Quotes from The Wish

"This is great. It's great. You got me a bunny?" -Claudia

"You notice that nobody invited me? There's a reason for that." -Griffin

"Okay, they're like jocks. Like, big large senior jocks, by the way. Wouldn't notice me if they sat on me." -Claudia

"The entire ice-hockey team is crashing my party tonight." -Claudia
"And that would be a bad thing?" -Sarah
"Sarah, they're like these cool guys with actual shoulders. These men on skates with sticks that they whack at eachother when they're not, like, throwing eachother into walls." -Claudia

"Which brings me to this quaint little practice of running the phantom tab." -Lauren
"Phantom tab?" -Bailey
"Like Rip-van-Freebie over there." -Lauren

"I don't remember reading boot-camp on your resume." -Bailey

"Thank you, Griffin. Just.. thank you. I've been wanting to say that for such a long time." -Julia

"Hi. My name is Lauren, and I'm a control freak." -Lauren
"Well, okay. Okay, I guess that's what this is then. The two of us. Control freaks anonymous. The San Francisco chapter." -Bailey
"Charter members." -Lauren

"Oh c'mon, you? Mr. Man of the People? Mr. Billion-dollar dimples?" -Lauren

"Boy, I wish one of our moms was here right now, huh?" -Sarah

"Can we just think?" -Griffin
"Why do we have to think?" -Julia
"Because we can't make another mistake." -Griffin

"Men, forget it - their species cannot be trusted." -Claudia
"Oh, come on, girlfriend, sit down. We gotta talk." -Sarah

"You and Kirsten belong together." -Paul

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