Quotes from The Baby

"You kind of expect Charlie's baby to come out with a little five o'clock shadow." -Bailey

"You don't have to hang out here if you don't want. I mean, I know you have your own life and everything." -Julia
"Not really." -Griffin

"Maybe you should just pick a sentence and go with it." -Daphne

"Having a baby right now is gonna ruin my life. Forget having the time to figure out who I am or what I want. I'll never have the chance. Hannah has this baby and I am stuck being the person I am right this second. No college. No job. No clue. And that is not somebody ready to raise a kid." -Will

"I can't decide this. I don't know how. How do I choose? I mean, one of them I haven't met and the other I'm just starting to know, but I love 'em both. I love 'em both." -Charlie

"Oh, you're Griffin. I'm Ned." -Ned
"Yeah, I got that. I'm quick that way." -Griffin

"Say something to distract me." -Julia
"I'm in love with you." -Ned
"Something else. Something not so complicated" -Julia

"You can force someone to be responsible, but you can't force them to care." -Hannah

"Maybe it's like with a jury, you know? When they bring you in to tell you it's all over for you, no one looks you in the eye." -Charlie

"He's not dating you, Julia. He's having an affair with you." -Griffin

"I didn't get to see her on her birthday. My daughter's one day old now. I can't figure out how things work, Kirsten. I mean, all this stuff with me and Daphne, all this crap that we had to get through, and the one thing that I was completely clear on, the one thing that seemed exactly right for me, was this baby..." -Charlie
"Charlie." -Kirsten
"So now maybe that's the only thing I don't get to keep. How does that make sense?" -Charlie

"Look what I made." -Charlie

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