Quotes from Forgive and/or Forget

"Hey look, O, it's the stooges." -Claudia
"I like to watch with Charlie. He laughs at all the dumb parts with me." -Owen
"Well, I can laugh at the dumb parts. I can.... Oh man, that's really dumb. Bu funny...." -Claudia

"I feel evil. I deserve 'The Inferno.'" -Ned

"How can I relax with half the hospital down my shirt? Okay, I get more privacy twirling pasties at a shore leave party." -Daphne

"So what are you up for? Cuddle up with a video? Cuddle up with a pizza? Cuddle up with a restaurant manager?" -Bailey

"Oh God. I'm such a waste of oxygen and nutrients and tuition." -Julia

"I'm not a mother. Why did you call this baby Diana? Because that was your mother's name. And why was she your mother? Because she squeezed you out? No, it's because she loved you and because she wanted you. Because she stuck around your whole damn life and she bathed you and dressed you and raised you. And that is not me. It's just not. Someday, maybe, but not today." -Daphne
"You move furniture around in your sinuses." -Julia

"Go ahead. Have fun. I give it a month." -Maggie

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