Season 6, Episode 4: Wrestling Demons

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A scene that could have taken place but didn't

Written by: Melissa Rosenberg
Directed by: Lou Antonio

Co-starring: Susan Savage as Nancy, Angela Garrott as Isis, Hope Levy as Alice, Yash Dhillon as ER doctor, Jannette Lane Bradbury as Secretary

Transcribed by Rachel

Victor is trying to explain his philosophy of parenting to Bailey while Owen and Claudia argue over a bagel. Bailey isn't really listening, instead he's fixated on getting the house cleaned for Sarah's return from New York. Victor says that he parents as Bailey would, from what they eat, to when they go to bed, to what they do for Halloween. Or what they don't do, Owen responds. Bailey won't let him go trick or treating because it isn't safe. Claudia thinks they could check the candy instead. Victor says they could make a haunted house at home, but Bay says no. The phone rings and Claudia answers. Bay chases after her wondering if it's Sarah, but it's Alexa calling for Claudia. Victor goes over to introduce himself to Owen. Owen says it doesn't matter, the nannies never last longer than a few days. As Victor watches Bailey chase Claudia around while she's on the phone he isn't surprised.

Credits: Note Jennifer Love Hewitt no longer appears and Scott Grimes now is included.

Stilman Press
Evan is going over Julia's manuscript with his red pencil. She can't believe all the changes he's making. He says that she's giving them too much too soon. She argues that it's character development, but he points out that it's much more provocative to see someone undress in front of you than to find them naked. Julia continues to complain while Evan keeps working. He tells her to be quiet, but she thinks that's part of the problem. All they do is work. They could get a hot dog sometime, tell a joke. He stops and looks at her. A joke? Does she know any? Julia considers it for a minute, but she doesn't know any. Neither does Evan. He goes back to marking the manuscript.

Bailey is on his cell phone asking Owen is Sarah had called when he sees his friend Will come out of the bank. He wonders when Will got into town. He's been there a couple of weeks...a month. He was going to call when he got settled into his job. Bailey's surprised to hear about a job; what about school? Will has taken a year off; he's been thinking about it for a while now. A guy he knows introduced him to Chuck Pullman who pretty much owns the Wrestling Federation and he asked Will if he wanted to intern for him. Bay can't believe that Will left college to take a job with wrestling. That's the same expression Will's parents had about the whole thing. Bay just didn't know. Will wasn't sure Bay would want to hear from him. Bay points out that they go back a long way. Does Will want to go get a cup of coffee? He would, but he has to do a pick-up at the airport. Bailey has restaurant business. Will is staying at his parents' house, Bay can call him there. They go to their cars. As Will is starting the ignition on the black town car he's driving Bay jumps in the passenger seat. Thirty minutes out to the airport, thirty minutes back; he has an hour to spare, they can catch up.

Wilson Junior High
Charlie is working with a student when Kirsten shows up with coffee and bear claws. She brought information about expanding their family. He has been doing some research as well. He hands her a packet of papers which she looks through. It's all about adoption. She thinks that's great, but actually she has done some research on infertility stuff. There have been lots of improvements since the doctors first told her she couldn't have a baby. There are better laparoscopic procedures to correct the damage from her endometriosis, but there is still a risk of an ectopic pregnancy. But, they could do IVF where they take the egg out and fertilize it and put it back in. Her chances are much better for that...almost one in ten. Charlie is less enthusiastic at this point. If they could actually have their own...they would have to try, wouldn't they? Charlie agrees. She's so happy he feels the same. She called the specialist and he had a cancellation at 3 p.m. Does he think he could make it? He thinks he can.

Grant High School
Claudia is reading the latest web site report on Alexa while they walk with Cameron. Alexa can't believe the things that have been taken out of context. It makes her sound completely superficial. Cameron suggests she skip the mall that weekend...just to prove them wrong. Should she have to stop being herself just to make the web guy happy? Claudia doesn't think anything could make him happy.

Victor is cleaning when Griffin walks in, dirty and sweaty. Wordlessly, he grabs a container of orange juice from the refrigerator and drinks it all, throwing it away in the garbage can. He turns to leave when Victor introduces himself. Griffin introduces himself and tells Victor that he works out of the shed in back. He wishes Victor good luck.

Owen comes running in. Claudia called for her messages and he asked her about the haunted house. She doesn't care and Julia already said she didn't mind. Victor asks what Bailey said. Owen admits that Bailey said no, but their family is a democracy and it's 3-1. No one loves a haunted house more than Victor, but they have to be willing to live with the consequences. Owen doesn't understand. Victor explains: you throw a coconut up in the air, it comes down on your head. You throw a party, it comes downs on your head. Consequences. Owen swears there won't be any consequences. Victor agrees to do it.

