Season 6, Episode 14: One for the Road

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Written by: P.K. Simonds and Ian Biederman
Directed by: Steven Robman

Co-starring Mary Joan Negro as Evvie's sponsor

Transcribed by Rachel

Daphne is explaining the housing and daycare options on the base in Texas while she and Charlie sit on a picnic table in the park. She plans on having Diana down there for a month to settle in and then they will fly her back to spend a month with Charlie. It's right after the Midwest Furniture show ends, so he should have plenty of time to spend with Diana. Charlie doesn't think the plan makes sense, though. He's been thinking about it and he thinks it's great that Daphne wants Diana with her, but she doesn't have a pediatrician down there yet, she doesn't have the room set up, she doesn't know people with kids Diana's age to play with, plus she isn't married to Luke. What if something goes wrong? He thinks it makes more sense for Daphne and Luke to get everything figured out before Diana comes down for a visit. They can get everything set up and then Charlie, Kirsten and Diana can come down and see them. Daphne is not happy about this, but is interrupted when Luke comes over with the baby. He senses the stressed situation.


Bailey is getting to leave for the day while Claudia and Julia watch. Julia asks what he is doing. He says that he's going to work. Claudia can't believe he doesn't even have a minute to talk to them. He doesn't think they want to talk to him, he thinks they want to yell at him. He realizes that he blew off the meeting with the accountant. Claudia interrupts him. They realize what he did. They aren't mad at him, they are sorry. He's been using his own money to keep the restaurant going and they have been giving him a hard time. They're taking care of Owen for the day and Joe is watching the restaurant. He should just go and enjoy himself.

Movie Theater
Julia, Justin, Laura and Adam are coming out of "American Beauty." Julia and Justin loved it, but Laura hated it. Adam reserves judgment. He doesn't like to talk about any movie for the first 24 hours after he's seen it. Justin says that making rash, sweeping judgments is the best part of seeing a movie. Julia says that she's been trying to explain that to Adam. Laura asks if anyone wants to get something to eat. Julia wants to go to Elmo's Diner. Laura would rather go somewhere where they can have a salad, but Julia and Justin have their hearts set on malts and chili fries. Laura agrees to go. Julia and Justin continue talking as Adam and Laura follow along behind.

Evvie's apartment
Bailey shows up at Evvie's apartment. He tells her about the "day off." Evvie wonders if he's complaining. He isn't, he just doesn't know what to do. Evvie's old roommate Jo-Jo is having a party, but it's down in the Haight and it's not his scene...and not hers anymore. Despite Evvie telling him about the cops having to break up the last party, Bailey thinks it sounds like fun. Evvie hopes he brought bail money.

In the car
Adam is driving Julia home. He feels like he ate a small village...the chili fries are really sticking with him. She wants to talk about Laura and Justin's engagement party instead. Adam doesn't want to go. He's way behind on his story for narrative studies. She wants to know why he's bailing...she has work to do as well. He doesn't want to go because they are a lousy couple. Julia wants to know what he means, Laura changed Justin's life. Adam doesn't think they have much in common. She leads him around by the nose, they don't riff off of each other. Julia wants to know what he means about riffing off of each other. Adam thinks that Julia and Justin riff off of one another. If they videotaped their night out and asked people to pick out the loving couple, she and Justin would win, hands down. Julia thinks it's just because she and Justin have history. Adam thinks they have history, and present and ... Julia interrupts him, it's nothing. Justin and Laura are having a party the next night because they are getting engaged and Adam said he would go with her, so he is.

Jo-Jo's party
Evvie comes to find Bailey. They are having a great time. Evvie kisses Bay, then wonders what the taste is on his lips. She asks if it's beer. Bay says no, then says it's non-alcoholic. Evvie knows that Jo-Jo wouldn't have non-alcoholic. Bay tells her not to freak out, but he had a beer. She figures out that it wasn't the first one he's had. He admits that he's been having one now and then for a couple of weeks. Evvie asks for a shot of tequila. Bay tries to stop her, but she says they are having a good time. They'll watch out for one another, make sure they don't have too much. She orders another beer for Bailey.

