Season 6, Episode 6: Too Close

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Written by: Julia Dahl & P.K. Simonds
Directed by: Daniel Attias

Co-starring Tanya Linette Smith as Joy, Susan Vee as hotel bar waitress, Tim Cunningham as officer

Transcribed by Rachel

Evan and Julia are working in his office. Evan is making comments on the manuscript, but Julia is busy looking out the glass doors into the office wondering why everyone won't go home for the night. Evan comments that it's bad form to leave before the boss. She wants him to give them a gold star and send them home, but Evan would rather she come over and sit down on the couch next to him. She can't. He smells really good and she'll realize how long it's been since that morning. She moves to close the blinds, but he points out that would pretty much announce that they are having an affair. She wonders what would happen if they told everyone. Evan tells her that whenever she enters a room all talking will stop because everyone will be talking about them. Pretty soon it will get out all over the city and then all people will know about her when her books comes out that she was schtupping Stilman. No, that isn't what she wants. They notice that the last person has left and begin kissing.


Living Room
Bailey is lying on the couch watching TV when Will comes in. He asks if Bailey wants to talk about it. Bay isn't going to snap out of it. His girlfriend left him. Will tells him he has it all backwards. He dumped her, he wrote the letter. Bay wouldn't have done it if he thought he had a chance with her. Will tells him to be proud.

Doctor's office
Kirsten is having an ultrasound. There are five follicles in her uterus. Charlie's beeper goes off. It's a 911 page, so he goes out to find a phone. The doctor is really pleased that Kirsten has five follicles, even though 8 or 10 would be normal. They will do the retrieval later in the week, and get as many of them as they can. She will go off the Pergonal now and the doctor gives her a shot of HCG. The doctor reminds her she'll have anesthesia for the retrieval, so someone will have to pick her up. Charlie comes in. The call was from a pharmacist who caught Myra shoplifting. He didn't want to call the police and he hadn't been able to reach her mother, so she gave him Charlie's number. Kirsten tells him to go.

Charlie asks Myra what she needed with a 12 pack of condoms. She was planning to throw water balloons…what did he think she was going to do with them? She asks if he thinks she needs him for sex. He thinks it could be possible. She thinks she is as appealing as spinal meningitis. He tells her that if she's trying to guilt him into not calling her mom it isn't going to work. She doesn't care if he calls her mom. Her mom won't care if he calls her. Good luck trying to find her. Charlie tells Myra to give him her number at work.

Alexa and Claudia are developing the photos for their mid-term project. Claudia over-exposed her entire project and she has to reshoot it. Alexa stops Derek and asks if he has finished his project. He tells her to mind her own business. After he leaves Alexa asks Claudia if she's seen Derek's project. It's a rose on a keyboard and 8 candids of Claudia in orchestra. Alexa thinks a double date is in order. Claudia notices that Alexa is wearing Cameron's letter jacket again. He left it for Alexa in her locker the day before with an apologetic letter. Alexa pulls out a picture she took of Cameron and her with a timer. It came out perfect.

Evan's apartment
Julia is putting on her clothes. Evan can't believe she's leaving already. She told everyone that she was at the library working. Evan asks why she can't "work" until 11 p.m. Claudia came by the library looking for her and couldn't find her earlier in the week. Evan pulls her down on the bed and starts kissing her. Evan says she could say she was at Isabel's instead. That would be fine, but Julia would have to let Isabel in on the secret and that would be like putting it on CNN. Evan agrees. Of course, Julia points out, they could tell her family. Evan doesn't seem very excited about this idea. Julia is nervous about telling them, too, but she's happy about their relationship, so it might be nice to share with her family. Evan thinks she should tell them. Julia thinks they should tell them together. They're having a family dinner the next night, he could come. Evan thinks that would be good.

Mrs. Wringler's office
Charlie finds Myra's mom in her office. She's on the phone, but has been put on hold. She asks Charlie why he's come to see her. He says it's about the shoplifting. Mrs. Wringler used to shoplift too, but she never got caught. Charlie says that he knows she's a single parent, he used to be one until recently, so he knows how hard it is to hold down a job and raise a child. He's concerned that Myra is home alone a lot. She asks if he realizes how hard it is to run a janitorial business. He doesn't and he realizes she's doing the best she can, but … She interrupts him. She started the business in a closet after Myra's father died. She's spent 13 years trying to make a go of the business, so he has no place to judge her. Charlie says he isn't. Myra's been taking care of herself since she was seven years old. Charlie thinks that's part of the problem. Seven year olds aren't old enough to take care of themselves, either are sixteen year olds. Mrs. Wringler says there isn't any problem and goes back to her phone call.

