Quotes from Driven to Extremes

"You came all the way down here to bring me the 'Women in Thongs' issue of 'Motor Mania?'" -Griffin

"The only person that can help Julia now is Julia. That's it. That's the truth. She's gotta make up her own mind that this is gonna stop, or else..." -Griffin
Or else what? He just keeps hitting her? Is that what you're saying?" -Claudia

"You're asking a judge to take your little brother out of a sober hard-working home and place him with an alcoholic single with a record." -Coleman
"Single? No, I have a girlfriend you lives with me." -Bailey
"Oh, make that an alcoholic shacking up with a young girl. The court will think you're a terrific role model for a five year old." -Coleman

"You wanna start a legal thing to get Owen? Are you nuts? Why don't you step outside and get a little oxygen to your brain?" -Charlie

"Is this poor car even gonna make it to San Francisco?" -Julia
"Shhh. C'mon, Love Bug's okay, and she's way better than Beast." -Maggie

"You know what they say, it's not the size of the car, it's the fact that the seats go back." -Maggie

"You're no different than my sister was, you know that? She never needed any help. Hell, she never had any problems. She could handle the drugs. She could handle my dad. Until she couldn't." -Griffin

"You know what, Griffin? This whole pathetic little kidnapping fantasy of yours is over, so you don't get to tell me what to do anymore." -Julia
"Since when have I ever told YOU what to do? You've been marching me around since the day we first met." -Griffin
"That is not true!" -Julia
"You wanted us to move into the shed, you wanted me to sell my shop, you wanted to go back to school. And everytime I said 'Whatever you want, Jule,' like an idiot, thinking maybe.... But, it looks like all you ever really wanted was someone to beat the selfishness right out of you." -Griffin

"Just tell me where she is." -Ned
"She's where she belongs, OK? Away from you." -Maggie

"They were calling me Slowen, 'cause it takes me so long to read." -Owen

"You can't hate them all, and you sure can't start fighting with all them, that's only going to make it worse." -Charlie
"Why not, Charlie? You and Bailey fight all the time." -Owen

"You're right. I don't have a life. I HAD a life. With you. But I gave that up so you could have what you wanted. So how do you think that makes me feel, Jule, to find out that you wanted this... to know that you'd rather be with some guy that hits you than be with me?" -Griffin

"Owen needs more than you can give him right now. All of us can see that. Why can't you?" -Bailey

"When Mom and Dad raised us they had each other, and they had you. And, don't take this wrong, but now there's just you." -Claudia

"I thought it was him and me against everything else, everything that ever hurt me. My last year at home, my breakup with Griffin, even my mom and dad. I thought if I chose him and I pushed away everyone else and I lost myself in us that I'd be safe from all the bad stuff. And that I'd be making this really great and safe thing with him. But all I really did was lose myself." -Julia

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