Season 6, Episode 15: What If...

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Written by: P.K. Simonds & Allan Heinberg
Directed by: Ken Topolsky

Co-starring Corinne Reilly as Felicia, Jenna Mattison as Jennifer, Art Metrano as driver, Brian Heinberg as roadie

Featuring The Flys

Transcribed by Rachel

Bailey is at the wheel of the Jeep. He sees a car careening through the intersection, nearly hit by another car. It's his parents. They narrowly missed being broadsided by someone running a red light. He hears them discussing whether or not they should go home, his mom commenting that Charlie is already there taking care of Claudia and Owen.

The scene changes and now Bailey is in a different car with Will. His hair is cut short and died blonde. He checks to see if Will is okay. They are both fine. Will hits Bailey. He can't believe he ran a red light. Bailey gets out of the car and Will follows. Will wants to go see how the other car is. Bay points out that they're okay. If he goes over there now the other driver will smell beer on Bailey's breathe and he'll lose his license. His parents will kill him. The other car drives off as Bay and Will argue. They get back in their car and leave.


Julia is at the restaurant planning her parents' anniversary party with Joe. She's concerned that they won't have enough food. Her parents have so many friends. Joe tells her not to worry. Julia's hair is still long and tied back in twisted braids. She thought that since it was their 31st anniversary there would be some no-shows. Joe thinks they are coming because of the beautiful invitation Julia designed. Bailey and Charlie come in, apologizing for being late. Bailey says they got hung up trying to find the place cards. He wants to know where they can buy them. Julia says they can do it at the store she put on Bailey's list. Charlie looks much like he does, his hair only slightly longer.

Joe comments that he hasn't seen Charlie around for a while. Julia isn't sure why she has asked them to do anything. They are only going to mess it up and she'll end up doing it on her own. Bailey goes over to the bar to pour himself a beer. She tells them to just go home and leave the party to her. Charlie thinks that sounds great and gets up to leave. Bailey tells him to wait a minute and brings Charlie over a beer as well. Charlie says that he doesn't feel like getting yelled at for like forty-five minutes. He wants to know why they are even doing this. It isn't like it's an anniversary most people celebrate. Julia wants to know why he even has to ask that after last year's debacle. Charlie thinks the party for their 30th was just fine. Julia doesn't think pizza and beer on paper plates was very impressive. Bailey agrees that it was kind of lame. Charlie points out that Bay planned it with him. Bay then reverses and says it wasn't that bad. All of their friends were there.

Julia can't believe that they can't show a little more gratitude for all the things their parents do for them. Claudia comes in. She's been standing outside for about 20 minutes. The front door was locked and when she called nobody answered. Joe asks what number she called. They have been there the whole time. Claudia shows him. It's an old number. They changed the number a year ago. He asks where she's been. Claudia wants to know where she hasn't been. Julia can't believe she came home early. She faxed Claudia the details. Claudia says the tour ended early and she wanted to get back. Julia is glad to see her, but she'll have to hide her for two whole days. Claudia figures that someone has to have some floor space for her. Bailey and Charlie just stand there. Besides Julia? The boys laugh.

Julia and Justin's apartment
Julia comes in the apartment and asks Justin if he's seen her poli sci notes. Justin calls from the bedroom asking how her meeting was. She says it was fine other than the fact that her idiot brothers are now acting like the anniversary party was her idea. Justin asks whose idea it was. Julia says that isn't important. She walks in to find him using her notes. She jumps on the bed and pulls the notes away from him. She busts him for not doing the reading. He agrees, but his fiancée did and she's a genius. Justin thinks that sounds a little weird, but they have to get used to it. They're going to announce it at the party. Julia was thinking maybe they shouldn't. It's her parents' night and maybe they shouldn't try and upstage them. She lies down next to Justin. She wasn't supposed to know this, but her mom told Justin's mom that she's praying that they will get engaged before they all go to Italy in the summer. Julia wonders some times if they are doing it for their parents or for themselves. Justin doesn't care as long as they are doing it. The phone rings and Justin starts to kiss her while Julia protests that she will be late for class. The machine picks up and it's Julia's mom. She wanted to remind her to take the car into the shop. She made an appointment for Julia. She also wants her to tell Justin that Nick made reservations for them in Venice the first week in July. Justin rolls over and picks up the phone. They're supposed to be in Sienna that week. Diana wonders if they don't want to be alone that week, but Justin says that they love hanging out with Nick and Diana. Julia rolls over on her back, looking up at the ceiling.