Bailey is talking to his sponsor, John. He admits that he was using Sarah as a crutch. He was not drinking for her and now that he doesn't have her in his life he doesn't have a reason to not drink. He doesn't care if he's free from her. His sponsor says it could be a blessing. It isn't always a great thing to always be depending on another person. Bay wonders if AA says he shouldn't ever fall in love. Being free feels like he wants to drink.

Grant High School
Claudia is photographing the football practice. Derek comes over to get a drink of water and she goes over to talk to him. She tells him that she heard his project turned out well. She admits that she has to redo her whole project. He moves over without saying a word and grabs her camera. She shouldn't walk around without the lens cap on. The lens could get scratched. He's having a party at his house on Friday night. He'd like her to come. She's says she will, then exchanges a long look with Cameron before she turns to leave.

Charlie and Kirsten's apartment
Charlie is helping Kirsten into bed after her egg retrieval. Daphne is there and the phone is ringing. Charlie calls to Daphne to answer the phone, but she's busy in the bathroom. Daphne asks about the procedure while the machine picks up the call. It's Myra. Her mom is really mad about the condoms. Kirsten tells him to talk to her. Finally he picks it up. He tells her it isn't a good time, but she's very upset. Charlie tells her to come in the next day.

Julia, Bailey, Claudia, Joe, Victor and Owen are at dinner. Evan is noticeably absent. Claudia is debating with Joe on whether or not age matters in a relationship. Joe says that the trouble between him and Frannie had nothing to do with the difference in their ages. Bailey is completely disengaged. Victor asks Julia if she's doing okay. She says she's fine. Joe asks Bailey if the age thing was a problem for him when he dated someone older. He hasn't been paying attention. Julia borrow Bay's phone to call Evan again. One of the servers comes over to ask about the situation in the ladies room. Joe goes to deal with it. Claudia asks Bailey what's going on. He hired Joe to be his manager. If Bay isn't working, why is Victor watching Owen? Bailey says he's going out with Griffin and Will later. Julia comes back. Evan said he would be there in a half hour, so they can order dessert. Victor picks up a sleeping Owen, he should really take the little boy home. Claudia has a ton of homework. Bailey gets up to join his friends. Julia sits at the table alone.

Bailey comes to the door of the bar. The bartender asks if she can get him something. He hems and haws and then says she can get him something.

Charlie and Kirsten's apartment
There is a loud knocking at the door. Charlie gets up to answer it. It's a police officer with Myra. He found her in a park on a swing with a bottle of alcohol. She said she lost her key and he couldn't reach her mother. Myra said her father lived there. Charlie informs the cop that he isn't her father, he's her teacher. The cop offers to take her back to the precinct, but Charlie and Kirsten say she can come in and sleep on their couch.

Bailey is sitting at the bar in front of a full glass of liquid. A woman comes and sits next to him. She asks for her usual, but the bartender doesn't know what it is. She can't believe he doesn't remember, she comes there every Wednesday night. He that it isn't Wednesday. She says that she'll have what Bailey's having. One unblended Scotch coming up. The woman tells Bay she's never been there before. She wonders if it was mean of her. He doesn't answer. She comments that it must not be his first. It is. She slams her shot, but Bailey doesn't take a drink. She figures that if he can't drink it that somebody must have died, he lost his job or the love of his life. She's rooting for number three, so they can bond. He wonders if she got dumped too. She asks him if he's going to drink his shot. He offers it to her and she takes it. She asks if he hates her or no one is to blame. He says it's the last one. He wonders if it's the same one for her. No, hers is the hating version. She'd rather talk about his, if he doesn't mind.

Charlie and Kirsten's apartment
Kirsten and Myra are in the kitchen the next morning. Myra comments that Charlie had never mentioned Kirsten. Kirsten asks if she would like some breakfast. Myra thinks she's very pretty, she can see why Charlie married her.

