Season 6, Episode 21: Taboo or Not Taboo

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Written by: Melissa Rosenberg & Mimi Schmir
Directed by: Matthew Fox

Co-starring Carlease Burke as Ms. Faricelli, Samaire Armstrong as Meredith, Joshua Wheeler as Dash, Nancy Jeffries as Melody

Transcribed by Rachel

Holly and Bailey follow will into the Salinger basement, which has been doubling as his room. They are trying to talk him into moving into Holly's apartment. They have to be prepared in case the INS agent shows up again. Holly can't keep telling the agent that Will is at work while she has him tear across town to get there. That's what they look for. Will says that he likes living in the basement. Bailey thinks Will is nuts. Will says he's settled. Holly wonders if it's the privacy issue. Will agrees that is a factor. Bay says they can work it out. If Will wants to have his girlfriend Meredith over, Holly can spend the night with Bailey. Will adds that he doesn't know what Meredith will think about him moving in with another woman. Bay says he can explain it to her. Will still balks. Bailey doesn't get it. Holly's place is so much nicer, it's closer to his job and it will keep the INS at bay, which is what Will wanted. What gives? Will says that he'll think about it, but right now he has to go to work. He leaves.


Julia's room
Claudia comes upstairs to find Julia on her computer. Claudia has taken another message from that reporter Phoebe. Julia says to ignore her, Julia isn't talking to her. Claudia says she can't. Everytime she picks up the phone the reporter beeps in. Why doesn't she want to talk to her? Julia says the reporter wants to interview her for some online magazine. She read Julia's book online and thinks that Julia has something to say to her readers. Claudia agrees that she might. She thinks that Julia is some kind of pillar of strength because she stood up to Ned, some kind of role model. Claudia says that she is, a little. Julia shoots her a glance. Julia points out that she's been moping around in her sweats for days because Adam left, because her man is gone...she's no role model. Claudia says that half the point of the book was to help people. Julia agrees and she will call the reporter back eventually, but right now she's too disgusted with herself to be strong for anyone else. Claudia wonders how long that might take. Julia asks why. She has a deadline in two days. So, Claudia kind of made an appointment with her, she's coming by later. Julia is not happy about this. Claudia tells her that she can cancel the appointment, but she has to call Phoebe to do it. She hands Julia the phone and leaves the room.

Kirsten and Charlie's apartment
Kirsten is on the bed looking at samples of fabric and wallpaper while Charlie works at his desk. She comments that there are lot of decisions to be made, primary colors vs. patterns, brushed cotton vs. chenille. Charlie points out that child development is kind of her specialty. The door opens and Daphne comes in. She's going out with her friends for happy hour and then they'll be out all night. She's definitely dressed to go out. Charlie and Kirsten both tell her to have fun and then go back to their work. Daphne continues, Luke could find them an apartment any day now and then she'd have to go right back to Dallas, so she's going to just go out and have a good time like she used to. Kirsten looks at her. Why is she acting this way. Daphne admits that she came back down and her friend Dusty asked what she thinks of "Wipeout." Kirsten thinks that stuff is great, it gets the poopy smell... Daphne interrupts her, no it's a song, it's a dance remix that's been in all the clubs for weeks...and she thought it was a diaper pail deodorizer as well. The mission is...she's going out that night to have fun and be a person with something else on her mind besides baby, baby, baby. Kirsten asks where they're going.

Music studio
One of the session musicians asks Todd and Claudia if he'll see them tonight. Claudia can't remember what they were supposed to do. Todd reminds her that it's the debut of Rob Maggio's orchestral piece, Oakland East Bay symphony. Does she not want to go? She does, she just has a monster Shakespeare paper to write. Todd looks disappointed. She'll do it after the concert. He'll pick her up at 7 p.m. They kiss and Todd leaves. Claudia asks their other friend how Todd does it, with sessions and practice, school and still going out every night. How does he do it, with college? The guy thanks god for the web. Claudia asks him if he means for research. He could mean that, but it even has things like monster Shakespeare papers you don't have time to write. Claudia says she can't do that. He asks why. Because it's legal, it's cheating and besides...she wouldn't learn anything. He tells her that it's just like doing research. The information is all there, but you still have to put it in your own words. Besides...what does Claudia have to learn, she clearly already knows everything.

