Season 6, Episode 19: Isn't It Romantic

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Written by: Allan Heinberg
Directed by: Ken Topolsky

Transcribed by Rachel

Julia and Claudia are shopping at the farmers' market. Claudia can't believe that Julia isn't upset that Adam took off to go to Mexico. Julia says that if Adam thinks he would be more happy at an artists' colony right now, then she can support that. She's mad that he left after saying so much. They had a big fight and before she could figure out how she wanted to respond, he was gone. Claudia wants to know what Adam said to her. Julia said that he thinks she always does things for other people, that she's not workin up to her potential. Claudia wants to know what that's based on. It's based on the fact that he thinks she dropped her book. He thinks that if she really thought it was worth publishing that she would have kept submitting it even after two people rejected it. Claudia says that she didn't know that Julia had dropped it. Julia says that she hasn't, it just isn't done yet, it still has some problems. Claudia wonders what the problems are. Julia doesn't know, but it isn't working somehow. People read it and they don't quite get it, otherwise they would want to publish it. How else is she supposed to judge it? Claudia doesn't respond. Julia asks what she thinks. Claudia tells her to be quiet, an uncomfortable look on her face. Julia turns around to see what Claudia is looking at. Ned is across the street pulling a parking ticket off of his car. He looks at the ticket as Julia and Claudia look on. Claudia pulls Julia into the car as Julia wonders what he's doing there. Ned gets in his car and drives away, having not seen them.


Holly comes in to find Bailey on the couch reading a text book. He says that he was trying to find her all day. She picks up his economics book and asks how many extension courses he's taking. He's taking three, but to be honest, they aren't exactly that challenging. That's why he's been calling her all day. He's thinking about going back to school, but that brings up some other questions. He realizes that she hasn't decided where she wants to go to med school yet, but since Stanford is her top choice he thought he would apply and see if he could get in there. He realizes that it's a monster long shot, but ... Holly interrupts him. It doesn't look like she'll be going to Stanford anytime soon. He wants to know why, they offered her a fellowship. This is where she's been all day...meeting with her lawyer. It seems that the only thing she couldn't do with her student visa was work full-time and that's how she's been paying her rent. Her student visa has been revoked. She can stay until after her exams, but then she's gone. She has to go back to England, in a few weeks. Bailey says they have to call someone, do something. Holly says that this is why she's been with her lawyer all day. He's talking to a few other people, but it doesn't look good. She has to believe that it's going to work out.

Kirsten and Charlie's apartment
The alarm clock goes off waking Charlie up. Kirsten comes in with breakfast in bed. He wants to know why. She thinks he knows's a very special day. What happened a year ago today? He asks for a hint. She can't believe that he can't remember. He will, he just needs a hint. She picks up the tray and starts walking toward the door. It's no big deal, it was just a year ago that day that they decided to get back together. He asks her to hold on. He's sorry. If he didn't have so many things about the factory on his mind and if he had gotten a decent night's sleep in the last month he would have remembered. She comes back. She knows that it isn't an official anniversary or anything, but she thought that it would be fun to celebrate it. He tells her that he'll blow off his contractor's meeting that night and they'll celebrate then. She agrees, begrudgingly. He tells her that he wants to, she's his wife and he loves her. He asks if they are okay. She says yes and starts walking away again. He calls after her. He would still like his breakfast in bed...

Living room
Claudia tells Victor that she thought it would be good for him to talk to Ross since he's been through a lot of the things that Victor is going through with his daughter Charlotte. Victor says that he thought Tess (Ross' daughter) was adopted. The camera pulls back to show Ross. He says that Tess is adopted, but the custody issues are similar, especially if Victor is single. Which he is, Claudia points out. Ross has a lawyer who specializes in custody for single gay men. He can give Victor her name if he wants. Claudia says that Victor is interested, very interested.

(in the kitchen)
Victor pulls open the refrigerator. He tells Claudia that she really needs to not be setting him up with the violin teacher. Claudia says that she wasn't. Victor says that she was. She kept saying how he (Victor) was single. What was that? Claudia says that she was talking about Victor and Charlotte, but why shouldn't they both go out? They're both single. Victor says that he got that. They both have daughters the same age, Ross is a musician...Victor likes music. Victor points out that everyone loves music. Dogs and cats love music. Claudia says that he's always complaining about his love life. Victor first denies that, then agrees, but this doesn't mean that she should set him up with the only other gay man she knows. Why not? Because love doesn't work that way. Love doesn't care what Victor does, it just happens. You can't set it up because the minute that happens, then it's work. Besides, Ross isn't her type. Claudia wants to know why. Ross is her best friend, he's sweet, he's smart. Victor says that's exactly the problem. He's sweet, he's smart, he's sweet and smart...he's just too sweet and smart for Victor.

