Season 6, Episode 20: Great Expectations

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Written by: Emily Whitesell
Directed by: Christian P. Della Penna

Co-starring Pamela Salem as Ms. Shaw, Robert Doqui as Judge Issacs

Transcribed by Rachel

Will and Holly are in front of a judge getting married. Bailey is the only other guest. The judge speaks to them about how marriage is a solemn estate. He asks if they have anything to say to one another. Will tells Holly that she looks nice. He pronounces them man and wife and says he'll go sign the papers. Before he does he tells Will to kiss her. Bailey clears his throat when the kiss goes more than 2 seconds. The judge brings back the certificate and they go out into the hallway. Will is still holding Holly's hand. Bailey asks for a kiss, but she says no. The INS takes this very seriously and they could have people around watching them. She could get deported and Will could get sent to jail. Will begins to act very paranoid looking at every person suspiciously. They leave, Bailey trailing behind.


Charlie and Kirsten kiss over the new crib that he built for the baby. He says that he thought about curving the slats, but he wasn't sure how safe it would be. Kirsten doesn't seem very excited by the crib. She isn't sure that it is that safe. Charlie asks what she means. She means to bank on it so soon, to start making things for the baby already. This is why they haven't told their families yet. Charlie doesn't think making the crib could hurt the baby. Kirsten tells him that he knows what she means. Things can still go wrong, it happens all the time, it makes her they're tempting the gods or something. Charlie doesn't really think that's true, but it's how Kirsten feels.

Holly's apartment
Bailey and Will walk into Holly's apartment to find her talking to an older man in a suit. She's acts surprised to see them back. The man is Agent Lawrence from the INS. She introduces Will as her husband and Bailey as their friend. The agent says he was just dropping in to visit. Holly had told the agent that they were on their way to a birthday party. Bailey says that they forgot the birthday gift. Holly isn't sure what to do, then hands them a bowl. She forgot to wrap the gift. The agent comments that Bailey must be a close friend, he has his own set of keys. Bailey looks at them. They aren't his keys, they're Will's keys. Will takes them after a beat. The agent says that he'll see them the day after tomorrow. He's set up an interview. They might be surprised to hear it, but a lot of people get married just to circumvent the immigration laws. Holly acts surprised. The agent comments that it isn't an issue with them and leaves.

Salinger house
The doorbell rings and Julia answers it to find Adam back from Mexico. She's surprised to see him. He just got back. She welcomes him back. He asks if he can come in. She lets him in and they go into the living room. He just wanted to say.... She stops him. No, he said enough before he left and if he cared at all he would have taken the time to discuss it with her before he just took off to a commune where she couldn't even call him. He says it's more of an artists' colony...and he's moving to Mexico. Julia is surprised. She was right. He had no right saying all those things to her when he was the one who had something to prove, to the school and the people, so he ran away. It wasn't fair to her or them. He's here for the next three days and he would like to spend as much time with her as possible...before he leaves.

Holly's apartment
Will is beside himself. He thinks they should confess, beg for mercy. This guy is never going to believe them in a million years. Holly tells him to calm down. It's going to be just fine. Will isn't sure how that's possible. If they get caught, he can never run for elected office. Bailey asks if they can wait to worry about his political career until after Will moves out of his basement. Holly says that they just need to think about it. They knew that it was going to happen, just not that it would happen quite so soon. Bailey agrees. They have 48 hours to get to know each other as well as a real couple would. Will wonders what they were thinking. He wanted to be something.... Bailey stops him. Who do they both know really well? Him, Bailey. Anything that the agent asks Holly about Will, she can think of Bailey. Will will just say the same. Now Will just needs a crash course in getting to know Holly and Bay can help with that too.