College for Fine Arts
Julia has missed her class. Isabel tells her that everyone thinks she's having an affair with Evan. They are such a cliché. They both have looks, brains, matching jones for books. Julia says Evan has less than no interest in her and she has the same. He just works and works and she's just invisible. As she goes on Isabel laughs at her. Julia says that it doesn't prove that she's interested in him.

Will and Bailey are waiting for Mr. Mayhem at the airport. Bailey is trying to call home when the wrestler shows up. He tells them to take him to Walnut Creek and gets in the car. Will tries to explain that there is a group of people waiting for him to do press in the city. Mr. Mayhem hasn't seen his wife in a week, so they are going to Walnut Creek. Bailey tries to tell him that he can't go there, but Mayhem just tosses Bay's cell phone out the window. Will takes off for Walnut Creek.

Walnut Creek
Mr. Mayhem is pacing outside his house. Will explains that things have been pretty dicey since Monstra made a play for Mr. Mayhem on the Monday Night Massacre. Isis, his wife, thinks he has a thing for Monstra. Bailey asks if any of this is real. Isis and Mayhem met in the ring, what is more real than that? Bailey can't believe that he has missed a staff meeting, inventory and any possible chance of connecting with Sarah for this. Will tells him to take a break from his middle-aged life. Bay gets upset, but Mayhem calls him over. He's going to hoist him up to the balcony. Isis changed the phone and the locks. Bay says he won't. The next shot has Bailey landing on the balcony.

Stilman Press
Julia comes in to find Evan laughing with a co-worker. She just missed his joke. He takes her arm and guides her into his office. Before they start, he was thinking about what she said and he wonders if she's busy that night. Julia doesn't understand. Evan says it shouldn't be all about work. He has tickets for a Halloween ball that night, a costume thing. He apologizes for it being last minute. Julia is a bit taken aback. They have a whole chapter to work on. He understands, but this is a chance to kick back and drink some champagne. She doesn't know. He understands, but his date wants a quiet dinner instead and the tickets are going to go to waste. Julia is surprised again. She can't believe he has a date. She isn't part of the book world and doesn't get into these kinds of things. He figured since she was a starving artist she would appreciate the free food. She can take a date. Julia takes the tickets. She thanks him.

Grant High School
Cameron comes to find Claudia. He heard that Alexa was going to Claud's for the haunted house. She tells him to come as Houdini...the master of illusion. He realizes that the web site bugs her. Claudia tells him to be honest with Cameron. He tried, but Alexa is obsessed with her looks. Claudia thinks that's part of being a girl. He points out that she isn't. Claudia doesn't care. She isn't his girlfriend. He should tell her in person. He is a neat original person and Alexa has no idea. It would do something for Alexa and wouldn't hurt him either.

Living Room
Victor has put together a great haunted house. He and Owen walk around in it. Griffin brings in a casket that he built. Owen thinks it's the best haunted house ever. Victor tells Owen that he has the perfect costume for him. Griffin and Victor carry the coffin upstairs. Griffin wonders how they got Bailey on board. Victor says that Owen okayed it.

Doctor's office
Kirsten inquires about an ETA on the doctor. He's running a bit late. Kirsten goes back to join Charlie. He wonders if they should reschedule. Kirsten doesn't think so, it was a miracle they got this appointment. A woman comes in and is greeted by one of the others. They have both been here before. They start talking about how hard it is, how much money they've spent, how their marriages have nearly been destroyed, the hormone shots. Kirsten gets up and asks again about how long it'll be. The women keep talking. Kirsten asks if they can wait inside.

Walnut Grove
Mr. Mayhem, Will and Bailey wait inside for Isis. Mayhem is nervous. Bailey complains how long it's taking. Will offers to pay for a cab back to the city, but Bay points out that Isis has turned off the phones. He doesn't understand why she would need them, though, with her god-like powers. There is a key in the lock and Isis appears. She is upset. This is what she was talking about in their last session. She needs some time alone. She kicks him out of the apartment leaving Bay and Will still inside. Mayhem keeps pounding on the door. Will asks how they are going to leave. Isis says they'll have to wait until he goes away, cause she's not opening the door for Mayhem. Will sits down, but Bailey decides this is insane. He's leaving, he doesn't care what Mayhem does. He tries to move past Isis, but she grabs him. She'll kick his butt if she has to. Bailey tells her that he wrestled in college, so she should be careful who she threatens. Will tries to call a time out, but Isis grabs Bailey. Bay struggles for a minute, but then flips her over and pins her. He tells Will to call Mayhem back in. They are going to talk it out like adults.