Bailey and Will's apartment
Bailey brings Claudia home. Claudia comments on all the cigarettes. She didn't know that Bailey smoked. Does his coach know? Bailey says they aren't his. Claudia asks if they are Will's. He says no, that he has a functioning brain. Bay says it is no big deal. He only smokes when he drinks. Claudia gestures to the large pyramid of beer cans on the coffee table. It would appear that he's up to 5 packs a day. Bailey knows that she disapproves. No she doesn't, she's envious. He can do whatever he wants, skip class if he likes. Every minute of her day is scheduled. If she wants to smoke, or drink or mash with some cellist from Holland she has to get rid of her chaperone first.

Bailey points out that his life is planned out. Their dad has him working at the restaurant now. Claudia responds that it's free beer and his money doesn't go in a trust like hers does. After Bailey graduates his dad expects him to work their full-time and in 4.5 years or so he'll have to take over completely so their dad can retire. Claudia asks if he's ever tried saying no. Bailey responds that it isn't that easy. Doesn't she remember how ugly it got with Charlie? Will tells her not to worry. Bailey will find the courage. Bay tries to shut Will up. Claudia asks what's going on. Bailey says nothing and shoots Will a dirty look.

Auto shop
Julia goes in the shop and rings the bell for service. She turns to leave when Griffin comes out of the back of the shop. She tells him that she's "Salinger, Julia Salinger." Her mom called. Griffin remembers. She's the one who goes to Stanford. Julia can't believe her mom mentioned that. Griffin comments that she's very proud. He asks about her engine noise. Julia says it isn't that, it's more of squeak. When her CD player is on she can't even hear it. Her mother likes to worry. Griffin asks if it's a squeak or a chirp. Julia says it's an "eeh eeh eeh." Griffin turns and looks at her. She starts to laugh. She sounds like the shower scene from "Psycho." Griffin chuckles and says she isn't that scary. Julia asks if she should call him or he call her. Griffin says that he will call her. She turns to leave, but he stops her. He'll need her phone number if he's going to call her.

Charlie's apartment
There's a fire in the fireplace and Charlie's date is examining his model house. She asks how he grills mushrooms so perfectly. He says that it's something his dad taught him. He has a restaurant. It's all in having the oven hot enough. Charlie finishes putting the food on the table and they sit down. He asks where they were. She says that he was telling her about his designs. He is trying to work some of the kinks out, but as soon as that happens he's going to build his first spec house. The painting and construction are just to pay the bills. She stops him. His model is in exactly the same condition as it was when she came over a week ago. The pencil is still propped up on the kitchen wall, the compass is still pointed in the same direction...the bedroom. They laugh. She says it's okay. She's sure he'll be a big architect some day and if he isn't she didn't come there to make it with Frank Lloyd Wright. She came there to make it with him. They start to make out, stopping only when there is a knock on the door, then a woman calling for Charlie saying it's "Felicia." Charlie pulls away and goes to the door.

He tells her that it isn't a good time. He'll call her first thing in the morning. She blurts out that she's pregnant. Charlie goes out into the hall, closing the door. He can't believe it. She's going to go talk to someone and she thinks he should be there. He is a little jammed up. She gives him the address and time. She would really like him to be there. She walks away.

Department store
Julia and Claudia are shopping for lingerie. Claudia has a project to scan her scrapbooks and make a CD for their parents. She needs to get them out of the house. Julia picks up a pair of silk pajamas and wonders if their mother would like it. Claudia thinks their mother is more vital, that she would rather have a teddy. Julia doesn't think so. Claudia thinks it would be perfect. Julia doesn't even want to think about their sex life, besides people don't actually even wear those things. If she says so. Julia asks what Claudia means. Does she wear them? Not all the time, but for special occasions. Julia wants to know what kinds of occasions. Sex. Julia can't believe Claudia has had sex. Claudia asks if Julia ever reads her e-mail. She had been dropping serious hints. It just never occurred to Julia. She wants to know when and how often. Claudia asks if she wants names and dates. Julia can't believe there have been names and dates. Claudia says it was only a couple of guys. Julia can't believe she had sex with other people. Claudia has been on the road for a very long time. Claudia asks about Julia, surely there were other guys in high school. No, she has only been with Justin. Claudia says it's okay. It's amazing, Julia is just like their mom and dad. She found her soul mate early. Claudia is just out there flailing around trying to catch up.