Julia and Claudia are doing dishes. Julia tries to get Claudia's attention. She seems to be staring off into space with a goofy grin. Claudia admits that she had the most amazing dream. Julia asks what it was about. It was about her and Todd. They were in his car, which he loves more than anyone should love a car, and he was letting her drive, which he never does. She's driving and she's hitting every green light. Pretty soon they aren't even on the road anymore, they're flying. Julia thinks that sounds pretty symbolic. Todd looks at her and says that she made the car fly. And then he reaches into his chest (it's not gross or anything) and pulls out a key in the shape of his heart and he hands it to her, the key to his heart. And he says that he loves her, just like that, so simple and real. Claudia asks if that wasn't incredible. Julia guesses. It was just a dream, though. Claudia thinks it was so real when he said it. Julia doesn't think she should get so caught up in something she wishes Todd had said.

Charlie and Bailey are walking down to the line. Bailey is telling Charlie that it isn't a disaster, they'll handle it. They're delivering a week or two past due and it doesn't concern Bay, except it's getting worse. Last week they were six days behind and now it's 8 days. Charlie knows, but he wants to talk to the foreman. They find Mitch, the foreman. He says they are up to four pieces an hour and he's not sure they can do it any faster than that. Charlie asks why the workers aren't partnered up. He thought that they had agreed to do that on the back side of the production. Mitch thought about it, but it doesn't make sense. Charlie points out that they talked about it. Mitch can't believe that Charlie wants him to shut down the line for a whole day while the guys learn new jobs for something that he's 90% sure isn't going to work anyway. Charlie did. He asked Mitch to do it and he didn't think that Mitch wouldn't listen to him. Bailey tries to intercede, telling Mitch to look at the big picture. He points out that they hired him out of his last job to run this operation. They told him that it would be his show, no micro-management. Bailey agrees, but this doesn't completely negate any management structure. Charlie wants him to double them up. If it doesn't work, they can go back to Mitch's way. Mitch says that Charlie is the boss.

College of Fine Arts
Julia is working on a paper in the library. Adam comes to find her. She's writing a paper about 18th century literary criticism. She can't believe that she has to write a paper about people who are writing about what writers have to say. Adam tells her not to do it...she should come to Mexico with him instead. He was thinking about it and she would love San Miguel. It has cobblestone streets, two institutes, so it's full of creative people and it has that coffee that you can't get in the states, the kind that's like mud. Julia tells her to not do this to him now. She can't just pack and go, she has school. Adam says that he can get her into his workshop there and she'll get full credit at CFA. She's got other responsibilities, like her family. Adam tells her to come for a month, for a week, but once she comes she won't want to leave. She says that it sounds nice. He agrees, it will be if she comes.

Holly's apartment
Will is going through Holly's bathroom, trying to learn things about her. Bailey finds him and asks what he's doing. Will is worried about finding out what kind of toothpaste she uses, if she uses pins or barrettes. Bay points out that he doesn't even know most of these things. Will pulls his finger away, he cut it. Holly comes in and says that she'll bandage him up. Bailey asks her to tell Will that he doesn't have to look through every part of her life. The next thing they know, he'll be going through her underwear drawer. They both realize they've forgotten it. Holly tells Will to put it on the list. Bailey leaves in disgust. Holly begins to work on Will's finger. Every time she looks at him she feels so guilty, he's so stressed and it's all for her green card. Will thinks he's just a coward. She disagrees. She's in awe of him, it's very humbling that someone would do something like this for her. She doesn't know if she could do it. He watches as she puts the bandage on his finger.

College of Fine Arts
Julia is in the literary criticism lecture listening to her professor talk about Jane Eyre. The character says that you should not get bogged down with rules, you should follow your heart.

Charlie and Kirsten's apartment
Kirsten asks who was on the phone. It was the travel agent wondering if they realizes they were going to be paying a cancellation fee. Kirsten forgot to tell him. She was going to talk to him the night before, but he got home so late. He can't believe that she canceled the weekend, he was really looking forward to it. She knows, but she thought it would be nice if they just stayed home and relaxed. He reminds her that if they are home the factory can find him and drag him into work. They can't drag him in from Carmel. He thought that they just talked about spending more time together and that's why they planned the weekend away. She doesn't want him to get mad at her, but she thought about going away so far and she didn't want to be that far away from her doctor. Charlie says that it's one thing to not want to put a crib in your home, but if she's going to start shutting herself in... Kirsten says that she's not shutting herself in, they can go out for dinner or to a movie. Charlie says that's fine unless there's some big crisis at work, which there will be. She has waited longer for this, worked harder than for anything. Why would she take any chances?