Charlie and Kirsten's apartment
Daphne comes over to see Charlie. She wants to know what would happen if she doesn't agree with him, if she wants to take Diana with her. Charlie acts surprised. They talked about it, they figured it out. She points out that he figured it out, she had nothing to say about the decision. She's just asking, what would happen if she wanted to do something different, what if she wanted to take her daughter. Charlie tells her to calm down, but she presses him. He points out that he's Diana's father, but Daphne responds that she's her mother. Does he even realize that? Of course he does. Well, it's kind of hard to remember that when he makes all the declarations like he's the father and the mother...of Diana and of Daphne. Charlie tries to talk to her, but she says that she doesn't want to have this conversation with him. She knows where this gets her. She wants to take her daughter with her to Texas. Charlie is sorry, but that isn't a decision that she gets to make, not by herself. She asks if he's going to stop her. He doesn't want to, but she isn't giving him much of a choice in the matter. She's not scared of him. He says that he isn't trying to scare her. No, but he is trying to get his way. She's not going to let that happen. Not anymore. She leaves.

Evvie's apartment
Evvie and Bailey are in bed. She asks him if he's relaxed. He says that he is. She asks if he's happy. He isn't sure. She thinks he should be. They had a few drink, a few orgasms...nobody died. Bay guesses that's right. Evvie kisses him.

Lawyers' office
Kirsten asks Charlie what time their appointment is. She doesn't have time for this. He doesn't either. She can't believe they're there, talking to lawyers. Charlie knows, but Kirsten didn't hear Daphne. She said she might fight him for custody and this time he's going to be ready. Kirsten wonders where that will get Charlie. Daphne will find out that he has a lawyer, so she'll get one and then they'll be right back where he was a year ago with Owen and Bailey. Charlie didn't start this, he was willing to talk. Kirsten tells him to keep talking. He tried, but then Daphne started making threat. Kirsten asks him to think about what it will be like if Charlie and Daphne aren't speaking, except through a lawyer. Suddenly neither of them will be deciding what's best for the baby, a lawyer will be. Charlie says that he has to protect himself...and Diana. Kirsten asks if he really thinks this will give him protection. Daphne's the mother and Kirsten doesn't care what the judge might hear about her, she will probably get custody. Charlie doesn't want to win anything, he just wants to know what he can count on. Kirsten tells him that she will support him, but the facts are that he had a child with a woman who was not his wife. He had to know that this could happen someday. Like it or not...he created this situation and if he doesn't want to risk losing Diana he had better find a different way of dealing with it.

Justin's house
Justin and Laura greet Julia and Adam. They are so glad that Julia and Adam could come to the party. Laura looks uncomfortable while Justin and Julia hug. Julia compliments Laura on the party. Justin had told her that she did it all on her own. Laura calls Justin over to take family pictures. After they leave Julia tells Adam to not say a word, but then immediately comments on how bad Justin and Laura are together. Adam responds that he is busy not saying a word. Julia tells him he can't be silent, he put this thought in her head and she sat at home last night thinking about it. The very thing that Justin loves about Laura, that she turned his life around, if the reason they shouldn't get married. He thinks that this was his idea, but it was hers. She penciled him into her life plan like a dentist's appointment. Adam tells her that if Julia feels this way, she should tell Justin. Julia doesn't think she can. Laura is already suspicious of her, because of the night before, the riffing thing. She'll think that Julia is jealous. Adam asks if she is. She says that she isn't, that they are just friends. Okay than, Adam thinks he would want his friend to be honest with him. Wouldn't she?

Daphne's apartment
Charlie is walking down the hallway. We can hear Daphne and Luke's voices inside arguing. Charlie knocks on the door and Luke opens it. Daphne comes to see who is there and walks away. Charlie apologizes and says he will come back later. Luke walks out in the hall with him and tells Charlie that Daphne is going to stay in San Francisco. She couldn't take the baby away from Charlie. Luke says that he needs to get back to Daphne.