Bailey finds Holly in the hospital cafeteria. He asks if she's heard from her lawyer. She has and it's not good. They're going to appeal, but Immigration doesn't overturn its decisions very often. For now they have to just sit and wait. Bailey wants to know what they are going to wait for, for her to be on a plane back to England, for her to lose her slot at Stanford. She says no, but what is she supposed to do? Throw herself at President Clinton or chain herself to the British Embassy? Bailey says that he's been doing a little bit of research and he's figured out a way around it. It's nothing that they wouldn't do if they weren't in a total jam. They could get married. Holly shakes her head. She had a feeling that this would come up. If her only choice is to go back to England, they can do this, they can make the INS buy it. It's their only hope, Bailey says. Holly doesn't think that they would want this kind of pressure when only just got back together. They could get caught and she could get deported and he could get sent to jail. Bay says that they only people who get caught are those who don't actually love each other. Holly already thinks he's being pressured into saying something that he doesn't mean yet. He says that it doesn't have to change anything, all they have to do is pretend a little bit. She can bring a toothbrush and some clothes over to his house and everything else can just stay the same. They still have their same lives like they always did. They still see each other only when they want to, no other obligations. They'll just be married, that's all.

Entry way
Claudia comes in to find Julia sitting on the steps going into the living room. She asks if there was any mail. Julia doesn't answer. She calls again and Julia finally responds. She was thinking. Claudia asks if she was thinking about Ned. She's sorry, she shouldn't be reminding Julia. Julia says it's okay, she's doing it herself. Every corner she walks around she expects to see him. She is practically looking out the window before she leaves the house. Claudia tells her that she can't live like that. Julia says that she knows that. Maggie gave her his address. If she wanted to, she could just go and get it over with. Claudia can't believe that she would do it. Julia said that she almost did that morning. She had his address and actually started walking toward his place. Griffin walks in and asks whose place she started towards. Claudia says it's no one, just a friend of Julia's. Griffin asks if it was a new boyfriend or something. She doesn't need to hide that kind of stuff from him. Julia admits that it's Ned. They saw him the day before and he's living a couple of blocks away from their house. Griffin can't believe that Ned is living in their neighborhood. Julia says that it isn't a big deal. She talked to Maggie and he's taking a year off and working in his dad's office. He's seeing a psychiatrist. He's not there to hurt her. She thinks it's better to see him under her own terms. Griffin thinks it's a very bad idea. Julia points out that he isn't a murderer. He isn't going to drag her off into the woods or something. Griffin asks why she's afraid to see him then. She says she isn't afraid...not physically. Griffin points out that she's already making excuses for him. If she sees Ned he's going to start playing head games with her again. He asks her to please not go see Ned, for him. Julia can't promise that.

Charlie and Kirsten's apartment
Charlie comes home with a beautiful bouquet of roses. He apologizes for being late. He had to talk a couple of hotel executives out of a design renovation, but he pushed their dinner reservation up to eight if that's...he stops talking as he sees Kirsten come out of the bedroom in a beautiful dress. She asks if he likes it. He's speechless, but tells her that she might look a little bit better with the flowers. She takes them and says that he didn't need to get her roses. He thought that after that morning he was going to have to get her a pony. Oh, she says, these aren't "happy anniversary" roses, they're "don't hate me" roses. There's a knock at the door. Kirsten opens it up to admit Daphne and Diana. They're surprised to see them, Daphne and the baby weren't supposed to come up until the next week. Kirsten takes the baby, commenting on how big she's gotten. Charlie asks how long Daphne can stay. She says that she doesn't know...maybe for good.

Ned's apartment
Julia goes over to Ned's apartment. He surprised to see her.