Will and Bailey's apartment
Will is playing the guitar while Bay comes out and hands him another one. Will corrects him. Bay knows that the change comes on the down beat. The last three times he hasn't been there. Will wants to know why...he thinks Bay is trying to blow this gig. That's why he didn't tell Claudia. Bay says that if he tells Claudia his parents will know two seconds later. Will thinks his parents need to know if Bay is leaving school. Bay says not yet. How could it not come up? He's on academic probation. Will's parents saw his transcript weeks ago. Bay just shrugs. Will can't believe it. Bay went home and waited for the mail. Bay just wanted to tell them himself. Will wants to know when Bay is going to tell them. They're supposed to hit the road the day after tomorrow. Bay isn't sure, they might not get the gig. Will says that it's almost a lock. Bay thinks they could blow the try-out that night. Will tells him that he had better not blow it so that Bay doesn't have to tell his old man. This whole thing was Bailey's idea. Bay knows, but being a roadie? Hanging lights, dragging drums's not exactly his dream. Will knows that, but this is a chance to get out on their own, see what they want to do. He thought that was what Bailey wanted to do.

Claudia is walking and drinking coffee with Ross. She describes the tour and all the places she's been. Ross thinks it sounds incredible. It is, but it's the first time she's been home in almost a year. She wonders if it would be such a terrible thing if she stopped. Ross wonders if she means to stop recording, stop touring. She is thinking about a year or two. He can't believe it. He thought this was what she had been working toward her whole life. She has, but she's been doing it since she was eleven years old. She's traveled all over the world and played with all kinds of amazing people, but she misses her family. She misses eating at the restaurant and being teased how she orders the manicotti every week. But, then again, maybe it is just time she comes home.

Counselor's office
Kirsten tells Felicia that she has options. They can match her up with a couple who wants to adopt a child, or recommend a doctor if she chooses not to have the baby. The most important thing is to not feel pressured. It's up to Felicia to decide what she wants to do. She should take the time to think, talk to friends...she's interrupted by Charlie coming in. He's sorry. He thought this was when he was supposed to be there. He asks if Kirsten wants him to wait outside. She says no. She was just about to talk about the parents' responsibilities when the baby is carried to term. Charlie sits down. He asks if Felicia is thinking about keeping the baby. She is thinking about putting it up for adoption. Charlie is a bit stunned. He isn't sure how he feels about that. She isn't asking him to raise it. He wonders what will happen if she changes her mind, if she keeps the baby and then needs something from him. Money or something. She's putting him on the hook. Kirsten is mad. He's already on the hook. He was careless and they conceived a child. She doesn't have a lot of patience for men who never think past their next conquest, who just have sex like that and never think about the consequences. Charlie tells her to calm down. She doesn't know him. They had sex that way twice and he isn't some kind of deadbeat dad, so she doesn't need to lecture him. She isn't so sure. He showed up an hour late and she wasn't sure that wasn't on purpose. He doesn't want to hear that the mother of his child might want to carry the baby...Felicia stops them. She doesn't want to do this there. She's going to take the pamphlets and go think. She thanks Kirsten, she really helped her a lot.

Julia goes into a bar. She goes up to the bar next to Griffin and asks for some change for the pay phone she acts surprised to see him, introducing herself again as the girl whose car had the Psycho squeak. Griffin remembers her. She thought her car might be done, but it wasn't, so she has to call someone to give her a ride. She asks Griffin if he's been working on cars long. He has, since high school. She asks where he went. He says he went to Grant...with her. She asks if he was in any of her classes. He dropped out. She's surprised and doesn't know what to say. She says that she should get going. Griffin asks if she wants a beer. Julia kind of hems and haws, saying that she doesn't really drink. She just came to use the phone. Griffin can't believe they wouldn't let her use the phone at the shop. No, the other guy was on the phone. Griffin asks what Sergio, the other guy said about her car. Julia admits he didn't really say anything. Griffin asks if she wants to get out of there. His place is right around the corner. Julia thanks him, but she really came to use the pay phone. Griffin points it out in the corner.

Will and Bailey are at a concert trying out to be roadies. Will is very excited. They're doing well so far. He just hopes Bailey can go through with it and tell his dad the truth. They run out on the stage to exchange guitars. When Bailey sees the crowd he's transfixed. Finally Will pulls him off the stage. Bailey says this is it. It's his life. Tomorrow they get on the bus and they go.