49ers Office
Will is on the phone telling someone that the waiting list for 49er season tickets is 9,000 people long, but he'd be more than willing to make him 9001. The person on the other line hangs up. Bailey comes over. Will points out that he's finally done it...he's a personal disappointment to people and his parents didn't think he could make a living that way. Bay asks if Will has time to grab a cup of coffee. Will says he can't get away. What's up? Bay wants to know what's going on with Will. He's just answering phones, disappointing people. That's not what Bailey meant. That morning Will made it painfully clear that he doesn't want to live with Holly. Bailey doesn't understand. He asked himself what that reason might be and it's obvious what that must be. Will tries to interrupt, but Bailey goes on. Will doesn't like Holly. It's clear. He doesn't look at her, he barely talks to her. Every since the wedding, anywhere she is, Will doesn't want to be. Will says that isn't it. He likes her too. Bay asks what's going on. Will wants to know what it can't just be the reasons he gave. Bailey points out that they're friends, Will can tell him what's going on, he should trust Bailey. Unless Will thinks that it's Bailey, that he doesn't want Will there and that's not the case at all. If that's what Will is worried about, he couldn't be farther off base. Bailey and Holly care about Will, they want him around. Please, won't Will agree to move in? Unless it's something else... Will says it's nothing. Good. Bailey will let Holly know.

Daphne and her friends are dancing at a club. She goes back to the table where Kirsten is watching. Kirsten asks if she's having a good time. Daphne asks what she means. Well, she wanted to come out and cut loose and have a good time and it looks like she is. Daphne responds that she hates them. Her friends can just dance and dance and never get tired. Kirsten points out that they are professionals. Daphne thinks it has nothing to do with them being strippers. It has more to do with the hormone that's been in her body since she started breast-feeding...the one that makes her spark to topics like spit-up. She hopes she can counteract it with a little more tequila. She tells Kirsten to get out on the dance floor quick before she turns into Daphne. Kirsten isn't sure. Daphne reaches into her back pocket. Her baby pictures....they're soaking wet. Kirsten is still watching the dancers. Daphne calls out again...her baby pictures. Kirsten snaps back to attention. There's a hot air hand dryer in the bathroom. Daphne hops up to go save the pictures. She stops halfway. She's helpless to stop herself from going to air-dry her baby pictures. Kirsten just laughs at her. She turns back to Dusty who signals for her to come out on the dance floor. Kirsten shakes her head no, but Dusty comes over and drags her out onto the dance floor.

Living Room
The reporter, Phoebe, is sitting on the couch with Julia. She wants to just get the gushing part out of the way first. The interview isn't all about her, but if she had half the strength that Julia does, her boyfriend Henry would have never gotten away with his whole "sleep with her roommate and blame it on her and her lifestyle" routine. She will admit, though, that she does hope a little bit of it does rub off so she can go home and kick his two-timing butt. Julia asks about the photographer that Phoebe said was coming. Yeah, she almost forgot. She pulls out a disposable camera and tells Julia to smile like the hero that she is. Julia kind of does, wondering what she's gotten herself into.

Phoebe knows about Ned, but she would like to know about Julia now. How did all of that change how she is in relationships? Is she stronger now or does she still have doormat moments, like Phoebe with Henry? Julia says that truthfully she doesn't conscientiously think about...the doorbell rings. Julia goes up to answer the door. It's Justin. He broke up with Laura. Julia looks at him for a moment. He did. He came to see his mom and dad about it...and her. He wanted to see her, to talk to her, to see how she would think about maybe getting to... Julia slams the door in his face. Phoebe can't believe how good she is.