Ned says that it's okay, he's not going to... She walks in and looks around. It's a small studio apartment. He asks if she's thirsty, if she wants to sit down. No, she isn't going to stay, she just wanted to see him. He wonders if she just wanted to stare at him. She tells him that she called Maggie, that she told Julia what he was doing. Ned seems surprised that Maggie knew, but then figures that she talked to his parents. He left school to start over, but this stuff just seems to follow him. Julia tells him that she wrote a book about them. He's very surprised. He asks if she used his name. She did. He wants to know why she did it. Was it to get back at him? No, she did it to figure things out. He wants to know why it wasn't enough that she reported him, that she practically got him kicked out of school. He shouts that he's trying. He's trying so hard, but no one wants to let him get past it. He wants to know if she thinks he deserves to be punished for what he did. She does. He seems surprised. She lost a year of her life. That's a year that she's too scared to go back to and he took that from her. She didn't come there to punish him. She would have prefered to have never seen him again for the rest of her life. She's not going to talk to him, she's not going to see him again for the rest of her life. She walks out.

Charlie and Kirsten's apartment
Daphne and Kirsten are making breakfast. Daphne says that Luke is wonderful. He got them a great apartment, but he's doing so well that they keep sending him out to other installations. He's traveling all the time and is gone for a week at a time. Kirsten asks what she does all the time. Daphne says that she likes to think that she's an independent woman who can entertain herself, but it's a twenty minute drive to the nearest town and that's just kind of a truck stop. So, this time when he went to North Carolina she decided to take off herself, to go see her family. Kirsten says that they're glad she did. Daphne asks how they do it. They both have these incredible careers, they're totally busy but they have a really strong marriage. How do they do it? Kirsten doesn't know, they make time for each other. Daphne wants to know when. Kirsten responds that they try to have breakfast together. Daphne points out that Charlie isn't here that morning though. They try to talk for a while before they go to bed. Daphne wonders what they do on the nights when he doesn't come home until 3 am. They could go for days without seeing each other. What does Kirsten do then? Is she just more patient? Kirsten says that she tries. Daphne wants to know how she does it. Kirsten doesn't know.

Bailey's bedroom
Will walks by while Bailey is on the phone. He's talking to the people at the clerk's office about what they need for a marriage license. They definitely don't need a blood test. Bay turns around and sees Will come in. He asks the person on the phone how long they'll have to wait before they can ... fish. He asks if it's freshwater or saltwater. Will nods. Bailey gets off the phone. Will wants to get it don't need a blood test to go fishing? He asks if Bailey wants to spill or keep going with it, cause he's entertained either way. Bailey says that it isn't what Will thinks. Will asks if this means that Bailey and Holly aren't getting married. Well, it is, but it isn't. It's kind of complicated. Will asks if she has to get a green card or something. Bailey says that it is. Will tells him to get new material. Bay needs to get through a year without popping the question. Bay says that it's all for show. He's not going to wake up one morning and find out that he's in something that he doesn't want to be in. He just happens to care about someone who has a legal thing going on. Will stops him. He thinks it's great. The one thing that Bay isn't completely up in the air about is Holly. If Will felt the way Bailey does, he would marry that girl in a heartbeat.

Ross' apartment
Claudia is visiting Ross. He asks about Victor and she hedges. She asks if he can help her with the piece she's working on. Ross asks again and she says that Victor said that he was incredibly...helpful. Ross asks what else. She says that Victor said he was...sweet and smart. Ross thinks Victor must have really hated him. Claudia says that's not true, just that Ross isn't Victor's type. She thinks that he might be into angry guys. Ross says that he gets it...he gets it all the time. Guys just assume that if you're nice... Claudia says that isn't it, that Victor doesn't like being set up. He thinks that if you fall in love, it should be an accident.

Charlie and Kirsten's apartment
Kirsten is in bed while Charlie gets ready. She reports back on her conversation with Daphne. Daphne thinks the people on the base are great, but she doesn't know them. Luke's family asked her to stay with them while Luke is gone, but she doesn't know them either so basically she and Diana are alone all the time. The phone rings. Kirsten tells him to get it, Daphne and Diana are sleeping in the other room. He answers it. It's Sid from the factory. Charlie straightens out the problem and hangs up. Kirsten comments that they weren't supposed to call past midnight. Charlie says that he did, but they have to call if it's an emergency. He asks what Kirsten was saying. She is just worried. Charlie tells her not to be. He's had friends in the army and after Luke gets established he'll be able to pick his hours. Daphne just has to be patient. Kirsten wants to know how long she has to wait...six months, a year. She's all alone with a child in the middle of nowhere. She's thinking about moving back and maybe she should. Charlie points out that Daphne has only been gone a month and Luke's only doing his job. What should he do? Kirsten doesn't know, but if he wants her to be there when he gets home, he had better think of something. She rolls over and goes to sleep.