Justin's house
Justin comes to find Julia and Adam getting ready to leave. Justin is sorry to see them go, Laura has a whole, elaborate gift opening thing she wanted to do. Julia apologizes, but they both have work to do. Adam goes to get the car. Justin thanks Julia for coming. The whole thing is a kind of mind-bender. He asked his girlfriend one little question and now this whole big machine has gotten going and there's nothing he can do to slow it down. Julia says that he can slow it down, if he needs to. Or even stop it. Justin asks what she means. Julia says it was nothing. He pulls her aside. Does she think this is a mistake? No, she was just saying he could slow it down if he needed to. Justin thinks that slowing down means calling it off. It's a very big deal. Julia tells him to forget it. He can't. She told him at his engagement party that he should call it off. Why would she say that now? Is it Laura? Does she hate her? Julia says no. Justin says that Laura thinks Julia is jealous. Julia tells him to put it out of his mind. Justin tells her "thanks a lot."

Evvie's apartment
Bailey arrives to find Evvie's door open and loud music playing. He looks for her, but can't find her. He goes in the bedroom and finds an empty alcohol bottle. He finds Evvie passed out in the bathroom. He can't rouse her, so calls 911. He tells them that he needs an ambulance. It's alcohol poisoning. She's breathing, but he doesn't know how much she had to drink.

Bailey is in the ER waiting room when Holly walks through. She see Bailey and stops. He wondered if he'd bump into her. She asks what he's doing there, if his friend (Griffin) is back. He says no. He's there with another friend, someone who had too much to drink. They pumped her stomach, but she's fine. Bay asks how Holly is. She's fine. He tells her that she looks great. A woman comes in looking for Bailey. She asks him what the hell is the matter with him. He says that he doesn't even know her. She's Evvie's sponsor. Evvie told her what Bailey did. Bailey tries to explain that he wasn't even there. Holly watches as the sponsor bawls Bailey out for giving Evvie something to drink and then sleeping with her. Holly walks away as the sponsor continues to berate Bailey.

Charlie and Kirsten's apartment
Daphne comes to the door. Kirsten tells her that Charlie is getting the baby dressed. Daphne goes in to find Charlie and the baby. He apologizes for not having her ready. They got bogged down in a game of runaway diaper girl. Charlie tried to call, he wanted to offer to keep the baby if Daphne wanted to just spend the whole day with Luke. Daphne says no. It's Luke's last day and he wants to spend it with Diana too. Charlie asks if Luke needs any help with moving stuff. He has deals with all kinds of shippers through the factory. Daphne says that they are good. Kirsten asks her to say good-bye to Luke for them. Charlie tries to apologize, but she says that she's running late and leaves.

Julia and Griffin are getting coffee at a stand. She tells him about the engagement party. One minute Justin was asking her opinion, the next he was losing it at her. Griffin can't blame him. Julia knows that he's right. What did she do wrong? Griffin didn't say that she was wrong. Well, then what? Her timing sucks. If she says they aren't right for one another, then she's probably right. Julia wants to know how he can tell that. He hasn't even met Laura. Griffin points out that Julia and Justin have this whole soulmate thing going on. They click. Julia asks him to please not say that they "riff." That's exactly what it is, Griffin responds. It was the right thing to tell him, the only thing wrong was the timing, unless... Julia asks "what?" Unless she's jealous. Julia says it isn't. Why does everybody keep asking that? Griffin replies that when they were married they had all kinds of problems: the money, the business, her family...but nothing scared him like Justin. That he'd show up someday and she would realize that she should have been married to him instead of Griffin.

Outside Daphne's apartment
Daphne walks up with a bag of groceries to find Charlie waiting outside her apartment building. She asks what he's doing there. She just dropped Diana off with Kirsten. He knows, he wanted to talk to her. He doesn't want them to turn into one of those divorced couples that fight every time they have to talk about Diana. He doesn't want her to ask him someday why he and Mom are so angry at each other. Well, guess what, he doesn't get to control that. He doesn't get to make all the rules. Does he want to know why she's so angry at him? She's been good. She's done everything that he asked her to do. He asked her to move back to San Francisco to be a mom to Diana and she did. He asked her to trust and love her completely and she did. He did this horrible thing to her...he showed her everything that she could have and then when she was about to have everything that he had (a baby and someone to love), he took that all away. Charlie asks how he is doing that. By acting again like she's not a mom, like she's putting herself first by wanting to move to Texas. It's true. If she left right now with Luke, she would be taking Diana away, splitting her family up. Daphne completely understands that. Charlie thinks things should be settled then. She says he can't have it both ways. She can't see how she could have it all too and pretend it doesn't kill her to miss out on it. She turns and walks into the building.

