Season 6, Episode 11: Fear and Loathing

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Written by: Ian Biederman
Directed by: Joe Penella

Co-starring Reggie Jordan as worker, Billy Neustice as tattooed guy

Transcribed by Rachel

Claudia is packing her bag. Bailey comes in to thank her for checking Owen's homework. He's surprised to find her packing and asks where she's going. It's for her East Coast college trip: Yale, Columbia, NYU. She's leaving tomorrow morning. Bay is shocked. They talked about it, but never that she was going tomorrow. She says that was before she called the schools. Some have said they would let her in mid-year, so she has to apply now. Julia comes in and asks about the suitcase. Bay asks is Julia knew about the trip. She didn't, she thought that she was going with Claudia, to see Justin at Yale. Bay thought he was going with her. Claudia points out that they are busy, she didn't want them to have to adjust their schedules. Bay could make time in a couple of weeks and Julia could do it even sooner. Claudia is staying in dorms, she'll be fine. Bay tells her that she can't go alone, she will have to change her ticket. Julia offers another suggestion. She'll spend the miles she saved going to Europe and go with Claudia. She needs to call'll be so exciting. Bailey tells Claudia it will be better for everyone. Claudia isn't so sure.


One of the members of Charlie's crew comes over to tell them they are caught up on the end tables, but are falling behind on an order for bookshelves. Charlie tells him to cut both orders at the same time. Then they can double up on the refinishing. Charlie's cell phone starts ringing as they keep talking. The other guy asks Charlie if he's going to get it. Charlie picks it up, saying that he can't get used to wearing it.

It's Kirsten. She just got a call from their insurance company. They agreed with their appeal and will cover Kirsten's laproscopic surgery 90%. They might be able to get pregnant the old-fashioned way instead of wacky regimens and drugs. They can just live their lives and doing their work stuff and whatever happens, happens. Charlie asks if she's called to schedule the surgery yet. There's no time like the present. Kirsten agrees, but asks what happened with him...did they decide to go ahead with his plans for the bedroom set? Not yet, he still has a few bugs to work out and he's totally swamped on the line right now. Charlie tells her not to worry, they'll make it. She should call the doctor right now!

Kitchen Victor pulls out a plate of Rice Krispies as Owen comes in. Owen says that he isn't hungry. Victor tells him that the bars will knock his socks off...then he notices that Owen is missing his shoes. Owen says that Morgan Twombley has them. Victor wants to know why he gave them to the boy. Owen says it was more like "give me your shoes or I'll beat your face in." Victor asks if it's the same boy who has been pushing him around at soccer practice. Owen admits that it is. Owen begs him to not tell Bailey. He'll only call the school and it'll be worse. Victor tells Owen that he has to get the shoes back and show Morgan that he isn't afraid of him. But Owen is afraid of him. Victor says that he can still stand his ground. Bailey comes in and asks where Owen's shoes are. Victor asks Owen if he's going to tell him. Owen pleads silently with the nanny. Victor tells Bailey that Owen played mud Frisbee at recess. The shoes are being steam-cleaned. Owen leaves. Bailey picks up a bar and leaves as well.

Julia and Justin drop Claudia off at a dorm. Julia isn't certain she should stay there by herself, but Claudia wants to see what it would be like to be a student there. Justin wants them to go so Julia can meet Laura. Julia asks Claudia what she's going to do about food. Claudia points out that Julia gave her money. Julia asks when she's going to see Claudia. Claud has lots of tours and appointments. Justin points out that they have things to do as well. Julia makes her promise they'll get together the next night.

Holly's apartment
Holly and Bailey get up from the floor of her apartment. She doesn't think they even managed to say "hello" to each other before they started to make out. She asks him if they can spend more time together. She remembers that tomorrow night is one of their nights off and she's already missing him. He isn't so sure. She realizes that they are casual and non-exclusive and everything, but she wants to get naked with him 24/7. He points out that the problem with that is that he doesn't want to lose her sexual desperation. He doesn't want this time to end yet. But for tonight...he's all hers.

Daphne's apartment
Charlie arrives very late to pick up Diana from Daphne. It's almost midnight, but he was working on the designs for the expo. Daphne says she'll go get the baby when Luke comes out of the bedroom. Charlie apologizes for waking him up, he didn't realize Luke was staying over. Luke and Daphne hem and haw and then admit that Luke has moved in. Charlie is very surprised. Daphne says that she meant to talk to them, but he and Kirsten have been so busy.