Holly's apartment
At first Bailey was just thinking of a simple marriage with just them and the commissioner of civil marriages, but then he was talking to Will. Holly is surprised that he told Will. She thought they weren't going to tell anyone. He found out by accident, but then Bailey thought...why not. Holly doesn't want this to take on a whole ugly life of its own. Bay wants her to relax, he knows that this is just pretend, but it has to be good pretend with them smiling for the camera which means that if they just relax and enjoy themselves a little bit they'll do their jobs better. Holly agrees, there's no reason why they should keep it to themselves. Bailey announces that he got them an incredible deal up in Napa for their honeymoon. Holly can't believe they're going on a honeymoon. Bay points out that the first thing the INS will want to see is honeymoon photos. Who does she know who doesn't come back from their honeymoon without dozens of boring photos of themselves hugging and kissing in front of national landmarks. She agrees.

Salinger house
Julia answers a knock at the door. It's Ned. She's surprised to see him there. He tells her to calm down. She doesn't want to see him. He understands, but she ran out before he could tell her some things. Two words. She doesn't care, she spent all of last year listening to his words. He gets more upset. Can't he just say that ...he's sorry? He saw someone after they broke up, Miranda, but after she told about them, about him, he spent two weeks in jail. The judge practically spat at him reading his sentence. He knows that he has problems, but he's not lying to her. He's actually trying. He's seeing a doctor and he made a promise. He's not going to be with anyone until he knows that she's safe. What's it going to take? How long until people stop looking at him like that? Julia says that she doesn't know. He just wants to feel human. Julia says that it isn't up to her. Griffin comes in and is very upset to see Ned there. He wants to know if she let Ned in there. Julia says it's okay. Griffin hollers and starts pushing Ned out while Julia says that it's okay. Ned leaves. Griffin slams the door after him and looks at Julia with disgust before he walks away.

Salinger house
Victor and Owen are coming in when they run into Ross. He was meeting up with Claudia to go over to the music store. Ross follows Victor into the living room. He asks if Victor wants him to wait outside. Victor tells him to come in. Ross asks if he had a chance to call the lawyer that Ross recommended. Victor says no, that he's decided not to go the legal route. Victor calls to Owen. Claudia comes in and is surprised to see Ross. She totally forgot that she was supposed to meet him. Victor comments that of course she did as he walks out to help Owen. She did. Ross says it's okay, Victor's the only one here with a problem. Victor looks at him. Ross comments that that probably wasn't very smart...or sweet. Victor asks Claudia what she told Ross. Ross says it isn't Claudia's fault, she was just trying to be nice, they both were. Ross understands if Victor didn't want to go out with him, but why would he reject Ross' help in getting his daughter back? Victor wants to know what that has to do with anything. Ross goes on, Victor's idea that you just sit around and wait for love to happen doesn't work. If Ross did that, then he wouldn't have Tess. He spent months searching, going to a dozen agencies and in the end it was a match made by lawyers. And guess what? There's no one on earth that he loves more.

Daphne and Kirsten come into the restaurant with Diana. Daphne comments that she's sorry she was late, but Kirsten comments that Charlie will probably be much later. They are both surprised to see Charlie coming out from the bar with two mugs of beer. Diana takes off into the restaurant. Daphne wonders where she's going, Charlie is the other direction. She looks over to see Diana in Luke's arms. She's delighted to see him. It turns out that they didn't need him all week, so he came up early. He wants her to sit down, he has some stuff to tell her. Charlie and Kirsten go over to the bar to talk. Charlie reports that Luke is telling her that he's getting them a place in Dallas so that he can commute. He's also going to ask for a permanent post on the base so he doesn't have to be gone so much. Kirsten wants to know how Charlie knows that. He tells her that he....helped. She can't believe that Charlie called Luke. She can't believe that Charlie told Luke to come here and make all these promises. Charlie says that they aren't just promises. Kirsten doesn't think it's going to work. Charlie says that it just takes time. Kirsten says that she isn't talking about Daphne and Luke, she's talking about them. Charlie is shocked. She goes on, he made those same promises. He said that things would start getting easier, but they just keep getting worse. First he went to work at the factory, then he got that big order and then he bought the business from Gus. When will anything start getting easier? Charlie tells her to listen. She knows that she signed up for all that and she's not saying that he's lying, but she doesn't want to have it by herself. Charlie says that isn't going to happen. She knows that he doesn't want that to happen, but sooner or later she has to know how much that means. If he wants to do something, he shouldn't tell her about it...she can't hear any more words.