Julia comes in as Bailey is pouring himself a beer. She comments that if the beer is his lunch it isn't very healthy. Bailey asks if she realizes she's acting like their mom or if she just can't help doing it anymore. Julia ignores him and asks where Charlie is. He called. He can't make it. Some kind of personal crisis. Bailey pulls out the invitation list and starts looking at it. Julia asks what it is this time, then tells to not tell her. It's better to just not know. Now she is afraid that she's becoming their mom. Bailey is disappointed to see that the McGraths aren't coming. Their parents will be so disappointed. Julia thinks they will still have a good time. It's a party with all of their friends. Julia asks if something is going on. Bailey says no, just that they don't need any more bad news. Julia thinks it's because of Claudia. Bay asks what's up with Claudia. Julia tells him that Claudia is dropping out of the tour. Bailey can't believe it. They are going to freak. Well, at least they still have Julia and Justin. Julia asks what he means by that. Bailey means that their parents will be so happy about the engagement that they will forget about all the other bad stuff happening. Julia says that her life is not a party favor to make her parents party a success. Bay points out that it has already been decided, they're just talking about the announcement. Julia says that he doesn't know that it's already been decided. She doesn't know. Bay thought that she, Mom and Dad... Julia interrupts him. It's not fair that he, Charlie and Claudia get to do what they want all the time. Bailey can't believe that she thinks he gets to do whatever he wants all the time. Julia says that she doesn't want to hear it.

Counselor's office
Charlie is in the waiting room watching a tankful of fish when Kirsten comes out. She introduces herself to Charlie again and asks if Felicia is seeing the doctor. Charlie says that she is. Kirsten apologizes for being so angry at Charlie the day before. She was really off base. Sometimes she lets her own issues get in the way. Charlie says that it's fine and he understands. Kirsten says that he doesn't, but that's okay. He wants to know why. Does she think he's this guy who is scared to death that he might be having a baby. Felicia is sitting in there right now talking about having an abortion and no one has asked if he might raise the child. The father. Frankly, that's kind of sad, because it might be nice some day to have kids. Kirsten doesn't understand, why couldn't he? Charlie says there is no way. He wouldn't know how to do it. Kirsten thinks he would. Charlie tells her to ask his parents, they barely let him take care of the kids that they have. Kirsten doesn't think he should base his decision on what his parents think. Her parents want her to marry the first, the first doctor who asks. Anyway, how much do parents know? Charlie thinks they know something, more than him.

Living room
Claudia and Ross come over to the house to get her scrapbooks. They walk into the living room and exclaim about the redecoration. Ross comments that it's pretty "Martha." The floor is carpeted, there are new chairs, no clutter and the top of the grand piano is up.

Claudia says that her mom has taken Owen to piano and her dad never leaves the restaurant before three, so they are safe. As they walk through the hall and go upstairs, there are other new pieces of furniture.

Claudia goes into her room to grab the scrapbooks. She is stunned. They have filled the room with junk, boxes, instruments, furniture. Ross thinks that if they knew she was coming home, they would have... Yeah, Claudia thinks so too. Well, they should grab the scrapbooks. They're probably somewhere in the mess.

Will is getting ready to load the bus. The bus driver comes over. He can't wait any longer for Will's friend. He'll have to catch up with the tour in Sacramento. The camera pulls back to show Bailey sitting in his car across the street.

Auto shop
Griffin is working on a car. He looks up to see Julia standing there. She looked him up in her yearbook the night before and now she remembers who he was. He was in a band with Brennan Brown and his little brother Kendrick who was in Julia's class. He played the guitar and at the time she thought he was kind of cute. Griffin wonders if it was just at the time. He puts down the hood of the car he was working on and turns to Julia. He was a senior in a band and he drove a motorcycle, she says. There was no way someone like him would ever be interested in someone like her. Griffin says she was probably the time. He kisses her, then more deeply. He stops and says that he has to close up if she wants to wait. She doesn't want to wait. They start to make out on the hood of the car.

Bailey's apartment
Bailey and Charlie are making the placecards. Bay wants to know why Julia made him do this. He has terrible handwriting. Charlie thinks it's punishment. Bailey agrees. Charlie asks if Bay is going to go to the party that night and then catch up with the tour in Sacramento. Bailey isn't sure. Their dad would murder him. Charlie wonders what that matters. Bailey asks if he should just be like Charlie, go off and do whatever he wants and not care about if anyone else gets hurt. No, Charlie wasn't saying that. What he did was worse. All he did his whole life was do the opposite of what their dad wanted and he still never made any of his own choices. And now he still has never gotten what he wanted and he hardly talks to their dad. Bailey needs to figure out what he really wants and go do that.

