Quotes from Gifts

"We're all just food for the worms, Billy." -suit salesman

"What do you want people to say about you after you're dead and gone? 'That Bailey, he sure was sensible with his money,' or 'Damn, he looked good in that black cashmere suit?'" -more wisdom from the suit salesman

"Richie's the sun. I'm just a planet revolving around him." -Ned

"This is Griffin, my brother-in-law, sorta." -Claudia

"There's nobody else I trust, and Daphne's like something out of "Night of the Living Dead."

"How can I resist those dimples?" -Sarah

"Does the idea that Richie might actually be making snse threaten you so much?" -Julia
"Threaten me? Do you think I haven't wanted, my whole life, for Richie to make sense?" -Ned

"Can we just get it to go?" -Sarah at Cafe Milan
"Sarah, this isn't KFC." -Bailey

"You think you're gonna sacrifice your whole education, blow off a whole year's tuition, to come back here and take care of these kids?" -Charlie
"Yeah, well, it's not like you're doing such a bang-up job without me." -Claudia

"You thought that once Diana was born, that I would just have to look into that tiny little face, with your hazel eyes and my crooked chin, and that would be it, and that we would just live happily ever after. And, you know something, Charlie, deep down inside, I thought the same thing. But that is not happening. Charlie?" -Daphne
"She's crying." -Charlie
"See, I didn't even hear her." -Daphne

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