Quotes from Otherwise Engaged

"It's like you were never a kid. 'Cause if you were you'd remember that when someone said they're worried, it doesn't sound like 'I love you,' it sounds like 'I don't trust you,' which frankly, I just don't want to hear." -Claudia

"Time can change anything, Charlie, right? I mean, who knows that better than us?" -Kirsten

"You know, if I can get the grades and win this thing - I'm tellin' ya, I'd take a summer at a Turkish traffic school." -Sarah

"Oh, okay, I guess this blatant disregard for me is some form of affection? Like the way you treat a sibling, or a... dog?" -Justin

"I am in, like, the deepest excrement right now." -Julia

"Maggie told me about this whole vow of solitude thing, and I think it's fantastic. I do. But why don't you stop before you become a nun?" -Justin

"I'm asking you, Sarah. Will you? Will you marry me?" -Bailey

"Hey, let's just face it. No matter where you went, he never left you. And I don't think he ever will." -Daphne

"I know what your feelings are, Charlie. I guess, sometimes I forget, maybe. But I've always known. So next year...tomorrow...I will marry you, whenever you want." -Kirsten

"I love you, so much. I really do. But I'm 19, and in college, and for me that means trying stuff out, like making mistakes. But mistakes where I can take an incomplete if things aren't working out, not mistakes where other people's lives are riding on what I choose." -Sarah

"I've been looking all my life and the best thing that I have found, by far, is you." -Sarah

"I was just looking around this room that used to be yours and probably still should be yours, and all I can think is - I did everything wrong." -Bailey

"I'm gonna need a best man, someone I totally trust." -Charlie
"Best man. Charlie, don't do it, don't do that. I'll drive you nuts. We'll be at each other's throats." -Bailey
"Bailey, listen to me, I know what I want, all right. I want the perfect wedding. I want to walk down that aisle and I want to know someone who cares, like, way too much made sure that there's not one doily out of place. Now, who else can give me that besides you?" -Charlie

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