Julia and Isabel are at the charity ball. Isabel is dressed as a belly dancer. Julia is wearing Isabel's old costume as Tippi Hedren from The Birds. Isabel sees Evan come in. He's dressed as a New York Yankee and he's alone. He spies them and comes over. His cousin backed out of dinner, so he drummed up another ticket. Isabel introduces herself and compliments one of the contributors to Evan's magazine. Julia asks about her book, but Evan says that the night is not for work. Fun is his new religion. Isabel smiles sweetly and he asks her to dance. They hand their wine glasses and Evan's bat to Julia.

Kirsten and Charlie's apartment
Charlie is trying to get ready for the Halloween party when Kirsten comes in. She wants to talk to him, he's been quiet for hours. He wonders what the use is, she's been keeping so many things from him. She doesn't agree, he came with her to the doctor's office. He accuses her of making the appointment in the middle of the afternoon when she thought he wouldn't be able to go with her. He feels like she's trying to pull something over on him. She was just excited. Charlie figures it was the same with Paul. He didn't like what he heard either and that's why they talked about adoption. Kirsten points out that it was hard enough to get Paul to consider a child, let alone doing it in a way that took the smallest risk. Charlie doesn't think it's a small risk. She would have to go off her anti-depressants and then take hormones that would put her on an emotional roller coaster. That isn't a small risk. Kirsten says that it's her body and if she's willing to take the risk it should be okay. Charlie doesn't agree. This is a decision that they should make together, but why did she feel like she needed to gloss over all of it, that she could avoid the truth?

Bailey and Will are walking up the street to the Salinger house. Bay thought it was awesome! Will can't believe that he took down Isis. Bay tells him to let it go. Will can't believe that Bay didn't think it was fun. Bailey points out that he lost a whole day, that there were people who were depending on him that he let down. He will take his boring existence over Will's pointless detour anytime.

Julia stands poking at the appetizers while Isabel and Evan dance. Isabel comes over and asks what she's doing. Julia wants to know what she's doing with Evan. Whatever she can! Julia tells to not do it. She works with him and seeing Isabel dance with him makes her feel weird. Is Isabel her friend or not? Isabel is, but she doesn't care how Julia feels. There are too few good guys out there for her to not pursue Evan just cause Julia feels weird. Unless she's saying she wants him herself. Julia starts to protest. Isabel points out that another woman is making her move, she just dumped her drink on him. Julia has first dibs, but if she waits Isabel is going to make her move. Julia continues to dither and finally goes toward the kitchen where Evan and the woman have gone to dry off.

Bailey comes home to find the party in full-swing. Owen and Victor run past him, but when they see him they come back to face the music. Owen is dressed as a wolf boy and Victor as King Tut. They follow Bailey into the kitchen where he checks the messages. Victor comes into apologize. He realizes that Bailey didn't want this, and he got a little out of hand, but he and Owen had some things to work through. Owen shows up. Victor takes the blame, saying it was all his decision. He asks Owen if that's the way it happened. Owen admits that it didn't happen that way, but he doesn't want to tell Bay another version. Victor wonders if Bailey wants to tell Owen some things about consequences. Instead Bay can't believe that Sarah didn't call. Victor tells him that she did. He should rewind the tape. Bay moves to do that, ignoring Owen and Victor.

Alexa shows up in tears. Cameron broke up with her. She doesn't even know what he said. They were just hanging out and then he said that he can't talk to her and he wants to be himself. It's like it wasn't even him? Alexa wants to know what happens. She dissolves in tears.

Charlie comes to find Kirsten outside on the swing. She was thinking. She knows that she would be happy with any baby that they share, but she has a dream, a fantasy about having a baby with his eyes, her nose, his laugh. That cries like her, but it's just a dream. The reality is that he remembers when she was sick, but she mostly doesn't. She knows that he does, that is some ways it was harder on him than it was her. She knows that she can dream about all kinds of things, but that's what's real.

Evan waits while Evan talks to the woman. Finally she decides to make her move, but as she goes to enter the kitchen he comes out and pinches her finger in the swinging door. She says it's okay, but he's concerned. He looks at it and decides that he should take her to the emergency room. He tells Isabel to call the house so no one worries.

Bailey stands in the kitchen listening to Sarah's message. He's unaware of the rest of the house around him as he listens to the message again. She tells him that she misses him and loves him.

Dining room
Charlie answers the phone while the party goes on around him. It's Julia at the hospital. Although she tells him she's fine he says that he'll come down with the insurance information.

