Quotes from Love and War

"If that mockingbird don't mock, Daddy's gonna buy you an athletic sock." -Charlie

"Afterwards what do you say we go pick up a few chicks? Get matching tattoos." -Charlie

"Man, you guys think small. I'm not gonna compete with this guy, I'm gonna shut him down. Pass the fish." -Bailey

"You get a 6-minute credit. Which, actually, when you figure in my 15 minute credit from, you know, handling the spitup on your shift, that works out to be a 9-minute credit in my favor." -Daphne
"You claim you can't balance a checkbook." -Charlie

"Idaho, where's that?" -Owen
"Kinda up and over." -Charlie

"Like you said, it gets kinda dog eat dog sometimes." -Bailey
"Just a question of who bites who." -Sean Sullivan

"Dr. Talley told me that Ned is doing very well in his philosophy class, which should really help him in his career as a, what, professional philosopher?" -Ned's father

"My parents had five kids." -Charlie
"Are you just realizing that now?" -Daphne

"Five. How did they manage that?" -Charlie
"They had sex a lot?" -Daphne

"He's so mad at me." -Charlie
"Okay, so go in there and talk to him." -Daphne
"I should. I know I should. But that would require getting up." -Charlie

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