Season 6, Episode 13: Declaration of Co-Dependence

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Written by: Mimi Schmir
Directed by: Danny Leiner

Co-starring Mike Marino as Warren, Reggie Jordan as Reg, Robert Rigamonti as accountant (Alex), Chelsea Marguerite as Heather

Transcribed by Rachel

Bailey is at the restaurant after closing. He's trying to get the books to balance. He comments to Joe that it's nobody's fault, business is what it is. Joe comments that the only match worse than him and computers is him and Frannie. Bay looks more carefully and then notices that a whole bunch of the expenses have been double-charged. Bay wonders how it happened. Joe decides to save him some time. He took the money. He promises to give it all back. It's a short-term jam, but he'll give it back to them. Bay asks how much he owes. Joe doesn't even know, Bay should just add up all the double expenses. Bay wants to know what kind of jam he's in. Joe tells him that the divorce is very expensive. He has lots of legal bills. He thought he could make more money in the market. He was up for six months, but his options expired. Bailey says he doesn't want to hear anymore. He doesn't know what they will do. They need the money. Joe asks if Bay wants Joe to tell the family. Bay says no, they have enough to think about. They have Griffin's hospital bills to sweat. This is Bailey's fault, he should have been paying closer attention.


Bailey comes in to find Julia clearing away lunch for Owen and Claudia. He apologizes for being late. He was supposed to be there an hour ago to take Owen to see Cirque de Soleil. They need to hurry because Bailey has to be back to the restaurant for dinner. Claudia comments that she thought Joe was working, but Bay says that he gave him the day off. Julia offers to take him, but Bailey says he'll do it. Bay gives Claudia and Julia their monthly share of the restaurant money. They ask him why he's giving it to them. Usually Alex, the accountant, sends it to them and these checks are from Bailey's personal account. Bay says that he didn't have time to transfer the money. Julia asks him if everything is okay. Bay says that it is.

Charlie is telling the factory workers that they're breaking the work down into two lines. After he explains that the second line will be for higher end work one of the guys comments that it will mean retooling and retraining. He doesn't think Gus will go for it. Charlie says that he will. They have 37 purchase orders from new outlets. Another guy asks if they will have jobs the next month. Charlie says they'll be working the next month, the next year. They have a lot of work to get done. The guys all start to clap. Charlie seems embarrassed, but pleased.

Bailey comes into a house where John, his AA sponsor is giving a party. He waves to John and then turns to leave. John catches him at the door. Bailey professes that he's been there for a while, but has to go. He has something to deliver across town. Bay says that he's been going to meetings on Mission, closer to work. John leaves to talk to someone. As Bay goes to leave, a young, blonde woman sitting on the steps by the door comments that they should call "that" the thirteenth step. The one you take out the door. Bay asks what she means. She thinks he's the only one that wants to be there less than her. The girl would try it, but her sponsor would get on her broom and track her down. She introduces herself, she's Evvie. Bay introduces himself. She asks if he ever goes to an AA meeting and feels like he's joined a cult. Bay says that he may have a point, but he has to leave. Evvie begs him to stay, but he leaves anyway.

Charlie and Kirsten's apartment
Daphne and Luke brought over dinner. Charlie and Kirsten are delighted. Daphne and Luke are leaving for three days and feel bad about dumping all of the childcare on them. Charlie asks Kirsten if she can take the baby the next morning. She can't. She has to prepare for a new study all day. Charlie can't take her. He has six wholesale buyers coming from 9-noon. Daphne offers to put her trip off by a day, but Charlie and Kirsten won't hear of it. Kirsten says that she'll go into work at 5 am and then come back and get the baby.