Adam's apartment
Adam tells Julia that her story is very good. He asks where she came up with it. She reminds him of the old couple they saw at the movie theater. The image stuck with her, but then she thought, what if instead of having been married for many years, they had met again after being apart for a long time and this was their first date in 50 years. He thinks that's the cheesy hyper-romantic premise that usually bothers him, but she did it really well, without getting all weepy. And it pisses him's the kind of stuff that he can't do. It's messy and emotional and he can't do it. She just dives right in. She says that he's so sweet to her. She leans in and kisses him. Adam makes her stop. They both know what's going on. She asks what he means. The story is so clearly about her and Justin and that's all that is on her mind. She's trying to prove that she's not still attracted to him, that she doesn't have a selfish reason to want to see them break up. It's okay, because they probably should break up. She tells him to wait, but he continues. Julia needs to deal with it, she needs to talk to Justin because Adam would love to kiss her, but he needs to know that when she closes her eyes that she isn't thinking of Justin.

Charlie and Kirsten's apartment
Charlie wakes up in the middle of the night and turns on the light. Kirsten wakes up and asks what is on his mind. He doesn't answer, but she responds that it was a dumb question. He sees so many sides to the issue. He hates what is going on, but he doesn't want to lose his daughter. He realizes that legally he doesn't have much of a leg to stand on, but what if Daphne just changes her mind and takes the baby. Kirsten doesn't think Daphne will do it, that's not the person she is. Charlie agrees. He hates to see Daphne so unhappy, but he can't let Diana go. The situation is so hard. He's trying to do the right thing, but he isn't sure what he should do.

Holly's apartment
Bailey shows up at Holly's. He tries to apologize for what happened at the hospital, but he's drunk and it's clear that Holly is uninterested. She tries to get him to leave, but he keeps trying to explain himself. She tells him again to leave. She isn't interested. She hoped she would be around when he got things sorted out, but clearly that hasn't happened again. Bailey wonders what that means, how can he ever have everything worked out. Bay doesn't know how Holly will every find someone perfect enough for her. Bailey tries to push his way in, but she gets the door closed.

Daphne's apartment
Charlie meets Luke carrying a large duffel bag out. He goes in to find Daphne packing one of the last boxes. He says that it is weird, because he wanted it the most, but he was the last to see it. Daphne is really Diana's mom. Daphne wants to know what he means. There are some things in San Francisco that he doesn't want Diana to miss. She has a pediatrician's appointment in four weeks and Owen and Claudia's birthdays are coming up and Diana really enjoys those. Daphne doesn't understand. Charlie wants her to take the baby. He wants her to go to Texas with Luke and to take their girl. Daphne cries. Kirsten is down in the truck with her, they packed up all of her stuff. Daphne can't believe it. Charlie says that they will have to figure out a system that works best for Diana, but they can trade months, or seasons or something. They need to plan, he needs to know when the baby will be with them. It makes sense for Daphne to take her first. He and Kirsten are so busy right now and they'll be better able to spend time with her in a few more weeks. She'll be a lot happier with a full-time parent right now. Charlie marked some dates down on the calendar...nothing in stone, but they should work it out. Daphne says that she understands.

Justin's house
Julia comes over to see Justin. She lied to him. She's jealous of him and Laura and she tried to pretend that she wasn't, but she is. He's her friend, but he's also sort of her first. So, seeing him commit himself to this other person, it's weird. How is she supposed to feel? Hopeful that he found someone and maybe she will too? Or sad that she's losing one of the only people who ever made sense to her. Justin gets it. Julia says that he doesn't have to say that. If he's angry, he can tell her that. That's why he asked her if he should slow down. Because he's afraid that there might be somebody else that he should be with and if he was to make a list of who that might be, who does she think is number one? Julia wonders what they do now. He's engaged. She knows that. He's not married, but he's engaged. He will go back to New Haven with Laura and then... What? We'll see, he replies.

Daphne and Luke are totally happy, as the finish tying her stuff on the van. Charlie is in the car talking to Diana. He doesn't know how to explain a month to her, but it's not that long. She'll go night-night and wake up and do it again and again and again and then Daddy will be there. Until then she will remember that he loves her so much and they'll talk on the phone every day. He'll see her real soon. He kisses her on the forehead and tells her that he loves her.