Kirsten is sitting with Daphne and her friends, watching their friend Tai who is hitting on a guy. Kirsten wonders if she'll ask for his number or what. While they're watching, Tai starts to make out with the guy. Kirsten is amazed, but Daphne says that's just their Tai. Kirsten can't believe turn they comment: crazy, slutty and Daphne adds tired. No, Kirsten thinks they're all free. Daphne thinks she's whacked out on club soda. Okay, Kirsten thinks stripping is the perfect example. It's freeness. One of the girls tells her she doesn't have to say that. No, Kirsten doesn't think there's anything wrong with stripping. She wouldn't do it, but that's because she's afraid. Daphne points out that sometimes fear is a healthy emotion. Kirsten doesn't know, if she's afraid, than she isn't really free. Dusty asks if this is something she thinks she needs, to get naked in front of people. No, but why not? If the only reason that she isn't doing it is because of what other people will think, then she's just like everyone else, someone who follows the rules: gets married, has kids and never does anything out of line their whole life.

Holly's apartment
Holly brings Will breakfast in bed. He's still asleep on the couch, waking up with a start after she prods him. She thought that they could celebrate their first morning of co-habitational bliss. Milk in his coffee? She looks over and asks him what's wrong. His neck looks funny. He says it's nothing, just a crick. It'll straighten itself out. She goes over to massage his neck. The key turns in the lock and Bailey comes in. Will leaps off the couch. He looks at his watch. He needs to get going. Holly reminds him about his breakfast. He takes the plate and heads toward the shower. Bailey tells him to relax, sit down. He just came over to confirm their plans for that evening. Holly can't believe they have an evening with no tests, no work, no nothing. They kiss. Bailey looks over and notices Will standing there. He asks Will to join them. Holly points out that they haven't properly celebrated their betrothal yet. Will says he needs to get settled in. Holly says it's just another big excuse. Will thinks they should just go out and have a good time. Bay says that Holly is right. He's coming with them and he should bring Meredith. They'll make it a party.

Julia is telling Phoebe about what happened with Justin, how he asked her to break up their wedding, and then went ahead and married her anyway. Now, he has the nerve to show up on her doorstep and expect something. Did she do the right thing to turn away from him? Phoebe thinks so. Julia isn't so sure. She doesn't want to recommend slamming doors in guys faces. Phoebe thinks this is a special circumstance, this guy has been playing her for months and that can't be how she expects men to treat her. Julia thinks that Justin isn't really like that. Phoebe jumps ahead. He's just like her ex from the year before. Everytime one of Jack's little flings doesn't work out, he comes back to her crying. Julia again says that Justin is different. Phoebe continues on about Jack. Justin actually married that girl. That isn't Justin at all...he still kind of loves Julia and that makes it so hard when he wants her to tell him how she feels, because she still kind of loves him too. Phoebe thought she loved Jack. Julia tries to tell Phoebe how she feels, but the reporter just continues. Julia shouldn't be afraid to tell him how she feels, to break his face with her door.

Claudia's bedroom
Claudia is working on the computer, when Todd comes in. He covers his eyes and says that Victor told him to just come up. Is she decent...he hopes not. She laughs and asks what he's going there. He knew that she had a lot to do with Shakespeare that night, but he thought she might need a study break. Claudia asks if he ever has homework. He did it already. Besides...he missed her. If she gives him a half hour he will take her out for two scoops of Mitchell's mint chip in a sugar cone...with sprinkles. She says that she can't. She has to rewrite this paper. Todd looks at the computer. The paper is already written. Claudia acts nervous. She hasn't finished yet. He tells her that she's unbelievable. She's so smart and talented and he has no idea what she's doing with him. She thinks that maybe she can take that study break after all. He asks about her rewrite. What about it? They leave.

