Quotes from Separation Anxiety

"...a veritable medley of gummy bears..." -Kirsten

"I have never seen a judge award full custody to an unmarried, unemployed dad." -Martha Levinson (Charlie's Lawyer)

"What do they do at a Kiwanis meeting anyways?" -Julia
"Sacrifice a virgin for all I know." -Bailey

"Will you shut up and just let me do this? Please, really, it'll make me happy knowing that at least one of us had a pure college experience." -Bailey

"One day you can't stand me. The next day you can't get enough of me." -Josh
"I know. It seems kind of fickle, huh?" -Julia
"No, it seems kinda mean and manipulative." -Josh

"Dad I really need you guys to be together." -Sarah
"Sarah, I wish you could hear how selfish you sound right now. We've all lost. I lost you, I lost what I thought was a good marriage. Your mother lost something too. None of us has a family anymore. You want this to e all about you. Honey, people change and people grow. You grow too, okay?" -Mr. Reeves

"I think about you, and then I feel really guilty about leaving him behind." -Julia

"A shop teacher? Come on, man. We used to make fun of those guys, remember? Mr. Sinclair, with the dandruff and the missing pinky?" -Bailey

"I know how much you like to whip out the checkbook, Bay, and be everybody's fixer, but you can't fix this one, OK? I gotta show the court that I can support my baby. Me. Not by little brother or anybody else." -Charlie

"I dunno. 'Cause you were there, and you were naked." -Julia

"For the longest time I was completely wrapped up in this one guy - Griffin - and now all of a sudden there's this other guy - Josh - and he's funny and he's smart and he's read King Lear." -Julia

"You take a snapshot of your life the last time you leave someplace, and, I don't know, it's dumb, but you think it's never gonna change." -Sarah
"You figured you could go back any night at eleven and they'd be watching Nightline." -Bailey
"Yeah, you get this." -Sarah
"I've got snapshots too, with parents in them." -Bailey

"I thought I could just walk away. But no matter how far away I walk, the baby's still there." -Daphne
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