Quotes from Fillmore Street

"It's like, the more you care about someone the easier it is to get that mad at them. You just care, Ned, and how can I hold that against you?" -Julia
"How did you get so amazing?" -Ned

"He's never really hurt anybody." -Sarah
"Sarah, he hurt you!" -Bailey

"Look at these faces. We're gonna adopt -- OK, so, let's save a child, too, Kirsten." -Paul

"Listen, Jule, you know that I'm still here for you if you need me, right? I mean, nobody else knows that old car like I do, right?" -Griffin

"I think you should leave all the husband/boyfriend/lover jobs to me now. Like fixing her car. Or, fixing her anything, for that matter." -Ned

"When you play from the soul, you don't play music. Music plays you." -Cody

"Would any of you like a fight- a Sprite? You know, a soda or something?" -Claudia

"I just don't understand why he has to go to jail because he can't get a job or doesn't have enough money to feed his kid.... You and Bailey, you sit here and you talk about him like he's an animal. He's a human person, with a child and a sister and who knows what else." -Sarah

"I know you wanna hit me. That's what you do, right?" -Griffin

"Charlie." -Claudia
"Hey." -Charlie
"Hey. Hey? Are you aware that there are three very dressed-up ready-to-be-swept-off-their-feet women waiting for you in the living room?" -Claudia
"What?" -Charlie
"Oh yeah, pantyhose AND lipstick! Very recently shaved legs." -Claudia

"Look, you are either very slick or very thick, pal." -Beth

"Why do you think I take shop, Mr. Salinger? Do you think I'm actually interested in wood?" -Amanda

"I've pretty much found the love of my life for now. This little woman, this one little woman. My baby girl. My Diana." -Charlie

"There's nothing sexier than a single guy with a Snuggli." -Beth

"It's easy to fall for jerks, all right. I'm just telling you, don't..." -Griffin

"That's all I have right now." -Sarah
"All you have? What's all you have?" -Bailey
"My belief, Bailey. My faith in other people, in second chances, you know -- for him, for me, for everybody. That's what I have that's gonna get me back to my old self again. That's what's gonna keep me from being afraid all the time, everywhere I go. Do you want me to lose that?" -Sarah

"I called Dale. She was disappointed. She tried to convince me that sometimes a stork flies over and drops a baby in a couple's lap 'cause it's meant to be. But I told her it wasn't... meant to be." -Kirsten
"Not meant to be this way, no." -Paul
I think, maybe, Paul, not meant to be. Not this way or any way." -Kirsten

"You're still in my life, Griffin. You live with my family, for God's sakes. And it's not fair for you to have to worry about me, when I can't... I can't worry about you anymore, I can't... worry about you anymore, Griffin... please." -Julia
"So this... this... that's it?" -Griffin
"That's it." -Julia

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