Claudia and Todd are studying. She thinks it's nice, them being there, doing their homework. She asks if he wants to take a drive. Where? She doesn't know, anywhere. They can just hop in the car and go anywhere. He says that's fine, he just needs to finish that chapter. She says that's fine, then asks if she can drive. He would, but then reminds her that his insurance won't let anyone else drive the car. She says okay, then says that he doesn't think she's a good driver. She doesn't trust him. He disagrees, he does. She trusts him completely...he's her boyfriend and she trusts him...and loves him...and she would let him drive her car...if she had one. Todd looks at her without answering. Obviously he doesn't feel the same way. Claudia puts her stuff together and leaves. Todd calls for her to wait, but she doesn't.

Charlie comes in. Bailey has a few checks for him to sign, some contracts. Charlie says that can wait. He needs Bailey to draw up a severance package for Mitch, he's letting him go. Bailey asks why. Charlie asked him to run the line his way, and Mitch didn't. He completely ignored Charlie. Bailey says that isn't good, but before they start throwing money away on severance pay, why doesn't he go down and talk to Mitch. Charlie isn't sure how that's going to do anything. Bay doesn't know a dowel from a spindle. That's true, but he does know a paycheck from a pink slip. Charlie points out that if Mitch can't run the line any faster, then it doesn't matter. If he starts to lose orders, then he can't get the money to pay back the bank and the business goes bankrupt. Bay wants to know who's going to run the line if Mitch goes...not him, clearly. Charlie says they'll figure it out. Bay wonders when, they've got chairs that were due more than a week ago. People will start canceling their orders. Charlie says that he'll do it. Bay tells him that he can't do it all, that's why he hired Mitch...and him.

Adam's apartment
Julia comes over. He's surprised to see her, did she finish her essay? She's coming with him. For a month. He tells her that she will not want to leave. She'll see. He wants to know what made her change her mind. She wants something to write about other than other writers writing about other writers writing about... Adam pulls her into a hug. When can she leave? She met with the Dean that afternoon, so all she has to do now is tell her family. They hug again.

Charlie is down explaining to the workers how to double up on the chairs. Mitch comes in and asks what he's doing. Charlie starts to explain, but Mitch stops him, he's heard the plan plenty of times. If he's in Charlie's way, then Charlie should come out and say that. Does Charlie want him out of there? Charlie says he doesn't. Mitch wants to know what Charlie is doing there then. Charlie wanted to see if this would work. If it doesn't, then they can always go back to Mitch's way. If not, what's wrong with giving it a try. Mitch thinks that Charlie doesn't trust him to know how to do his job. Charlie's been waiting for him to crap out since day one, so he'll save him the trouble...he quits.

Holly's apartment
Bailey is studying when Will comes over. Bay comments that Will has his own key now. Will asks if Bay is going to be studying there for a while. He is. Will and Holly are going to be working on things later, but as long as Bay is quiet, that should be okay. Actually, since he's there he can help Will with some questions that Holly got from a girl who went through the INS interview the year before. Which side of the bed does she sleep on? Left. Will comments that that puts him on the right. Actually, it puts Bailey on the right. What's her favorite sexual position? Bay can't believe that's a question. They can ask these questions. Will comments that some of the stuff on the list... Bay wants to know what else is on there. Well, there was a question about what was their worst fight and Holly put down this thing that Bailey did at her cousin's house. Bailey cannot believe she told Will about that. First of all, he wasn't hitting on anyone and second of all... Will stops him, he knows how Bay is. Will can't believe that Bay would do such a thing. Bay says that he won't talk about it with him. Will comments that at least he's being consistent.