Justin's apartment
Julia is awakened from her slumber on the sleeper sofa by Justin's girlfriend Laura. She's warming up for their work-out. She calls out to Justin. She's in the "zone" if he's ready to go. Laura starts talking to Julia as she keeps stretching. She's heard so much about Julia and she's amazed that Julia wrote that book about her horrible experience. When is it coming out? Julia admits that it isn't. Well, that's okay, at least she wrote it. Laura had a bad experience with a guy who tried to get physical with her her freshman year, but she has a blackbelt. Justin comes out. Laura tells him that Julia is really great. Julia wonders how she knows that...Julia isn't even conscious yet. Laura tries to get Julia to come with them, they're going to do a quick 8 mile run and then get some green tea. Julia can't believe Justin is going to run 8 miles. He says that Laura has him hooked on this metabolic work-out. Does she want to come? Julia begs off, saying that she's still on California time. Laura tells her that she made reservations at an amazing Mandarin place, they have so much to talk about...

Charlie and Kirsten's apartment
Charlie is on the phone. A number of people have called in sick, so he's trying to fill the line for the early shift. Kirsten asks how it's going. Charlie has been working on the design, but he still can't save enough money to make it work. It didn't help that he was up half the night stressing about the Daphne thing. Kirsten tells him to let Daphne live her own life. Charlie doesn't care so much about that...he's concerned about Diana. What do they really know about Luke? And then he started reading the risk disclosure material for her surgery. Kirsten points out that they are all worst case scenarios. He continues that the surgery can damage her bowel, bladder, it can increase ectopic pregnancy. Kirsten tells him that they know that, that's why they did the IVF. He shouldn't worry. Kirsten tells him he needs to focus on his project. The phone rings. Charlie tries to get one of his workers to work a double shift.

Victor finds Owen in the kitchen again. He got his shoes back, but now Morgan took his pants. He said something about the flood being over. Victor asks if he took Morgan the Krispies as a piece offering. Owen holds up his shoe with the bar crammed in it, commenting that he doesn't think Morgan was very hungry.

Claudia meets Peter Carlton, her student host. He asks if she came alone. Claudia explains about Julia coming to visit Justin. Peter tells her that she's lucky. His dad is an alum, so he just had to come along when Peter came to visit. Claudia holds up her map, she marked the places that she wants to see. Peter offers to take her on a more unofficial tour. He'll give her the insiders tour...that way she'll know what she's getting herself into. Claudia agrees.

Ice cream parlor
Victor and Bailey watch while Owen plays with his banana split. Victor comments that Bay has spent the whole afternoon with Owen. He can take Owen bowling if Bay wants to go see Holly. He can't. Thursday is their night off. Victor asks why they can't change it. Because then they would take Friday off and then it would turn into Saturday and on Sunday they would make another excuse. Pretty soon they wouldn't have a night off at all. Victor wants to know why this is a bad thing. Bay tells him that they are trying to keep it casual. Victor can't believe that they need nights off to keep the relationship from getting too serious. Bailey says he's flexible...he can call her whenever he wants to. Bay leaves to call her. Victor stops Owen from making soup. Food is not a toy. He tells the little boy to go throw it away, or he can kiss the bowling alley good-bye. Owen gets up to dump his tray, but instead runs into a man and dumps the melted ice cream down the front of his shirt. He apologizes, but the man is very upset. Victor intercedes and offers to pay to clean the man's shirt. The man continues to berate Owen until Victor grabs the man's hand and puts him to the floor. Victor and Owen go in search of Bailey. Owen doesn't care about bowling anymore, he wants to know how to do Victor's "wrist thing."

Charlie's office
Daphne and Diana surprise Charlie at his office. He's pleased to see them, but he's pretty busy. Daphne realizes that, but she wondered if maybe it would make sense if Diana spent a couple of nights a week at Daphne's. Both he and Kirsten have been so busy and it seems silly to wake the baby up just to take her home and put her back to bed. Charlie feels better knowing what kind of environment she's in. Daphne asks what that means. Charlie says it's nothing against him, but how well does she know Luke? Daphne wants to know what about Luke. He's not Diana's father. Yes, but he is living with her now. When Daphne isn't there, what does Luke do? What about discipline or if she chokes? Has he taken baby CPR like they did? Daphne tells him that Luke is great with the baby. He has no idea how good he is! Charlie points out that's the problem. He has no idea about Luke. Daphne is always saying that she wants to be a responsible parent, and most of the time she is, but this time he's sorry, he doesn't think it's the most responsible move.