Charlie and Kirsten's apartment
Charlie and Kirsten are getting ready to go out to dinner with friends. Charlie tells her that he'll work on Chuck and she should work on Martine. Kirsten says it's fine as long as she doesn't nod off while Martine talks about her gardening. Charlie thought that Kirsten liked that stuff. She talked Kirsten into that hydrogen plant that Kirsten killed that one time. It was a hydrangea and she dried it, which makes a very nice display...that wasn't her point. Maybe it would be better, more interesting if they didn't always going to a restaurant. Daphne and her friends are going to some kind of crazy rock opera theater. Charlie wonders if she's serious...rock theater with Chuck and Martine? Kirsten thinks they could be dreading the sit down dinner as much as they are. Charlie can't believe that Kirsten would want to do it. She tells him that he might be surprised. Well, maybe he'll surprise her sometime and they'll go out and get crazy. Kirsten doesn't think it will ever happen. Charlie says it might....just not that night.

Salinger house
Julia comes running from upstairs as the doorbell rings. It's Phoebe. Julia seems surprised to see her. Phoebe wonders if she got the time wrong, wasn't it supposed to be 8:30? Julia can't believe it's 8:30 already. Phoebe's deadline is the next day, but she could come back in the morning, if that would be better. Julia looks like she just got up. Julia thinks that might be better. As they start to make arrangements Justin calls out to her. Does she want some of that leftover Thai food? Phoebe looks shocked and disappointed to see Justin there. She'll call Julia. Julia calls for her to wait, but Phoebe leaves.

Will, Bailey, Holly and Meredith are eating dinner out. Holly is talking about "Who Wants to Marry a Multi-millionaire" wondering how people could think that was reasonable. Bailey points out that people meet strange ways all the time. Will and Meredith met on a blind date and they're together. Neither one of them say anything. Bailey asks if they are. Meredith admits that they aren't still together. She asks Will if he had said they still were. He says no, Holly and Bailey said they wanted to see her, so he set it up. Meredith just thought Bailey was acting like they were together. She's sorry, she didn't mean to stop the whole conversation. Bailey and Holly recover from their shock. Meredith goes to the ladies room. Holly can't believe that he and Meredith split up. Bay wants to know when it happened. Will admits it was about a week before. Bay tells him that he could have told them, if it was going to be uncomfortable for them to all get together. Will wonders why. They don't want him to be uncomfortable. Will doesn't believe that. He doesn't belong there. He did the whole marrying thing so Holly could stay...with Bailey. They're all working very hard to make Will feel comfortable, but he's not. The only thing worse than being in his position is pretending that he's not. Will is going to go get Meredith, but they should stay there and do what they want.

Charlie and Kirsten's apartment
Kirsten opens up the drapes, waking Daphne up. She's suffering from the ill-effects of a long night out. Kirsten asks if they had fun. Daphne admits that they did. She asks what Kirsten and Charlie did. Nothing at all. Dinner was fine. Daphne goes over to eat some dry toast. Kirsten asks more about the evening. Daphne tells her that she missed nothing. All this time she's been feeling bad about missing out on the life her friends have been having, but it turns out she was missing nothing but watching her friends pick up guys they don't really want and paying way too much for drinks they really don't need...and cottonmouth and jack-hammer head and dry heaves. All she needs now is a hit off of her beautiful daughter of hers. She turns to look at Kirsten. What's wrong? Kirsten points out that at least Daphne had it once.

Holly's apartment
Will wakes up and gets out of bed. Holly is in the shower. He walks toward the bathroom. She's left the door open and he can see her through the curtain. He watches for a moment, then turns back, shocked at himself.

Phoebe's magazine
Julia comes looking for Phoebe. She asks if Phoebe is in the middle of something. She knows what Phoebe must be thinking about her and Justin and if people are going to be reading about her and seeing her as an example, she would rather be a good one. Justin came over and was practically in tears. Maybe that seems lame, but he was really upset. He and Laura realized that they made a horrible mistake. Phoebe says that it sounds sad. Julia says that wasn't it. She listened to him and all of the things that she felt mad about just kind of faded away. She realizes that means something. It might sound cliched, but one thing led to another... Phoebe wants to know why she's telling her that. This has nothing to do with the article. Julia knows, but she saw the expression on Phoebe's face and she knows that it must make her look weak. Phoebe says it's none of her business, but if she's so sure about being with this guy, why does she have to do so much explaining?

