Quotes from Get Back

"She likes you Charlie, but she thinks that you don't like her back. Now who's gonna stick around for that?" -Claudia
"Okay, if that how she felt, which I'm sure it's not, why would she keep it a secret?" -Charlie
"I dunno. But if you felt that way about her, why would you keep it a secret?" -Claudia

"He needs to know who his family is." -Miss Lo

"Have you ever been in love with someone you're not supposed to?" -Claudia

"You and Griffin?" -Bailey
"If you have anything to say other than 'Wow, Jule, that's great,' I don't want to hear it." -Julia
"Wow, Jule, that's great." -Bailey

"It's really starting to seem like every sentence I hear starts with, 'You should," or, 'You better,' or 'You have to,' and I... it doesn't make sense for me to complain about it because everything that I have I've asked for. But if I could just find five seconds where nobody needed anything from me...." -Bailey

"Even when I was alone, or with someone else, he was always there, y'know. Just always there, like the air or something. And now that I know that he's really gone, it's like... it sounds so dumb... it's actually harder to breathe." -Julia

"Y'know, ever since I first met her, I always thought, 'Man, I hope I don't mess this up.' 'Cause that's what I do. I mess stuff up. But you what I never thought? I never thought that I hope this doesn't mess ME up." -Griffin

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