Julia and Adam are walking down the street as Julia talks about how she feels like her life is moving past her. She sees her brothers with their lives all planned out, careers, kids, wives. Even Justin is getting married. Adam wants to know how Justin rates. Where is he on the scale? Julia wants to know what scale. The friendship scale. 10=you'd want to be stuck with them on the desert island to 1=you'd watch them drown from the ship. Julia can't believe that he thinks she would rate people. Adam thinks that everybody rates their friends. He asks her to rate him. She tells him that up until 15 seconds she would have given him a 8 until 15 seconds ago and the infantile behavior. He stops walking. He's found dinner for them. She doesn't understand how a hotel is going to be cheap dining until she notices that he's pointing to a sign for a Bar Mitzvah in the ballroom.

Julia and Adam (now sporting a yarmulke) are eating at the buffet. She tells him that the blintzes are fantastic and he has just shot up to a 9. He thinks he is closing in on Justin. She takes his plate. She wants to dance. They go out into the middle of the floor and begin dancing with the hora with the others. After the song ends everyone breaks into couples and starts dancing slowly. Adam and Julia start to dance as well. She asks him if he's having fun. It's clear that he's enjoying himself very much.

Bailey is working at the bar, going over the books again. Joe tells him that he talked to his real estate agent and he can probably unload his condo in LA. Bay tells him to not do anything stupid. Joe needs to do something. Bay says that he will pay them back. He's done the math and he thinks there is enough money there so they can stay open. He has enough money in the bank to cover the shortfall. Joe doesn't think Bay should use his own money. Bay points out that the restaurant isn't worth anything to them if it's closed. He tells Joe to go home. He told him to take the day off anyway. Joe leaves.

Bailey gets up and pours himself a beer from the tap. He drinks half the mug and is refilling it when Joe comes back in. Bay tries to look casual, asking if Joe forgot something. Joe asks him what's going on. Bay says he's just having a beer. It's nothing to get upset about. Joe says he isn't in a position to judge, but... Bay says he's been having a beer now and then for two weeks. That's all he wants. He hands Joe his keys and says good night.

Charlie comes into Gus' office. Charlie went to sign for the lumber but it wasn't what he ordered. He ordered quarter-sawn oak, but the shipment was pine. Gus says that he changed it. Pine is much less expensive. Charlie points out that it's also not as strong as oak. It won't dent or scuff. It's what they're customers ordered. Gus says that he doesn't want to sound like an old windbag, but the way you make your money is by watching your costs. Charlie doesn't agree. They're promised higher quality furniture than they are producing. It has to appeal to a high-end buyer or they won't get the margins they need. Gus wants to know who will buy it. Charlie says it's for people who don't mind spending the money to get some really great furniture. Gus tells Charlie that someday he'll run his own business and then he can make these types of decisions. Until then he will do things like Gus has always done them and it will be just fine.

Joe pulls Bay over. One of his girlfriends is at the bar. Bay looks over to see the girl from the other night. He doesn't remember her name until she introduces herself again. She apologizes, but when they talked at John's party she got a vibe off him. She asked around the party and found out where he worked. He wonders what vibe. She thinks that he's not as hard-core as the rest of them, that he still knows how to have a good time. Bailey isn't sure they should be having this conversation. She begs him to not go "Stepford" on him. It isn't that, it's just that if she's having problems, she should probably talk to her sponsor about it. That's kind of why she's there. She would rather be sober the rest of her life than talk to her sponsor. She was hoping that maybe Bailey could be her sponsor. Bay says he can't do it. She doesn't understand why not. He's been sober a long-time and seems to really get it. He says he can't. She understands that it's unusual to have someone of the opposite sex, but.... He says again that he can't. He's sorry, but she doesn't want to know the whole story. If she's having a tough night and needs someone to talk to...she thanks him and walks away upset.

Kirsten's office
Kirsten is on the floor reading to Diana. A co-worker comes in and says that Dr. Miller is looking for the draft of the study. Kirsten knows. That's why she's trying to settle Diana in for a nap. Heather, the assistant points out that it was supposed to be turned in yesterday. Kirsten knows, that's why she's trying to get Diana to go down. Heather comments that she doesn't look very sleepy. Kirsten says it's because interesting people keep coming in. Heather asks why she doesn't just put the baby down in the nursery, but Kirsten tells her that the one year olds aren't in that day and she's not ready for the 3 year olds. Heather turns to leave. Kirsten asks her to have Meredith, her assistant to call Charlie for her again.