Daphne and Kirsten hug good-bye. Daphne tells Charlie that she'll call from the road and again as soon as they get settled. They hug and he tells her that they should get going. He and Luke shake hands and he tells Luke to take care of them. The van pulls away as Kirsten and Charlie wave good-bye.

Bailey is working on the books as the restaurant closes up. He goes behind the bar and pours himself a beer.

Bailey's bedroom
Claudia knocks on the door and comes in. Bailey asks what she wants. His jeep was parked kind of funny and his keys were just lying on the rug, so she wanted to make sure he was okay. He asks her to not be there right now. He's tired and he needs to rest. Julia comes in and asks what is up. Bailey says nothing as he tries to set the cordless phone down. He drops it and picks it up again. He says that Claudia is just paranoid. Julia asks if he's been drinking. He says that they told him to relax and he did. They can't believe it. Claudia says that she's going to call Charlie. Bay says it isn't some big emergency. He had a bad day, so he had a couple of drinks. He's not going to burst into flames. Julia asks how this happened.

Well, they had these parents and then they didn't and then suddenly their whole life: their job and their baby and their house, are on him. Julia tries to stop him. No, he's fine, he's not complaining about it. If he's been behind the wheel for six years, maybe it's good that he gets out and stretches his legs for a while.

Claudia can't believe this is happening. Julia tells him that he shouldn't blame their parents. It's the alcohol talking. That's it. He thanks them for their help. He's going to go watch some tube. He leaves.

Julia and Claudia try to figure out what to do. Julia asks if they have the number for his sponsor. Claudia doesn't think so, it's been so long since they've needed it. They hear the door slam closed downstairs.

They run downstairs to find that Bailey has left with his car keys.

Bay drives down the street, weaving and racing around other cars. He has several near accidents, then goes through a red light. He slams on his brakes and spins out of control, hitting the stop light. As the screen goes black all you can hear is the horn honking.


Again we have another strong episode. Things are really pulling together here as we come in on the home stretch of this great television series. I've watched many series that limped along a year or two after they should have been canceled, but I think that Party of Five has retained the strong story-telling and acting that has made it a critical success over the years.

while I'm sorry that Bailey is off the wagon, I thought this was a very good plot to revisit. The fact is that he is a recovering alcoholic. He will always have to deal with his addiction and for him to go through his break-up with Sarah, the added responsibilities of Owen and the restaurant and not have any negative consequences would have been wrong. I found it particularly powerful in the last scene as he talked about the burdens of the house, Owen and the restaurant. This was nearly indentical to the argument Charlie gave for not marrying Kirsten in season two. How interesting that we would see this again as Bailey is overwhelmed by all the responsibility.

Julia and Justin. We've been looking at this one since season one. As I said a couple of weeks ago, I've been where Julia is...not really liking the person your friend has chosen to spend their life with, but not knowing how to say something. Justin is clearly looking for a way out and how interesting that it's the same reason for both of them. On a side note, I like Adam very much and I love how he makes Julia accountable for her actions. She has never had someone like that in her life. If the romantic stuff doesn't work out and I'm pretty sure it won't...keep this guy as a friend!

The story with Charlie, Daphne and Diana was poignant and Po5 at it's best...sort of. On this one I really have to stick with Kirsten who worked so hard to get Charlie to find a way to figure out a solution, but I didn't totally agree with her argument. Lots of things have changed over the years and I highly doubt that the court was going to favor the unwed, former stripper with diagnosed attachment disorder mother versus the employed, married, well-adjusted father. What she should have argued was that in order to win custody, Charlie would have to bring up all the things that Daphne had been, not what she was now. He would have had to denigrate Diana's mother in front of her in order to win custody. I'm just happy that they worked it out. This is best for everyone. For me, I'm going to miss Jennifer Aspen and hope we get to see her again before the series is over.

Missing stories...where was Owen? Victor? And what about Claudia's new boyfriend and music career? What's happening with that or is she just on the morality patrol around the house? And what was up with Justin's house? Did his dad hit it big with an internet IPO? I didn't remember them living in a gothic mansion. And one final gripe...two "v"s in Evvie? It looks like "ooh-ee" to me. All the Evvies I know only have one...

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