Quotes from Judgment Day

"I could probably swing some of these if I sell some more blood." -Griffin

"We're not gonna get anywhere if you two can't curb the testosterone." -Judge to Bai and Charlie

"It's okay, Kirsten. You can answer the question. I don't mind." -Charlie
"Well, for the record, if there is one, I mind, Bailey." -Kirsten

"If you stopped feeling wronged and abused for ten seconds, you would realize that I'm just trying to give you what you want." -Bailey to Charlie

"You've all said enough. I mean, yeah - I hated to give up all of that stuff - the designing, Seattle, a million different things. But I did it. I gave it up and I stayed in that house and I did the best that I could. And now, the first really good thing that comes along, the first thing for me, that I actually take - my little girl - and you wanna punish me for it. Why? Because I actually wanted a life for myself?" -Charlie
"Charlie, no one is saying..." -Claudia
"And you don't realize that you guys are all I've got now. Everything else I let go. So this - all of you turning on me like this - it's not just Owen you're taking away." -Charlie

"You have Charlie's notes there. You have all the dirt on Bailey now. So, why make me say it?" -Sarah
"The burden of proof is on your boyfriend, Sarah." -Judge

"You convinced us that this was right. You said that even if Owen gets scared or Charlie gets angry that Owen needs you, Bailey. You were right. He does." -Claudia

"It's only common sense, Kirsten. You can't move on without movin'." -Griffin

"It means that you love someone so much that you put them first, in front of everything, including yourself.... If there's somethin' that I can do to make you happy, even if you're scared it's gonna make me sad, I want you to tell me, OK? 'Cause then I'd know how to show you. I'd thank you for that. I'd never be mad. Understand?" -Charlie to Owen

"I'm sick of your lies and I'm sick of your games, and you're not my friend. And I would just walk away from you, except I saw you with this other woman. And I can't let it happen again." -Julia to Ned

"Just take good care of him." -Charlie to Bailey

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