Adam's apartment
Adam has made tacos for he and Julia. She's pleased that he cooked for her. He thought it was time that they stayed in for a meal. She comments that he's playing the Indigo Girls in the background. She didn't know that he liked them. He's also wearing the shirt. He wants to know what shirt. It's the "your eyes are so blue" shirt. Adam tries to deny it all. The Indigo Girls were a freebie, the food is take-out and he's wearing the shirt cause everything else was dirty. Julia asks what is going on. They sit down on the couch. He starts, but she tells to not. He could, but she says that maybe he shouldn't. He can't believe that he shouldn't. She doesn't know what he is going to say, but some things are best left unsaid.

Adam changes the subject by showing her the special hot sauce he brings back from Tijuana.

Joe asks Bailey who the woman was that he was talking to earlier. It seemed like it got pretty heated. Bay says it was nothing. Joe thought he heard her mention something about AA. Bay tells him about Evvie wanting Bailey to be her sponsor. Joe asks if Bay can do that now that he's drinking. Bay says no. Joe wonders if Bay told her that. Bay says that he didn't. Joe comments that Bailey must not want his friends at AA to know he's drinking again. Bailey says it isn't that, it isn't a big secret or anything. Joe asks if the family knows. Bay says that he hasn't said anything because there isn't anything to say. It isn't any big deal. Joe thinks it might be to them. Bay doesn't want to tell them, he's sure Joe understands that, alluding to the embezzlement from the restaurant. It might be best to not upset them with something they might not really understand.

Copy shop
Bailey has come to find Evvie at work. She blows him off at first, but then she warms up to him after he apologizes. She asked him a fair question. She wasn't out of line. That's the whole point of AA, to have people around who understands. If you talk to someone about a problem you're having, it's probably as helpful to them as it is to you. Evvie asks if he's okay. She has a break coming up, they could get some coffee. He thinks that sounds good.

Charlie is leaving work when Warren, one of the factory workers stops to talk to him. Things aren't exactly working the way Charlie said. They're using the cheaper wood and joining with metal. Some of the guys on the line are worried. Some buyers came by and when he showed them the line, the buyers looked upset. Gus walks out to his car, clearly noting the conversation. Charlie comments that they can lower the prices a little bit. Warren points out that it isn't what Charlie said they were going to do. Charlie reiterates what Gus said earlier. Warren points out that Gus thinks a lot of things and they should look where that got them. Charlie says that he has fought with Gus as much as he can and at the end of the day it's still Gus' factory. Warren knows, but Charlie got them that far. The night before he took his family out to eat for the first time in six months. It felt really good to not worry about losing his job.

Evvie and Bailey are sitting outside talking. She talks about going to a meeting and hearing someone talk about being 10 years sober. Everyone's clapping and all she can think of is "ten years sober and you're still here." She's worried that she's boring him silly, but he thinks it's good for him too. She asks him if it ever gets better, or will she still feel the way she does now in ten years? Bailey says that it's life. What does she want? She wants to feel good, that's all. Is that so much? Bailey doesn't think so, he hopes not.

Adam's apartment
Julia comes to see Adam. She didn't know if he would be home. She left him a ton of messages. He was just leaving to go to the library. She points out that he cancelled breakfast, blew off lunch. They had made plans to work on his application. He says that he was busy. What can he say? She comes in. If he's not going to talk about it, then she will. He's so great, he's fun and funny and smart. He's everything that she needs right now, he's a really great friend. What he doesn't know is there are so many reasons right now why she can't let it turn into anything else. She has this really bad boyfriend habit. She jumps from one to another. If it goes badly like it did the other night...she's afraid to lose him. Right now she doesn't want to take that risk. Adam laughs. She's funny. She asks him to explain. He says that she gets points for getting it partly right. He was thinking about it, yes, but... She says that's okay. He points out that he said 'was.' She got him out dancing, the contact thing and that got him thinking, but it only lasted through dinner the next night when he realized they were better platonic. She wants to know why he started avoiding her. He asks if it ever occurred to her that he might have other things in his life than her? Or some good reason not to call her back right away. He has a concept for her: not every boy wants to marry her. They smile. He has been working on the application. She buys it.