Bailey's bedroom
Bay is sitting on his bed. Victor comes in and apologizes again. It was an elaborate way to make a point to Owen. He's a good kid, but a little tricky some times. He'll throw everyone out. Bailey tells him it's okay. It seems like everyone is having a good time. The truth is that things are a little too under control as it is. It's Halloween and people should go a little crazy. He'd join them, but all he has for a costume is his tie. He's 21 years old and his closet is full of ties. He hates ties. Victor isn't too crazy about them either, but he pulls out one of Sarah's dresses. That wouldn't be too bad...

Cameron comes into the party. Claudia yanks him out onto the porch. Why did he do this? Alexa is crying her eyes out trying to figure out why he did this. Cameron kisses her.

Julia comes out with her hand bandaged. She sends Charlie home. She can go with Evan. Evan comes to check on her. It's just a sprain. She can't believe that he waited. He wanted to make sure she was okay. Julia is surprised that he was worried. Maybe it wasn't such a crazy idea... Evan doesn't know what she's talking about. Julia kisses him, but he pulls away. She's embarrassed, but he tells her not to be. It's been a crazy night and she's on all of those pain killers. He's sure it's because he looks so much younger in this light. She shouldn't worry about it. It's Halloween and it's hard to tell what's real and what isn't.

Outside Will's house
Bailey is waiting outside for Will. He's wearing a pink dress and carrying a red wig. Will comes by and stops dead in his tracks. Bay has changed... He asks Will if he has a minute. The thing that he does best is fighting off work, at home, constantly holding it off, but maybe that's wrong. Everyone else is into it, enjoys it. Will, Sarah, both of them are into it and he gets to down on them for it. He thinks he might have it all backwards. His whole life...and it scares him. It feels like he's losing people. He isn't losing Will. Bay asks what he should do. Will tells him that he would stay away from pink. It isn't really his color. They both laugh.

Kirsten and Charlie's apartment
Kirsten gets out of bed to make sure Julia was okay. She hopes that Owen wasn't mad she left early. He was fine. Charlie realized that night that he comes from a really big family. Kirsten can't believe he just realized that. He is really lucky to have that and he doesn't want Diana to grow up as an only child because he was afraid. Kirsten doesn't want him to do it to make her feel better. He isn't. If she wants to have a baby this way and is ready for the risks, then he is too. He wants them to try.


Supervising Producer Melissa Rosenberg debuts with her first script tonight and she has done a fine job. The plot is well-balanced between the whole family and moved the story in new and interesting areas.

I have often wondered what prevented Kirsten from having children. Endometriosis was a good choice, makes sense based on her age and what we knew at the time. This is a great example of fleshing out back story rather than rewriting history. Infertility is challenging to any couple, but Charlie's concerns about Kirsten's mental health are well-founded. I thought his rationale was totally reasonable and yet Kirsten's argument was compelling. I hadn't thought about her perception of the time when she was ill and how that's different than the others around her.

I'm glad that Sarah hasn't totally disappeared into the ether. It was such a good idea to have her around for a few episodes so that we had some set-up for her eventual departure. Bailey is working through his feelings. Although he doesn't know it for sure, he must have some sense that Sarah is not going to return and he's preparing himself for that.

It's good to see Will back. Scott Grimes has always been a welcome addition to the scene and he's a great foil for Bailey to play off. Since his last appearance ended up with a strained relationship between he and Bailey this was a clever way to get them back to their earlier friendship. I loved the wrestling jokes!

I'm not sure what I think of Julia and Evan. I'm afraid that my admiration for Kyle Secor and my delight at having him on the show each week is making me a bigger fan of this story line than I normally would be. Didn't Julia just come to some big realization that she needs to do things on her own for a while? Can't she be without a man for ten seconds? I like the book story, I hope they do more with her parents' relationship, but I'm not so keen on the May-December relationship.

Claudia and the popular kids: I have to admit that I saw the Alexa/Cameron break-up coming a mile away. While it is predictable I think this is a more reasonable relationship for Claudia (provided she and Cameron do hook up) than any other we've seen. I never cared much for Cody and I'm much more fond of Reasonable Claudia than I was of Wild Child Claudia.

Owen was a player tonight! Thank goodness someone has finally figured out something to do with the kid other than prop up scenery. Keep this up...more Owen is a good thing.

Victor is an intriguing addition to the canvas. He was very good with both Owen and Bailey. I have to admit that I missed the "boy who cried wolf" joke the first two times I watched the episode. Very clever. I think he could do a great deal of good for this family. Maybe he can even help Griffin find his way.

Well balanced episode, good family interaction. I missed Diana and Daphne, but with this many characters it's hard to get them all in there in any kind of meaningful fashion.

Note: Kirsten appears to be going by Kirsten Salinger.

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