Laura, Justin and Julia are out for lunch. Laura is telling about her trip to Africa. She gets up to go to the restroom, but asks Julia to remind her to show Julia her photo albums...and she has slides. Laura leaves. Justin comments that Laura is amazing. Julia agrees...somewhat hesitantly. Justin thinks she's a force of nature. Julia wants to try Claudia again, but Justin wanted to talk to her about Laura. She has changed his life and being with her his GPA has gone up, he's headed in one direction. Julia thinks he should give himself some credit. Justin continues. She doesn't have a five year plan. She has a life plan and after graduation, she's penciled Justin into her life. So, he's thinking, why wait? You should just go ahead and do it. Julia asks if he's planning on proposing. He is, but he wanted to see what Julia thought first. She does get it, doesn't she? She can see why he loves Laura so much? Julia says yes, how could she not...when she's so...yeah. Justin can't say how much it means to him to hear her say that.

Outside Holly's apartment
Bailey pulls up just in time to see Holly get out of a car with another man. He walks her to her door and she kisses him on the cheek and goes in.

Charlie and Kirsten's apartment
Daphne comes over to find Charlie asleep on the couch. She asks where Diana is. Charlie doesn't know. She was just playing on the rug, but now she's gone. They search through the apartment until they find her playing with the toilet paper in the bathroom. He was only asleep for a second. Daphne doesn't say anything, keeping calm in front of the baby. Charlie apologizes. This never happens, he's just been working so hard lately. Daphne knows...stuff happens, even to responsible parents. She leaves.

Peter asks if Claudia is clear on the social scene. She asks if it's okay that she tags along to his classes. He says it is as long as she takes good notes. Now she knows why he agrees to be a host. He just bought her a double-mint latte...but now it's time to go. He gives her his scarf. It's a long walk and she'll freeze with just her blazer on. He loses his job if prospective students die of pneumonia. She thinks she should hit the restroom before they go if it's a long walk. Peter points it out to her.

Victor is showing Owen some karate moves with a kicking bag in the backyard. Victor tells him that the kick is more about placement than force...kind of like ballet. Owen isn't too sure about that analogy, so Victor tells him to forget about ballet. He asks Owen what the first rule of self-defense is. To only use it to defend yourself. Victor reminds him violence should only be used as last resort. You use your words and then use them again before you resort to fighting. Owen ignores his comment and asks Victor to show him a flying scissor lock. He saw the Asian Assassin do it on the Wrestling Deathmatch...just in case his words don't work.

Claudia comes out of the bathroom stall to find Peter waiting for her. She's taken aback and asks what he is doing there. He was waiting for her. Why? Because class is an hour and he just couldn't wait. What? She smiles and takes his scarf and now she's his girlfriend? No, that isn't what he meant. She can't believe that you can't be friendly to a guy without him coming after her. He stops her. This is a co-ed bathroom. He needed to use it before they went to class. Claudia gets upset. She doesn't know what's wrong with her. She gives him back his scarf and says she needs to leave.

Charlie and Kirsten's apartment
Kirsten comes home to find Charlie and Diana on the couch reading "Arabian Nights." She can't believe he's home so early. Yeah, he was missing his best girls lately. Kirsten asks him to give her a few minutes to eat and then she'll take the baby so he can work. He says it's okay, he's not going to work that night. Did he figure out how to build it? No, he didn't, so he told Gus to put it on hold for a while. Kirsten doesn't understand. He's taking that stuff to the expo and it's coming up. He tried to find a way to make it work, but he's out of ideas. She can't believe he's giving up. He's not...he just doesn't have the time right now. He has a full-time job and her surgery the next day and Diana. Kirsten points out that all of those things can be worked out. So it's a challenge, so what. He can't just drop out the first time it looks like it might not work. He wants to know what her problem is...she's been on his case about this for weeks now. She asks him how long he's been waiting for a chance like this to come along...years, since before his company in Seattle and how many chances has he had since then...this is the only one. She's not telling him how to live his life, but she doesn't want to see him give up on his dreams. If he's giving up on this one she wants to make sure that it's for a good reason. He wants to know what that means. She tells him to figure it out.

Holly comes to find Bailey. He's just finishing up some work. He has a question for her. He asks what their official agreement about dating is. She states that it's as often as possible up to the maximum allowed in a casual, non-exclusive relationship. That open? Open between each other she responds. She thinks he wants to know about other people. Does he want to ask someone else out? He says no, but asks if she does. No, she's sorry to say, but he's the best she's come up with so far. But, if she did...would she tell him? She asks if he would want her to. He would. She will. He smiles at her. She asks what. He asks where she was the night before...he tried to call three times. She was out with a friend from work, a CT resident. So, she works with him. Holly wonders how he knows that the friend was a man. Bailey admits that he saw them and wonders why she didn't tell him per their agreement. Holly can't believe he was spying on them. Bay says he wasn't. He tried to call and she wasn't home so he went over to surprise her. She can't believe he was lurking around outside waiting for her. She kissed a colleague...on the cheek and now she's getting all this weird innuendo. She can't believe that he would do such a thing. She leaves before she says something she doesn't regret. Bay calls after her, but she leaves anyway.