Charlie goes into Gus' office again. They need to talk. He made some phone calls and half their buyers said they would pull their orders if they used pine. Gus tries to placate Charlie, but Charlie is going to make his case this time. If Gus is going to make him fight him on this, Charlie will. Gus says he'll have a hard time if Gus is in Tahiti. He was sitting in his office a few hours before and a couple of guys came in off the line. Gus asked what the problem was, but they wanted to know when Charlie was coming in. Gus went down to the floor and took a good look. Charlie is building beautiful furniture and people will think Gus is the genius who made it all happen. Charlie can't believe that Gus is thinking about leaving. Gus will still be around for questions, but he wants to turn over the day to day operation to Charlie. He wants Charlie to run it. Charlie doesn't think he's ready. Gus wouldn't do it if he didn't trust Charlie. He thinks this might be why Charlie is there now.

Living room
Bailey comes home to find Joe in the living room with Claudia and Julia. They ask where he's been. They were trying to find him and he didn't come home the night before. Bay got in late. He wants to know why. Julia says that they left him a ton of messages at the restaurant, but he never called. Joe told them what's going on and they can't believe that he didn't tell them. Bay says that it's nobody's business. Claudia can't believe he would say that...that place, the's theirs too. Bailey can't believe they're talking about the restaurant. Joe knew that Bailey wanted to handle it, but Joe needed to get it off his chest. Bay can see why he would want to that, can't he? Bailey turns to go upstairs. Julia says they need to talk more, they need to tell Charlie. Bay says he's taken care of it. Claudia doesn't think that Bay writing a check from his own account is taking care of anything. Joe is paying Bailey back and until then it's taken care of. Julia says it isn't the only problem. Business is down and they are relying on the money. Claudia points out that he's been saying the same thing for month. Julia wants to know what is going on, what's up with the weird denial. They called Alex, he's coming over the next day to look at the books with them. Bay can't believe they called his accountant. None of them have any right to judge Bailey. It's his money and his life. Julia says they aren't trying to, but Bay gets upset and leaves.

Charlie and Kirsten's apartment
Kirsten thinks the news about the factory is wonderful, but she doesn't understand the look on Charlie's face. He hasn't said "yes" yet. Kirsten wants to know why. It's a big job. All the decisions are going to be up to him. Kirsten points out that it will allow him to make the right decisions. And the wrong ones, he adds. The factory could still go under. It's his dream job, but it's his job times three. Putting the stuff into production is going to take every minute. He won't have any time for her or Diana. Kirsten wants to know what he wants her to say. Does he want her to tell him to not do it. No, but this is it, she will have to be the one to make the concessions. He can't do the job halfway. She'll have to cut back on her work to make time to be with Diana. She needs to tell him if that's too much and he'll say no. She thinks that if this is what he wants, then he should do it. He thanks her with a hug and a kiss.

Julia runs over to find Adam. She has news for him, but he didn't hear it from her and she didn't hear it from her friend Becca who works in admissions. He passed his GED and the dean loved his essay, so it looks really good. Adam doesn't say anything. She asks if he thinks it's great. He's going to get in! She drops down and kisses him on the cheeks, first right, then left. He tells her to stop. He wants to know what was going on with the hugging and kissing. She cannot do that. She doesn't understand why. He lied when he said the feelings weren't there. He wants to kiss her so much and he knows that she said they shouldn't try, but what if it isn't a mistake. She doesn't know. He's sorry buy...he moves in and kisses her, then pulls back. He thought it sucked. She says no, but he admits that she wasn't into it and he wimped out and it was bad. That's okay, they tried and now they know it was a bad idea. The kiss is behind them and now they never have to go there again. Julia agrees, but it's very awkward.

