn't lose you." -Ned

"Wow... wow, that was..." -Claudia
"Intense." -Griffin
"Fun." -Claudia

"If the chick stays, I go." -Cody
"Okay, see ya." -Griffin

"If you think buying a gun is gonna make you an adult or responsible, then I don't know what happened to you or who you've become." -Sarah

"How could a mother just walk out on her baby, Jul? ... I know it's hard to take care of people, even when you love 'em. God, do I know that! But you dont just leave." -Charlie
"Well, see, you don't know. Because you don't leave. That's not who you are. Daphne is Daphne, and maybe when she thinks about it, then...." -Julia
"No. Daphne is gone." -Charlie

"I just lost it. 'Cause it, you know, hit me that I'm alone." -Charlie
"It's OK, Charlie. OK, she's gone. So then now you've gotta think about what's important. Diana is important, and you, your life. Charlie, God, you gotta remember -- you almost weren't here. Be important to yourself, Charlie. 'Cause, I mean, where would we be? And you're not alone. You're never alone, OK?" -Julia

"I look out the window, whether there's locks on them or not... and I don't see the same world anymore." -Sarah

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