Quotes from Fam-i-ly

"My family's problems are mine too." -Julia
"You know they'll just suck you back in where you don't wanna be." -Ned

"Sarah, I'm not her son-in-law. I'm just the guy that stole her only daughter away from her. I wouldn't want me at my wedding either." -Bailey

"Mmmm. Tastay." -Bailey

"You're not Owen's mother, Sarah. Or even his sister or his aunt. You're his brother's girlfriend. I mean, are you prepared to raise a five-year-old kid that is not your own and never will be?" -Charlie

"Here's me and Charlie fighting over Owen because we both want this and you come back here to give us your vote?! I don't think so. Your vote doesn't count anymore." -Bailey

"Quitting's sort of your M.O., not mine." -Charlie

"I mean, forget about meeting the family, right? Forget about the first kiss. The photograph. Blown up and framed. It's a very big step. It's like... evidence." -Ned

"I'm cutting school and going down to Stanford today, Charlie. You can't stop me." -Claudia
"Claudia, you remember Mr. Day, our social worker?" -Charlie
"Oh. Hi." -Claudia

"I think Julia's in a lot of trouble. I know she is." -Maggie

"He convinced me that no one could love me the way he did. Not my parents, not my friends. He made me feel like I was this goddess, I was this idol to be worshipped." -Maggie

"What are you guys gonna do?" -Claudia
"We're gonna talk to him." -Charlie
"We're gonna kill the guy." -Bailey

"We can't just fly in there and beat the crap out of Ned." -Charlie
"Why the hell not?" -Bailey
"Because it's not a cartoon, Bailey!" -Charlie

"I don't get a vote in your life, you don't get a vote in mine." -Julia
"This isn't about a vote, this is about keeping you safe." -Bailey

"Andrew's your choice. You love him and he's gonna be family, because you chose him. You know, kind of the way that you chose me when you decided to adopt me. But it's not blood or genes or DNA, and it's also not about a license or a ceremony either. It's a choice. And I don't know, I guess, you know, maybe I've made my choice too. And the Salingers have been my choice for a very long time now." -Sarah

"Julia and I are completely different, okay. Do you think if five years ago mom and dad had predicted where we'd be right now, that me gettin' some girl pregnant would have been that far off? Because I don't think so. But Julia? Do you they'd have said that she'd be married and divorced to a motorcycle mechanic all by the ripe old age of twenty? And now this? I don't think so Bailey. So go ahead and blame me. Blame me becuase I want my kid sister to be everything she was supposed to be. Just don't do it where I can hear you, okay?" -Charlie

"You know what, Charlie? I really really hate it when you say 'us' like it doesn't include me. Look, I am not his babysitter just because he and I aren't married or something, and you of all people should know that." -Sarah

"You're 'us,' Sarah. You always have been." -Bailey

"How many times?" -Julia
"How many? I don't know... for years... I'd have to say too many." -Maggie

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