Claudia and Julia are out for pizza. Julia is explaining about her conversation with Justin earlier. She was sitting there thinking "No, don't do this, don't propose to her that you just met her." She's fine, a little pushy, but it's not that Julia is jealous of her, it just isn't right now. She still feels like she should have been honest with him, but she didn't say anything. Claudia interrupts her. She doesn't care. She had a very bad day and she could care less about Julia's problems. Julia asks what happened, but Claudia won't tell her. She did want to tell Julia that she's flying back the next day. Julia can't believe she's skipping Columbia and NYU. Claudia changed her mind. Julia can come with her or stay longer with Justin. Julia presses her, but Claudia doesn't want to talk about it. She's tired and she wants to go back to her room. Julia wants her to tell her what she can do. Claudia asks if she can travel back in time and stop Claudia from going into that room with Derek. Julia admits that she can't. Then, she can't help her.

Daphne's apartment
Charlie shows up with the baby, but only Luke is home. Daphne is at the store, but she'll be right back. Charlie comes in, handing the baby to Luke. Charlie asks how it's going. Luke says it's going well. Charlie thinks he should get going. Luke says that Kirsten left her diaper bag, so Charlie can come get it. They go into the nursery. It's all decorated with little sheep. Charlie asks if Luke did it. He did, it's not done, but it's getting there. Luke offers to drop the baby off at their apartment if it would be Charlie a trip. Charlie says that actually Kirsten could use a good night sleep, so if they wouldn't mind, would he and Daphne keep Diana over night? Luke asks if he's okay with it. Charlie says he is. It would help them out a lot. Luke agrees. Charlie tells him to tell Daphne thanks.

Julia comes to find Justin. Claudia took off from her informational interview. Justin asks if she's alright. They can skip lunch with Laura if necessary. Julia tells him that she needs to go look for Claudia. Justin thanks her for what she said. It helped him make his decision. He's going to ask Laura to marry him. Julia asks when. Who knows...maybe at lunch. No time like the present. She tells him congratulations and they hug telling each other that they love each other.

Owen's room
Bailey comes into Owen's room to find Victor tidying up. He comments that Bay is home early. He is because he had to go to school to pick Owen up. He kicked a kid in the chest on the playground. Victor comments that it would be Morgan Twombley. Bay wants to know why Victor didn't tell him if he knew this was going on. Victor admits that Bay has been a little distracted lately, being with Holly or whatever, plus Owen didn't want him to. Owen didn't want Bailey calling the school. That's the school is calling Bailey. What was Victor doing teaching Owen to fight? Victor doesn't felt right. It felt right to tell him to solve his problems that way? Victor says that it is, if Owen has tried everything else. Victor has been there. He looks at a kid like Owen, walking around feeling afraid. He spent too many years like that, afraid to look other kids in the eye, feeling ashamed. Maybe Bailey doesn't see it that way, but he thinks a person should face their fears, no matter what. It's the only way Victor made it through.

Julia finds Claudia. She heard that Claudia cancelled her meeting with the dean. The night before she left before she told Julia what happened. Maybe if she explained it to Julia it would help. Claudia says that she can't. Why not? Cause she can't, so Julia should stop asking her. Julia won't, Claudia has to let her know what's happening. Doesn't Julia know that she wants to talk to her? She can't. She can't talk to her because she doesn't know what to say. She's a mess and she's so confused. She doesn't know what to say. Julia holds her and comforts her while Claudia cries.

Kirsten wakes up in the hospital bed. Charlie asks how she feels. Kind of tired, but okay. He spoke to the doctor and he said the procedure went really well. Kirsten asks if the doctor said that she could get pregnant now. Charlie says there are no promises, but the doctor thinks they have a real shot. Kirsten is scared of that. The doctors have done their thing, there are no more excuses. It's all up to her. Charlie tells her not to feel that way. She's done everything she can, she's been so brave. In fact, he could stand to take a lesson from her. The night before he was right. It's been 5 years since he had the shot he has now. Somewhere along the line he began to doubt himself, to wonder if the success he had back then was just luck. Kirsten tells him not to doubt himself. He always had all of these huge obligations to keep him from trying and now there aren't any more excuses. She tells him to not think about excuses, to just do it. But what if he can't?