Julia's room
Julia is packing when there's a knock at her door. She calls for them to wait while she covers up any evidence that she's leaving. Claudia comes in. She needs to talk to Julia. That's okay, she was just going to come down and talk to Claud. Claudia asks what about, but Julia tells her to go first. Claudia has a letter she's written to Todd telling him she wants to break up. Julia asks what happened. She was right about her dream only being about what she wanted to happen. She had to go to Todd and ask him if she could drive his car and he said no and then she had to test the rest of the dream and tell him that she loved him. Of course he didn't say it back to her, since he doesn't feel that way. Julia is sorry. Claudia thinks she had the dream because she feels that way, but clearly he doesn't. Julia asks if she said it because she wanted to hear him say it back or because she wanted to hear him say it back. Claudia thinks it was a little bit of both. Julia says that if she said it without hearing it back, then she should be proud of herself. She doesn't know that many people who are strong enough to say what's on their mind no matter what, she wishes she could be more like Claudia. Claudia asks what she should do. What does she want to do? Claudia tears up the letter and throws it away. She thanks Julia. What did she want to talk to Claudia about? Julia says nothing.

Grocery store
Bailey runs into Holly. She asks where Will is, they were supposed to go over their favorite foods. Bailey asks why she told Will about their fight, the one at Rick's party. Holly says it's part of the ruse, he should remember, it was his idea. He can't believe that there isn't anything that she would protect, that she couldn't make something up for that one. She says there isn't time to start making things up. The interview is in three hours. Bailey knows, he has it tattooed to his brain. He knows that it matters to her...perhaps more than him. She agrees that it might be true. He tells her that she should get ready. She stops him. He knows what her life was like, with her parents always moving them around, all the traveling. The one thing that she always knew was that she wanted to be a doctor. He knows how she feels about him, but this for certain is her future and she knows that. As for them, she just can't know that in the same way. She can't.

Salinger House - upstairs
Julia comes upstairs with the laundry. She hears someone in the bathroom and finds Kirsten in their crying...hard. She comes in and asks what's going on. She picks up a book Kirsten had and asks if Kirsten is pregnant. She nods. She came over to pick up the books that Charlie had when Daphne was pregnant. Something felt wrong. She checked and she's bleeding. Julia sits her down. Does she have any cramps or pain? Kirsten says no. Julia is going to take her to the doctor.

Doctor's office
Charlie comes in and finds Julia. Kirsten is in with the doctor. She should be out in a minute. Kirsten comes out. She's okay, the baby is okay. Charlie asks what happened. She started bleeding and thank god Julia came and found her. She couldn't move...she was totally freaked out. Julia asks what the doctor said. She did some tests and a sonogram. It turns out that she doesn't have enough progesterone. The blood came from the endometrium, not the baby or the placenta. She just needs to take some hormones. Charlie points out that she wasn't wrong about not going away. Kirsten disagrees. She told Dr. Adams about how anxious she's been and the doctor said that panicky mothers can actually make it more likely that you will lose the baby. She should just trust that what should happen will happen. Have some faith. She and Charlie kiss and he holds her.

INS office
Will wishes the agent would get there. He feels like he's on death row. Holly tells him he'll be fine. Agent Lawrence comes in. He always starts his interviews with the same question. It's a good way to relax. How did the two of them fall in love? Will and Holly both kind of hedge, then Will starts. It was a weird situation, they were sort of set-up. When they met Holly was seeing someone else, but after a while, when they had been hanging out, it wasn't hard to see that this woman was amazing, brilliant, beautiful. They are holding hands. Anyway, there was this thing that Will had coming up, a test at work. He was very shaky and he cut his hand. The whole time she worked on him, she was telling him that she believed in him. The words, the look in her eyes, he could see him with that woman and the me that he saw in her eyes...he had never seen himself like that before. She made him feel like this guy that he so wants to be. Holly seems shocked at his words.

