Quotes from Haunted

"I love the way I feel when I'm with you, y'know. I love talking to you, and writing with you...even arguing with you has had its moments." -Julia

"Charlie, he's so set on proving that he can do it all, do US all, he's not even Bailey anymore." -Claudia

"Somebody's gotta keep an eye on him, or he's gonna need a bypass by the time he's 21." -Charlie

"Okay, picture this. Mountain tops. Sunrise. Sonoma Heights. Me in a pup-tent and my lap-top plugged into the camper's friend power-source at the campsite." -Sarah
"I'm picturing. I'm confused, but I'm picturing." -Bailey

"Whoah whoah whoah, Josh, you have just said ten...ten supportive things to me in a row. Why are still so nice to me?" -Julia
"You really want to know? It's research, for a story I'm writing." -Josh
"Oh." -Julia
"Yeah, it's about this guy...sort of unprepossessing, neurotic, but in a good way, guy, who's got a problem." -Josh
"Other than being neurotic?" -Julia
"Yeah. See, there's this woman. This mysterious, haunted, beautiful..." -Josh
"Okay." -Julia
"...and he just can't stop asking her out, no matter how many time she says no. So my being nice to you is pure research." -Josh

"You don't let any moss grow, do you?" -Perry

"The exterminator guy was supposed to stop by and check the traps! Y'know, Tim...Tom...Ted. Augh. I'll call him in the morning." -Sarah
"No, I will call in the morning." -Bailey
"Will you remember, Bailey, or should I write it down?" -Sarah
"Sarah! Really. Tim...Tom...Ted. I got it covered, okay, I'll take care of it." -Bailey

"Julia, what do you want from me? Okay, because whatever I do, I just can't seem to get it right for you." -Perry

"You're not my dad. You're not even Charlie, so stop trying to be. I can take care of myself. I've been doing that for awhile now." -Claudia

"That doorbell could ring now or later on tonight or a year from now, and that's not a good feeling." -Kirsten

"I'd like to, Josh..." -Julia
"I'm sensing a 'but' in there...a 'but' or a 'however.'" -Josh

"Each guy I've been with has sort of been the answer to the one who came before. It wasn't me choosing so much as ricocheting." -Julia

"You still married to Paul?" -Daphne
"No." -Kirsten
"That happened fast!" -Daphne

"Daphne, she's yours, and I never for one second pretended that she was mine." -Kirsten
"Who said anything about that?" -Daphne

"I can't write this thing. I have to answer one simple question, right? Who am I? But if I have to leave town and you and my life to figure that out, what does that say?" -Sarah

"Is that who I am? Sort of a mother, but not really. Maybe a wife, but not quite. I mean, is that me? 'Cause I don't know. Y'know, maybe I'm running away from that, maybe I'm afraid to feel happy in that role because I'm nineteen and I feel like I should want more for myself. Bailey, maybe I can't write this essay because I know exactly who I am, and I'm just afraid to say it out loud." -Sarah

"You gotta hear this, okay, 'cause Kirsten and me - we're together. And that's changed too many times and it's not changing anymore." -Charlie

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