Quotes from Party of Freud

"So, I'm happy you got all the facts, but just so you know, from this point on you can stop blaming your mom, and start blaming yourself." -Charlie

"I hit... sometimes... I hit... I hit her." -Ned

"He's got a girlfriend. You've got a girlfriend." -Owen
"You think I don't know?" -Bailey

"Hey, I was smart. I'm not saying that I wasn't. It just never showed up in my grades." -Bailey

"See, it's not... it's not that my mother abandoned me, it's that she did it when I was old enough to understand. It's like she gave me this disease, that she passed on to me, but see, I've stopped it, as of right now, I have stopped it. But if I go home, and I go in therapy, and I try to get well, and all this time I convince Diana to depend on me, and then I FAIL, then I will have given my daughter what my mother passed on to me." -Daphne

"Pass the Kung Pao and the pepperoni please." -Julia

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