Claudia comes to find Todd. She came to apologize for before. He says that she doesn't have to, he should have... No, she shouldn't have said what she said. He stops her. It's just that his parents used to say it all the time, to them and to each other right up until the time he found out that they were both having affairs and got a divorce. He really didn't say it much after that, figuring that it didn't mean much. But, he feels it. He reaches into his pocket and hands her a set of car keys. He had a copy made that morning. Does she want to go for a ride? She can drive.

Mitch comes into Charlie and Bailey's office. He got Charlie's call. He's just there to pick up his last check and then he needs to get home for dinner. Charlie says that's fine, but he wanted to talk to Mitch. Bailey offers to get up and leave, but Charlie says he can stay for the conversation. He wanted to tell Mitch about what happened that day. They tried doubling up and Mitch was right...half right. Some stations were faster, but some were slower and they got all mixed up. He let Sid run the line, but he wasn't as good as Mitch. Mitch is sorry that he sounded off to Charlie, but if he's asking him not to quit, he still... Charlie interrupts. He's new at this too and the truth is that if he pushed Mitch to quit by what he did, he made a mistake. He might give him some bad ideas, but he might give him some good ideas too. Mitch needs to trust him more and he needs to trust Mitch as well.

Adam's apartment
Julia comes over. He was worried about her. He has an airport shuttle coming to meet them any minute. He asks where her bag is. She isn't going with him. She wants to. It all sounds so perfect. She would love to just pack up her bags and go away, but her family is going through all this stuff right now. Adam points out that her family is always going to be going through stuff...forever. She doesn't owe it to them to never leave. She says that it isn't about them needing her, it's about her needing them. Her family is so amazing. They're so brave and she gets stuff from them all the time. She apologizes cause she realizes that he thinks that she's taking a huge step backwards. No, he doesn't, as long as it's what she wants. She's sorry. He says it's okay. They hug good-bye. He's going to miss her so much. She'll miss him too.

Living room
Bailey is in the living room watching a movie when Holly and Will get back. He asks how it went. Holly thinks really well. Will made the guy think that he was madly in love with Holly. He kind of had Holly going there for a while too. Will thinks he probably bought it. He heads into the kitchen for something to drink. Holly sits down on the couch next to Bay. He asks what's next now. She's not sure, but she's glad this part is over. She's feels bad about what she said before. Bailey tells her to stop. She told him the truth and he should be grateful that she trusts him to know. He should be grateful for a lot of things. They hug. Will comes back in, then turns and goes down into the basement without saying anything.

They hear shouting in the backyard. They go outside to check it out. Claudia is out there with Charlie and Kirsten. Bailey tells them to keep it down, they'll wake Owen up. Claudia tells Bay that Charlie and Kirsten are having a baby. Bay is shocked and happy. They all hug.

Julia comes in to find Adam on the answering machine. She listens to his message about still wanting her to come, but doesn't pick up. He tells her to seize the moment and offers to buy her ticket back if she doesn't love it after a few days. The message finishes and she watches the rest of the family through the window. Owen wakes up and goes out with them, then she walks out and joins the celebration.


I have to admit, I don't have much to say about this one. I think that the story with Bailey, Will and Holly is a bit ridiculous. Why does she have to stay in the States? There are no medical schools in England? I don't see why going home is going to destroy that dream. I also don't really get why if she was marrying someone it was Will and not Bailey.

The stories about Kirsten fearing a miscarriage and Charlie's troubles at work were a nice juxtaposition. I also thought it was good to have Julia find Kirsten in the bathroom. She is the one person who would know what a miscarriage felt like.

I have thought Adam was a nice companion for Julia, but it appears that the things that make him good for her (letting her do her own thing, discover for herself) are the very things that are going to keep them apart.

Claudia's story with Todd continues to be good and very age appropriate. It's nice to see that after so many other misfires.

As the commercials keep reminding us, the end is getting close. What I'm really getting sad about it not knowing what's going to happen years from now. I'm sorry we're never going to see Charlie and Kirsten's baby. That's a disappointment. It was nice, however, to see that wonderful scene when they told the whole family.

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