Grant High School
Claudia's English teacher is handing back their papers. She admits that she dreads teaching Romeo and Juliet every year. It always seem to bring out the worst in them. The ambitious ones rent the Leo movie, but the rest don't even read it. She hands back Claudia's paper. It's college level writing. She realized that, didn't she? Claudia looks guilty. The teacher smiles and says that she's proud of her. She tells the rest of the class to prepare for the test on Much Ado About Nothing.

Strip club
Daphne and Kirsten come into the backroom at the strip club. Dusty asks what they thought. Kirsten thought she was great. She had the audience in the palm of her hand. How does that feel? She seemed like she didn't even notice them. Daphne noticed them. There was one guy in the corner putting on a show all of his own. Kirsten comments on the costumes. Dusty makes them herself, to make a little money on the side selling them to the other girls. She asks Kirsten if she wants to buy add a little spice into her life. Daphne wants to get going. The club brings back a lot of memories...and not necessarily good ones. Kirsten is still admiring the costume in the mirror. Dusty asks Kirsten if she wants to give the stage a try. Daphne can't believe that she would even consider it. Kirsten seems to still be thinking about it. Daphne tries to get Dusty to talk her out of it, but neither Dusty or Kirsten seem to want to be dissuaded.

Julia and Justin are walking. He thinks it's weird. They were apart for so long and now, suddenly, they're just back together. She thinks it's weird too. He admits that it feels good, it feels right. She wonders if it bothers him how easy it was. She saw him and fell into bed with him. Doesn't that seem weird? He doesn't think so. She thinks they should have talked about the last few months, about Laura. Justin points out that they talked about it all night long. She adds that they talked about his side, not hers. Justin told her that he was wrong. He was confused and he made a mistake. Where is all of this coming from? Two days before she was ready to let all of this go. Julia thinks they are just jumping into bed because they're both on the rebound. He says that they talked about it, they want to be together. Want to be or need to be? Justin isn't sure it matters. Why do they have to pick everything apart? She sounds like she's trying to talk herself out of it. Julia thinks that's better than trying to talk herself out of it.

Bailey comes downstairs to find Will settled back in downstairs. Holly said Will hadn't been at the apartment all day. Will knows, but his stuff is all over there, so if the agent stops by Holly can just say he's out with his friends. Bay tells him that it isn't going to work that way. Will told him he doesn't want to be there. Bay knows, but it doesn't make any sense. Holly is nuts about him. Will tells Bailey to stop. He tried so hard to stop it from happening. He tried not to feel it, then he tried not to move in. He was trying to not be tempted. It happens sometimes. You meet someone and he thought it would just wear off, but they are always together. Bailey keeps pushing them together. Bailey realizes what Will is admitting to. Will knows that it's messed up, but it happened. Does he think Will can control it? Bailey tells him that he just has to. Will wants to know how. His job is to study this woman, spend time with her. Bailey tells him that if he wants to be somebody's friend, you find a way. He leaves.

Julia's room
Claudia is looking for Julia's interview. She scans the entire article, but Julia isn't included in it anywhere. It's all about Luta Fluke, a female body-builder. Julia asks what she had to say. She is going to take back her boyfriend, but there won't be anymore mistakes. This guy cheated on her, but she's giving him another chance. Julia asks for more details. Claudia reads more of the interview to her. She remakes the rules when they're important to her. Julia points out that's what she did and they cut her out of the article. Julia wants to know why it's strong for her and weak for Julia. Claudia tells her that she should see the other woman's pecks.

Charlie and Kirsten's apartment
Charlie comes in and calls for Kirsten. She's on their bed waiting for him. He can't believe she's in bed reading. She says that it's been a kind of long day. He kisses her. He got tickets to the rock theater thing. He thought they were going to go out and paint the town red. He thought this was important to her. It was, but she just sort of changed her mind. He asks what she feels like doing. She wants to take a warm bath...together. He'll go run the tub. She gets up and takes off her pants. As she does a five dollar bill falls out slowly. She picks it up and smiles.