Julia carries the garbage outside. Griffin is working on a bike. He asks what Ned said. Did he have a lot of excuses? Did his old man beat him up? Is that his reason? Julia says that he came to say he was sorry. Griffin asks why she has to be nice to the guy. She wasn't nice to him. She forgave him, though, didn't she? No, she didn't forgive him. She was straight with him, she told him that she wanted him to leave her alone. But, she does want to forgive him, she hopes she can. Griffin wants to know why. Because she wants to be able to forgive herself. She wants to be able to look back and say that she wasn't all wrong. Cause she did actually love him. Griffin gets up. She asks what. He tells her that it's a bunch of crap. She can't have it both ways. To forgive him is saying that what he did okay, that if he says he's sorry, then eventually he might act like he means it. She tries to disagree, but Griffin says that she asked for his opinion and although she might not agree with it, that's it.

Holly comes to Bailey's office. He tells her that he's just finishing up. She says that he's a very strange person. He wants to know if strange is one of those words that is actually a compliment in England. No, she's never met anyone like him. Her she is on the verge of being deported and not only does he come up with a solution, but he manages to make it fantastic. She loves him for that. Did he hear what she said? She said that she loves him. He heard. And she needs him to understand that because...she needs him to understand that that is why she can't marry him. Bailey tells her to wait. Is this because of all the honeymoon stuff? Did he freak her out with all of that? No, she says it has to do with her. She was walking back from school and she stopped in a department store to get some clothes. She needed them...she's getting married. She found this fantastic dress and thought what the heck, it's her wedding day. And then she had to stop herself and think that this is a mistake because all of it is pretend and what if she was leading him on? She doesn't want to have to second guess everything they do. She doesn't want to think while they're sleeping together whether it's because they're acting married or because they really care for one another. Are they moving too fast? Bailey says they won't. She just doesn't want him to get a dream job in Alaska and for them to not think that they can take a break because it would jepordize her green card. Bailey knows that this isn't easy. She just can't...and she won't do this to them. She won't.

Julia's room
Claudia watches while Julia is surfing the net. She asks what Julia is looking at. It's a site for abuse victims. Claudia wants to know why she's looking at it. Julia says that they ask for letters and stories. She's trying to give them her book, but she can't figure out how to upload it. Claudia can't believe she's putting the whole thing on it. Julia wondered why not. Claudia thought she wasn't done with it. Julia did too, but she read it again the night before and then added an afterword about seeing Ned after all that time and now it's good enough. Well, maybe not for everyone. Griffin would say that it's too forgiving and Ned would say that it's not forgiving enough. Any editor would say that it's not ready to be out there yet and Adam would say that she shouldn't care what anyone has to say. So, if she thinks it's ready, then that should be good enough. Claudia helps her find the file and add it.

Coffee shop
Claudia comes in for coffee. She runs into Victor, who's fixing two cups of coffee. He asks what she's doing there. She has a session around the corner. She asks what he's doing there. Having coffee. She moves to set her stuff down. Victor kind of looks toward the second floor and then follows her. She apologizes for the Ross thing. It was none of her business. Victor says that it's okay, she was just trying to help out. Claudia looks toward the upstairs and tells Victor not to turn's Ross. He's sitting upstairs. Victor acts surprised. She says that she'll go say hi and distract him for Victor. She stops and asks if he's there with someone. Victor wonders why she would think that. He has two cups of coffee. Suddenly she realizes that he's there with Ross. He's on a date with Ross. Victor says that it's just coffee. She knew that it was right. Victor says that nothing will happen if she doesn't get out of there. If Ross sees her he'll ask her to join them. Scoot! Claudia leaves, but not before she sees Victor sit down with Ross.