Auto shop
Julia comes in with donuts and coffee. She didn't want to interrupt, but she brought coffee. Griffin thanks her. Julia says that the night before was great and he is an amazing guy. Griffin says it's fine. Her car is out front. He goes back to working on the car. She tells him that she has a boyfriend. Griffin looks up. He asks if she had gotten in a fight with him. Julia says no. Did he cheat on her? No, she was just...she was trying to figure stuff out. Griffin thinks she should have been figuring things out with him. He walks away.

Outside the counselor's office
Kirsten comes out of work and finds Charlie standing there. She remembers him as Mr. Salinger, but he introduces himself again as Charlie. She asks if he's there with Felicia. No, not exactly. She asks if he needs something. No, he just wanted to let her know how it all worked out. Felicia is keeping the baby, but then putting it up for adoption. They're trying to find a family who will let them keep track of the baby. Kirsten thinks that's good. Charlie agrees and says that they aren't getting back together, but he'll be making sure that she gets everything she needs. Kirsten thinks that's good...then backtracks and says the clinic has no opinion on whether or not they stay together or not. Charlie smiles. She asks if there was anything else. Charlie says no, he just wanted to thank her. Kirsten says he's welcome. They say goodbye and Charlie watches as she walks away.

Joe picks Owen up and carries him over to the bar. Claudia sits down with Ross, handing him a glass of wine and taking one for herself. He asks if it's liquid courage. No, she decided not to quit. Ross asks if it's because she's afraid her parents will be disappointed. Claudia looks at her siblings around the room. They've all moved on, moved away from home. They've got their own lives now. Ross points out that most families are like that. Claudia agrees, but in her head she's always imagined it like it was when she left. She thought that if she came home again it would be like it always was. But that family, it doesn't exist anymore.

Justin and Julia go into the storeroom. He needs to ask her something before her parents get there. He knows she didn't want to do the announcement that night, but he thought maybe having the ring would change her mind. He pulls out the box and shows the ring to her. She says no. He says that they can exchange it if she doesn't like it. Julia grows more upset. Justin thinks she hates it. She doesn't. He asks what is wrong. They can't. He thinks it's okay, they can tell them whenever they want. Julia starts to cry. She can't do this with him, not now. She wants to, she really does, but she wants to make sure it's for the right reasons, other wise one of them might get scared and do something stupid. Justin asks what she is saying...does she want to wait, does she want to take some time apart. Yeah, that's what she wants. She wants to take time apart...from them. She wants to not have dinner with them once a week, to go to Tuscany with Justin and tell their parents what a great time they had. She wants this to be about just them for a while. Justin asks what he should do with the ring. She tells him to hold on to it for a while because hopefully they'll need it some day. They hug.

Charlie comes to find Bailey at the bar. He asks if Bay has talked to their dad yet. Bay says that Nick started talking about all of his plans for the place. He gets so excited that it makes it impossible for Bailey to say no. It wasn't hard for Charlie to say no. Bailey points out that that is the reason the Bay is in the position at all. If he hadn't flaked when Nick asked Charlie to work there... Charlie tells him to stop blaming other people. If he wakes up in five years and he's not where he wants to be he can't blame Charlie or their dad. It will only be his own fault.

Julia comes in. Their parents are coming. Everyone yells surprise. We see the reactions of all the Salinger kids, but not a real clear shot of their parents. Everyone goes over and welcomes them except Bailey. Joe comes over and gets him. Their dad wants to see him. Bailey says there is no hurry. He's not going anywhere. Bailey watches as their mom hugs Charlie and their dad thanks him for coming. They hug Julia and thank her for the party.

The scene spins around and around and then Bailey is back in the Jeep. He gets out and looks at the car he almost hit. They pull away.

Charlie, Julia and Claudia are waiting at home when Bailey comes in. Julia and Claudia asks where he was. Bailey says that he had an accident. He cracked up the Jeep. Charlie asks if he was hurt. Claudia asks if anyone else was. Bailey says no. Charlie asks what happened, why he suddenly... Bailey says that he doesn't have to ask. Bailey saw it and Julia was right. Whatever is missing from his life, it's nobody's fault. It isn't' their mom and dad's fault or anybody else's. It's just him, so he's going to go get help. He already called and got a place in rehab. Julia asks when he's going to go. He's going now. They hug. Charlie asks if he needs a ride. Bailey says that would be good. They all say they will go with him. The final shot pulls across the photos on the mantel in the kitchen including the shot of the five kids used in the first season.