Claudia's room
Todd comes up to find Claudia on her bed working on her homework. He wonders if she's okay. She canceled her session and he was worried that something was wrong. She can't believe he came all the way over. He asks what's going on. Is everything all right? She thinks it's going to sound stupid. She failed her Much Ado exam. Actually, she didn't show up for it. She thought she should make up for the paper that she...anyway, she can't do this anymore. She can't do school and sessions and concerts and parties and after-parties. She doesn't know how he does it, but she can't keep up anymore. It's like part of her is afraid that if she doesn't try to keep up with him she'll get left behind. He guesses that she has to study. Yeah, she does. He gets up. She asks what he's doing. He gets him bag out. He's studying too. She asks about the session, he'll miss it. He tells her that for a really smart person, she's kind of dumb sometimes. The only thing he doesn't want to miss is being with her. How could she not know that?

49ers office
Bailey comes in to find Will on the phone again dealing with ticket problems. Will ends his call. Bailey says that Holly said Will didn't come home the night before. He stayed with his parents. Under the circumstances, he thought it was best. He feels really terrible, for lying and for telling Bailey, for letting it happen. Bay tells him to stop, he doesn't have to explain. Bay understands. He's crazy about Holly, why wouldn't anybody else be? Will asks if he's mad. No, he isn't. Does Holly know? No. Will has to tell her. Bay wants to know why. Well, she has to know why he suddenly isn't living with her. But he is. Will doesn't understand. He's living with her, they're married. That's how it works. Will points out that Bailey knows how he feels. Bay does, but he trusts Will. Will tells him how painful it is for him. Bay knows, but they did this thing...they got married and they can't quit now. If they find out that he and Holly lied, they could get in big trouble. Will thinks there has to be a way out of it, but Bay says there isn't. They just have to learn to live with it.

Justin's house
Julia comes over to talk to Justin. She was at the grocery store and she had a craving for something desserty. She pulls the container out of the bag. It's triple fudge chunk. She was standing in line and feeling really guilty and then she thought why, it's yogurt, it has calcium and protein and is practically fat free. She realized she was only feeling bad because she really wanted it. So she kind of feels like if she gives in to that she's being weak, but maybe she's got it backward, maybe by taking what she wants she's actually being strong. Justin begins to kiss her. They smile. She asks if he still has that TV upstairs in his bedroom. He does. There's a really fun game show on right now that will challenge his brain. He thinks that sounds good. He'll go get some spoons. She tells him that she already has some. He chases her up the steps as they laugh.


This was a nice little episode as we continue to move toward a resolution of the series. Directed by series regular, Matthew Fox, it has some very nice moments. I particularly liked the scene with Charlie and Kirsten getting ready for dinner, shot with them in the mirror. There weren't lots of gimmicky shots. Perhaps this is a new area for Matthew to explore more now that his tenure on this show is over.

Of all the stories in this episode, I really enjoyed Kirsten's story. I love how she and Daphne have become friends, learning from each other. I don't think it's so shocking that Kirsten would think that she had missed out on something by not living the kind of life that Daphne had. I think this was handled just the right way. The smile on her face when she picked up the five dollar bill was priceless.

I have to admit, I've never really cared about Griffin vs. Justin vs. all the other men in Julia's life. I just wish that she would have spent five minutes trying to figure herself out. I am a little surprised to see her going back to Justin at this point, but I'm not surprised. I wonder what Griffin will say when he finds out. I think we might see a little "I told you so" action happening there.

I just love Claudia and Todd. I'm glad they dealt with the pressures in Claud's life. It would not be possible for her to be working this much, having a social life and still doing well at school. How perfect is Todd, though, to just want to be with her? Great story.

Finally, Bailey, Holly and Will. I still don't care for this story and I think Bailey is being a jerk for not trying understanding how hard it is for Will to be around Holly. Isn't this the guy who stole a girlfriend (Sarah) from Will? Come on!

Extra points for funny in-jokes about TV. There were discussions of both "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" and "Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire." Very pop culture of them...

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