Outside Holly's apartment
Bailey is waiting when she comes home. He wasn't spying on her, he just wanted to talk to her. He's been thinking a lot about the night before. She was too. He has been acting like an idiot, he knows that. There's a reason...he's scared. He's scared of losing her and that's harder for him than it is for a lot of people for a whole variety of reason. But mostly it's because he's just getting over the last relationship he lost. She knows that. That's why he wants to face that fear. He wants them to be exclusive because whatever he's been hiding from, that isn't going to fix anything. Holly doesn't think that will fix anything. He admitted himself that he isn't over Sarah. Yeah, but he's getting there. That's why he wants them to do this. Do what? Have a rebound relationship to dull the pain? She thought if she stuck around long enough time would take care of his problems, but right now she can't take it. They've been stopping and staring for the last couple of weeks and it's breaking her heart. There is nothing that she wants to believe more than what he ahs to say, but he needs he should take it. When he's ready to fall for someone, hopefully she'll still be around.

Charlie and Kirsten's apartment
Kirsten wakes up to find Charlie working. He was having a dream and he got an idea. In his dream he suddenly saw an answer to his dilemma about finding an inexpensive finish. Frank Geary used to leave his stuff unfinished all the time as a choice. Why can't he? Kirsten thinks that's great. Charlie keeps working as she falls asleep.

Claudia and Julia are waiting for a cab in the dark morning. Claudia asks Julia if it took her a long time to trust someone after Ned. Julia admits that it did. That's the thing, Claudia feels like she doesn't really know anyone. She doesn't trust her feelings. Julia knows. The cab pulls up. Julia asks if Claudia wants to tell her what happened. Claudia starts to tell her about what happened with Peter.


I thought this was a really sound episode. After the somewhat less than satisfactory episodes this fall, I think the show is on a really good track right now. We are seeing more of the family together. They're living together, they're working together. Yes, there continue to be a lot of other characters on the screen, but the stories of the non-Salinger characters are folding very smoothly into plots involving the family.

I think Claudia's story is the strongest right now. I am so glad that they have not just wrapped up the story of her attack. Having your trust and your innocence stolen from you is very traumatic and doesn't go away in a day or a week or a month, especially if you don't ever talk to anyone about it. I can understand where her fear of another attack comes from. She has lost the ability to trust herself any longer. She overreacts, but in the end it's good because it helps her to finally break through, break down even and talk to Julia. I hope that we continue to see resolution of this plot.

As much as I hated the way they took Charlie and Kirsten's infertility story, I really like the new direction. First of all, we are seeing more of the baby and how she fits into their life. I think it's interesting to see how Charlie and Kirsten and Daphne interact and are working together to raise that baby. I think it is very true to life that Charlie would be concerned about Luke and his relationship with Daphne. I give him a great deal of credit for finally trusting Daphne and Luke.

They are also dealing with the busy part of their lives. Kirsten makes a good point when she tells Charlie to not give up on his dreams. He has worked and waited so long for an opportunity like he has now. I know that I thought he would always be running the restaurant and had probably even convinced himself that he enjoyed doing it, but now it seems like some of the dreams that he had years ago might actually come true.

I've grown weary of the Bailey and Holly story. Why not just give Bailey a story that has nothing to do with women for a while? Certainly there is more to him than who he is dating? I liked her at first, but now it just seems a little overdone. Move on.

Julia, Justin...been there, done that. Man, I hate when a good friend introduces you to their new significant other and you don't like them. Maybe you eventually come to appreciate their finer qualities, but that initial impression really sticks with me sometimes. Your friendships can't stay the way they were when you were young, but I always like to think that maybe the new spouse will be a new friend as well. I don't fault Julia for not being honest, though. I have only really been critical of those that I didn't like after the relationship ended.

I was never the most popular kid on the playground, but nobody ever beat me up either. Girls are more into psychological torture anyway. Having said that, I'm not sure how I feel about fighting. My brothers didn't do it either, so I really don't have much experience with it. I understood Bailey's objections to Victor teaching Owen how to defend himself, but Victor's speech was very eloquent and a well-thought out argument. I can only imagine the tormenting Victor must have faced growing up, knowing that he was gay. We don't know much about him yet, his family, his history, but I note once again that he is a very strong addition to the show and the cast.

Speaking of the ever-growing cast of characters, we don't see Griffin again for the second week. I think that the producers of Party of Five have done Jeremy London a great disservice by keeping him on. I would not have been opposed to a reunion between he and Julia, but it appears that it is not in the offing. So, why keep this very talented actor tied up? He should be off working on another series or making movies. There's no reason to keep him stuck out there in the shed.

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