Quotes from Whatever Works

"Have some more caviar." -Bailey
"It tastes like mushed up seaweed." -Owen

"While you guys are having babies and managing restaurants, Ned is there for me, every second, worrying about me and taking care of me like no one has since - God - since Mom and Dad. So maybe instead of insulting Ned you should be saying thanks." -Julia

"Tell me you won't see him again. Tell me that he won't come near you. You promise me that, I'll sign anything you want. You'll never see me again." -Griffin

"Could we maybe do this somewhere else? It's a little, uh, distracting... with all the moving body-parts." -Bailey

"Y'know, you're a lot better than my old man was. The only person he managed to fool was my sister." -Griffin
"How'd you get in here?" -Ned
"My ma, she was smart, she just took off, and me, as soon as I got big enough I just started to hit back." -Griffin

"You did it! We lost by one!" -Bailey

"No, you don't understand. I don't want to hear what you were gonna do, okay? You were supposed to be more than this. You were supposed to be worth the fight." -Claudia
"What fight?" -Cody
"The fight with Griffin, when he said you weren't good enough, when he said you were bascially the same kind of loser as him. 'Cause that's the thing, Cody. Griffin? He's not. He's this amazing person. No one sees how great he is. I wanted you to be that too." -Claudia

"You can trust your daughter. She's not gonna leave you. She's never gonna leave you, Daphne, so you don't have to leave her first." -Charlie

"Y'know what Owen said to me yesterday? He said that of all the dads on his team, that I'm the best, because I'm most like a kid." -Bailey

"Mom and dad dying took a ton away, but it also gave me something. It made me grow up really fast, and so now, I'm getting a shot at stuff that most guys have to wait for until they're twice my age. And if I pass this one up, I still have a whole extra lifetime to go after it again." -Bailey

"I don't know if you're right about Ned or not. What I do know? If Owen gets lost, or Diana needs ear-drops at three am, or I'm hooking up with some bass-playing loser... you're just there. And not for any reason, except, we need you. You're like this angel, Griffin, this guardian angel." -Claudia

"Every door I ever tried to go through in my dreams was guarded by that soldier. And I thought that that was just a nightmare thing, but it was real." -Daphne

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