I wasn't sure what to expect, but I really, really like this one. The first thing you have to keep in mind when watching this episode is that it's not really what would have happened, but rather it's Bailey's fever dream, so it makes very good sense that people who are in their lives now would show up in the dream sequence.

Now, having said that I really like it I must comment that their mother must have had terrible fashion sense. This would be the only thing that might account for the fact that they all have terrible (and I mean terrible) clothes on in this episode. I had to keep averting my eyes from Charlie's horrible shirts and that hair on Julia...well, let's just say that change has been good for them.

I'll start with Charlie. The biggest difference I noted was his total lack of belief in himself. He's just about where he was six years ago when their parents died. He is working dead end jobs, he's on the outs with his dad and he's not exactly being responsible in his personal life. His discussion with Kirsten about not having kids because he wouldn't know how to be a good parent nearly broke my heart. It was clear to me in their scenes that Matthew Fox and Paula Devicq really know how to play off of each other. The chemistry was instantly there.

Bailey really was a lost soul. I have been trying to decide if he really would have been able to be such a functioning alcoholic, whether or not his parents would have stepped in. Even if they had never told the kids that Nick was a recovering alcoholic, I think they would have seen the signs in Bailey and said something. But then again, this was a fever dream and it was all about Bailey figuring out that he was responsible for his own decisions in life. I thought the closeness between Charlie and Bailey was interesting as they were both feeling alienated from their parents. It was also good to see that Will was still around. He has been a fantastic addition this year as we wind to a close on the series.

Oh man Julia...I have always wondered how much of Julia's dithering came from being a motherless daughter. It turns out that it might just be Julia. She didn't have the total edginess that Julia has now and I take that as a credit to Neve's performance. It was more convincing than anything I had seen for quite a while. I did want to know more about Griffin. Did Jill die if she wasn't with Bailey? Why did he drop out? What happened? Where's the major, etc. I also thought it was interesting to see Julia and Justin together after the plots of the last few weeks and their discussions about their relationship with each other. Especially poignant was her plea that they discover what it would be like to just be together absent their parents who want this relationship so badly. It has been a real treat to have Michael Goorjian back for so many episodes this year and it was nice to see Jeremy London with something to actually do other than pick up Owen's toys.

Claudia's predicament was intriguing in the face of her wonders about what might have been with her violin career, but it is her last conversation with Ross that really knocked my socks off. She has been looking for this close family that pulls together, missing it while it's on the road. Well, it grew up and moved on while she wasn't looking. The thing is, with their parents dead that family still pretty much exists, especially now with Bailey, Julia, Claudia and Owen all living together. They still turn to each other first since they don't have their parents. It's interesting that in challenging the close-knit family with the death of their parents they actually made them tighter than if things had not changed so dramatically.

Good to see Joe, too bad we didn't see more of Owen and we saw the exactly right amount of Nick and Diana. I remember reading or hearing once that Chris Keyser and Amy Lippman said we would never see the Salinger parents. I still feel like I never have. They were there, I heard their voices, I saw their impact on the family, but this episode was about the siblings, not their parents and that was exactly what I wanted.

I think I've made this gripe before, but I really noticed it tonight. You don't need to blow the fog horn or clang the trolley every 3 seconds to remind us that we're in San Francisco. I have heard that trolley clanging so many places that are clearly no where near the trolley line and it seems like every location is within spitting distance of the bay. It takes me out of the show temporarily and that's no good.

Gripes aside, this one was top drawer. Big risk, big gain. Many thanks to writers P.K. Simonds and Allan Heinberg for a great script and to director Ken Topolsky for a visually stunning episode. The shots were really creative. I would like to especially note the continuous shot from Julia and Justin's discussion in the store room out into the restaurant where Charlie and Bailey are talking at the bar. The juxtaposition of Julia needing to make a decision separate from her parents and Bailey needing to finally snap the last threads was very powerful. I also liked it because it reminded me of Semisonic's "Closing Time" video. Hey, hint to the music guys...Semisonic would be a great addition to any one of these last episodes!!!

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