Quotes from Naming Names

"Where's Maggie?" -Julia
"Are you kidding? She thinks these movies are... I wanna get this right... an exploitation of women, a celebration of violence, and the ultimate proof that at the lowest common denominator, nothing gets our juices flowing like pain and cruelty." -Ned
"Well, if she's gonna be *that* way about it...." -Julia

"I was kinda goin' for a sleak contemporary vibe in here, but if you're thinking more along the lines of romper room...." -Bailey

"It's not like that for Daphne. Trust me, if Daphne knows what she's having, it's harder to act like it's just a basketball she's been carrying around." -Charlie

"It's me, it's obviously me. It's something I'm doing, or not doing. It's my overbite, or my deodorant. Whatever it is, it's okay, sometimes these things are just chemical." -Josh
"Josh, it is so not you." -Julia
"It's not?" -Josh
"It's him." -Julia
"Him. Him?" -Josh

"I was thinking maybe we could name her Diana." -Charlie
"As in Princess?" -Daphne
"As in my mother." -Charlie
"Oh. Wow. Well, that's gonna kinda be a problem for me, Charlie, because my next-door neighbor growing up, her name was Diana, Diana Didario, and we would call her the Italian Sub, and everytime I hear the name Diana I think of this extremely fat girl who shaved my dog because I wouldn't give her my Twinkie." -Daphne

"You're in serious trouble, man." -Bailey
"Why? How do you figure?" -Charlie
"Well, there's gonna come a day when she walks through the door four hours after her curfew and she's got a hickey on her neck the size of a baseball and she declares her undying love for a guy who's got a tattoo on his bicep that reads 'Born Dead' - a guy named Meat, and that's not even his nickname. Man, I should just start saving for your bail now." -Bailey

"There'll be another Diana Salinger in the world." -Bailey

"I don't believe we've met, I'm Bailey Salinger." -Bailey
"Sarah Reeves Merrin." -Sarah

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