Quotes from Stand by Me

"One time it's your ex-husband. Then it's your ex-boyfriend. What is it with you? Guys comin' out of the woodwork." -Ned

"It's like finding out that I can't have children all over again." -Kirsten
"Kirsten, don't." -Charlie
"Only it's worse this time. 'Cause at least before it was just nature. Now there's someone to blame." -Kirsten

"Just by the way you look at him you make him feel like a criminal." -Sarah
"He IS a criminal, Sarah." -Bailey

"He's hitting her." -Griffin
"Yeah, well, of course he's hitting on her. I mean, you gotta get used to that..." -Justin
"No. Julia's new boyfriend is hitting her." -Griffin
"Then what the hell are you doing here fixing fan belts?" -Justin

"You want me to go down there and drag her away from a guy that she wants to be with because you say he's hitting her?" -Jusint
"You're right. I wouldn't wanna mess up your squash game at the club..." -Griffin

"When we didn't get on that plane for Texas you asked me to be honest. Can't you be honest with me now?" -Paul
"I love you." -Kirsten
"I know." -Paul
"It's over." -Kirsten
"I know." -Paul

"Special skills? And robbing a restaurant doesn't count. Ha ha ha." -Sarah

"You can't build a life on the absence of things - things that he doesn't want and I can't have." -Kirsten

"Last night he seemed sort of intense, as in possessive." -Justin

"Why don't you just ask - are things perfect? No, no - but they're so, so close." -Julia

"No, Ned, it's okay, it's my fault. I should never have lied to you and I should never have gone to that party and I should never have danced with Justin and I'm sorry." -Julia

"Ms. Merrin, I wouldn't worry about trying to find this guy a job. He seems to have one he likes." -Det. Lopez

"They got robbed tonight because you didn't listen to me. That's why Mr. Belmont got shot." -Bailey
"With a gun that you bought to make us feel safe." -Sarah

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