Charlie and Kirsten's apartment
Charlie comes home to find Kirsten in her pajamas reading on the couch. She's surprised to see him. She thought he had to work late. He did, but then he realized that he had something else that he had to do more. What? He had to come home and celebrate their anniversary. Kirsten points out that their anniversary was days ago...or months from now if he means the real one. He knows, but this is a different anniversary. This is the anniversary of the day that he came home to her to tell her that from now on he will come home no later than 7 pm on at least 3 nights a week. Three nights a week minimum...with an option for a fourth. She knows that he means well, but she doesn't want him to make any promises that he can't keep. He goes over and unplugs the phone, turns off his cell phone and turns off his pager. He wants her to notice three unanswered pages. He was too busy in the car ordering take-out...which should be there any minute. He goes over and turns on the stereo. He goes back to sit on the couch with her. She's pleased. That's just his opening offer. She can always counteroffer. She asks him to dance. They dance together in the living room.

Bailey and Holly are on the swing. Will comes outside. He wants to talk to them. He lies in bed in the laundry room and you know what he dreams about (other than having his own apartment), he dreams about having what Bay and Holly have. Somebody that he cares about so much that he would risk getting arrested to keep her or someone he would fly thousands of miles just to be with. Bailey asks what Will is getting at. Bailey's a great friend to him. He's proven that to Will again and again. First last year with Hannah and now this year by letting him move in with Bay. When is it his chance to give back? Bay asks what's going on. Will sighs, then drops to his knee in front of Holly. He asks if she will marry him...she should marry him. He stands back up. That was too dramatic. He hopes that it's easier when he does it for real. Both Holly and Bailey say he can't do this...they won't let him. He disagrees. She can. She's the best thing that has happened to Bailey in a long time, so she has to say yes. Bailey and Holly look at one another and then she says yes. They hug. Will stands there and says he's so glad. They pull him into their hug.

Julia's bedroom
Julia goes upstairs and looks at her computer. She sits down and connects to the internet. There are lots of responses to her book on the web site. One woman says that she's gutsy for posting a whole book, but then she started reading it. Julia said so many things that she's tried to put into words. More comments play over scenes of Griffin working on a bike, Julia seeing Ned on the street again, the family doing the dishes in the kitchen. Clearly Julia has touched people.


I don't want this show to end. I know that this was written and filmed weeks ago, but I feel like someone listened to every gripe I made last week and answered them. This was a solid episode. A really, really solid episode.

When I first heard Scott Bairstow was coming back I wasn't very taken with the idea. It seemed like a retread of last year, but this episode provided the kind of closure that we needed from that story arc. It makes everything come into focus again, and also puts some closure on Julia's book, which, quite frankly, I felt was hanging in the breeze. It also provided the best moments Jeremy London has had in years. Man, that boy can act! Get him a or put him in some feature films. He's amazing.

I also felt so satisfied with the Charlie story. Finally we address his workaholic behavior, his relationship with Kirsten...and we even got to see Diana! I was also delighted to see Jennifer Aspen back. She just lights up the screen whenever she's on. What I said about Jeremy...ditto. Somebody hire this woman!!!

Okay, so the student visa thing was a little predictable, but the twist was not having Bailey and Holly marry. We see Will showing how he values his friendship with Bailey. It was one of the best uses of Will this season. I'm still confused about all of those relatives that Holly had at that family wedding, but it makes better sense that she was on a student visa and got caught working. A few holes are left...did she get paid in cash? Did she just work more than she was allowed? How did this happen?

Yes, last week I griped about Victor getting his own storyline and I'm still not sure that he needs one, but it was a great way to include Ross. At first I was thinking how silly it was that Claudia would try to fix up her two gay friends, but then I remembered...I'm constantly trying to fix up MY two gay friends! By the way, a sharp observer pointed out to me that Claudia calls Victor "Wilson" in the coffee house. Stick your tape back in the VCR and listen carefully when they walk over to put her violin down.

There were so many important things in this hour, it just flew by. I looked up and it was almost over and that doesn't happen very often anymore. We had history (mentions of Hannah and Maggie, Ross, Ned), we had great Griffin and Will interactions and that awesome scene with the family at the end when they were doing dishes. To top it all off...the wonderful direction of Ken Topolsky. Ken always takes these little moments and does special things with them. The discussion at the beginning between Victor and Claudia could have been very dull without all of the shots from within the cupboards. It was a totally different perspective and gave the scene a unique feel. This one was a keeper!

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