Bailey hasn't shown up for the meeting with Alex. Charlie, Julia and Claudia are there. Charlie really can't afford to waste any time, so they start without Bailey.

Bailey is waiting outside the AA meeting when Evvie pulls up. She's been calling him. He apologizes, but he's been dealing with some family stuff. She asks if he's going to the meeting. He can't, he has something to do. She says that she will skip as well. She can go to the next one. He tells her to go and they can do something after. She kisses him, then apologizes. She had to do that. He's so sweet. He tells her to go to the meeting. She tells him to stop being such a good influence on him. She wants to go to her house. They'll watch "Leaving Las Vegas." It'll be just like a meeting, only more fun.

Charlie and Kirsten's apartment
Charlie is on the phone with the factory while he tries to get Diana ready to go. Charlie asks Kirsten if he can take the baby, but she's only half-dressed. There's a knock at the door and Charlie opens it to admit Daphne and Luke. They wonder if they are late since Charlie and Kirsten are running around, but they admit they are just busy. Kirsten says that the baby was good while they were gone, she just had a little trouble transitioning into nap time. Luke asks if she sang "Amazing Grace." It puts her out every time. Charlie looks through the diaper bag...he's forgotten food. He heads to the kitchen to get some and Daphne follows. She needs to talk to him for a second. Luke has been transferred back to Texas. Charlie says that he's sorry. Daphne says it's okay. He has an amazing family and they totally welcomed her. Which is why when he asked her to stay and live there with him, she said yes. Charlie wonders what it will mean for Diana, it's so far away. Daphne doesn't think it is, if she comes with Daphne.


As Kirsten was talking about getting up to go into work I felt like I knew where she was coming from. As my life has gotten steadily busier I have found that 5 a.m. is as good a time to do these summaries as any other...

There were some pretty interesting developments in this episode. The juxtaposition of Joe's betrayal of the family and Bailey's secret drinking were well-drawn, especially as Julia and Claudia confront Bailey about his "secret." It's interesting to see Bailey's denial goes much further than his drinking. He can't see how it has already affected his behavior in many ways. Again, Scott Wolf does an incredible job here. It's also good to see Tom Mason in an expanded role as Joe.

I have to borrow a comment from my good pal Sue. She had written to David Tamkin's Party of Five discussion list (subscription info on our links page) that she didn't understand Kirsten's new devotion to her job. When she was married to Paul it appeared that she just sat at home, or was at the Salinger's first taking care of Charlie while he was sick and later staying with Diana when she was a baby. Now, when she could be home raising Diana she's working all the time. I can see where she would have taken the job to help pay for the fertility expenses, but now that they aren't going any longer I'm not sure what is her motivation for not staying with the baby. It seems more and more like Daphne and Luke are the people who are putting Daphne's needs first.

On a related note, we have the story of the factory and Charlie's dream coming true. The first time I saw this episode I thought it was kind of hokey, but when I rewatched the scene where Gus tells Charlie that he's leaving, he comments that maybe this is why Charlie came to work there. Maybe it was...maybe Gus had always wondered what he would do with the business when he was ready to retire. In Charlie, he can see himself as a young man and it must make it easier to go, knowing that his legacy will live on. Besides, it's not like he handed over the keys and left. It looks like he's turning over the day to day management of the plant to Charlie.

I like Adam. I'm not surprised he was unable to resist the draw of one seems to be able to do so. I don't think he's being very honest with her though about not having feelings any longer. It's really too bad that she isn't able to just be friends with anyone. She strikes me as someone who could really use some friends.

The whole episode was very Salinger-centric. We see little of the other cast members and that's fine some times. Even in a limited role Lacey Chabert shines as Claudia. I just can't say enough about this actress and I hope that we see at least one more big story for her this season.

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