Quotes from Tender Age

"It's easy. It's stuffed and everything. Oven on, insert bird." -Charlie

"When don't these people need you?" -Paul

"I told him, you have such thick hair, O. The girls are gonna love your hair." -Kirsten

"I know how Thanksgiving works in my own family, and either someone's there, or something's wrong." -Claudia

"Thank God that isn't Owen." -Bailey
"It's somebody's Owen, right?" -Sarah

"I want you to know that if we were gonna have a baby, any way, at any time, then I would love that baby, and I would protect it and I would want it. I would, no matter what." -Bailey

"And you said she was Thunder Trooper Diana. She's no Thunder Trooper. She's a baby. That's what she is, a baby." -Owen

"If it were my child, if I had to look inside a dumpster for my child, I couldn't do it.... This is the kind of ordeal that makes me feel... it says to me I could never be a father." -Paul

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