Charlie is in the other room on the phone with Myra's mother. He tells her to call the precinct. She was drunk.

Myra goes to use the bathroom as Charlie comes in. Her mom said to send her to school, put her on the MUNI. Kirsten can't believe it. She doesn't have a change of clothes and she's sick. Charlie tried to tell her, but she wouldn't listen. Kirsten can't believe that they are spending thousands of dollars because they want a child so badly and this child's mother says to put her on a bus.

Stilman Press
Julia is upset that Evan didn't come to dinner the night before. He reminds her that he did want to come, but he could not get out of the meeting he was in and it went much, much longer than he anticipated. She tells him that most of her family lives at the house, so he could stop by anytime and meet them. Evan goes back to the book. She asks him if he wants to pick a night. He pulls out his calendar. His schedule is pretty tight. She wants him to just admit that he doesn't want to meet her family. He tries to disagree, but when she asks him to pick and night and she'll bring them to the press he stops her. What does she want him to say? Is he sure about meeting her family? No. Would he like to wait until they've been together longer? Sure, why not. Would he meet them tomorrow if it would make her happy? Of course. Would it make her happy? How can he make her happy?

Strip Club
Bailey can't believe that Will and Griffin have dragged him out to a strip club. Will says it's about human interaction, but Bay just thinks it's about a bunch of naked bodies. Griffin tells them that he'll go check it out while they discuss it. He leaves. Bay continues to grouse about going in the club.

In the club Griffin finds a seat and orders a drink. A redhead comes dancing over on the stage and takes down her top for him. Their eyes meet and he realizes it's Daphne and she realizes it's him. She covers herself up and asks what he's doing there. She tells him that he can't tell anyone that she is there. He promises, but warns her that Will and Bailey are on their way in. She takes off backstage.

Outside Bay and Will are still arguing. Bay tells him to go in. Will blows up telling him that the past few weeks have been "Bailey Watch." He's been calling Bay, watching him mope about Sarah. It's his pleasure, but Bay is not the only person with a problem. His parents have told him he "damn well better" quit his internship if he expects to keep living rent-free. Bailey might agree with his folks that the internship is a joke, but Will really likes it. He doesn't want to lose it. The strip club may seem dumb and gross and pathetic, but he could really use the distraction right about now.

Derek's party
Derek and Claudia are playing pool against another couple. There are lots of kids there, dancing and drinking. Claudia makes the final shot winning the game for them. Derek hugs her as Cameron watches. Claudia notices and asks Derek if he wants to go somewhere more quiet. He tells her to lead the way.

Strip Club
Griffin and Will are enjoying the dancers while Bailey tries to discuss Will's living situation. Will isn't listening. Bay decides to leave. Will and Griffin don't even really notice.

Charlie and Kirsten's apartment
Kirsten comes in calling for Charlie. He wonders what the hospital said. They have three pre-embryo cells dividing! They hug. Kirsten pulls out a picture. Tomorrow at 4 p.m. the doctor will implant them. Kirsten goes to close the door, but Myra is there. Kirsten is surprised to see her. Myra needs Charlie to call Miss Gray and tell her Myra is fine, that what he said is wrong. Kirsten excuses herself. Charlie explains that what he did is the law. He shouldn't have waited as long as he did. Myra begs him. Everything between her and her mom is fine. Charlie says again that he can't and they shouldn't even be talking right now. He has to take a step back. He doesn't have the time. He wishes he did, but now he doesn't. Myra points out that he did before. He did, but things have changed. Myra thinks it's unfair. He tutored her, got her to tell him her life and now he just drops her. Charlie tells her that he's her teacher. If they are friends, it's in the classroom. She can't just call him or stop by his house uninvited. Myra tells him again to call the principal and take back what he said and she won't bother him anymore. He can't. It's out of his hands. Myra storms out.

Evan and Julia are walking outside a club. He asks if she enjoyed it. She did. He knows that it dates him, but he loves to hear good scat. Julia knows that it makes sense for them to wait to tell other people, but the problem with it is how it feels. She's really happy about their relationship, so whatever anyone else thinks doesn't matter. Unless it's him, because if he doesn't feel as good about it, then how can she? He says that he feels good. She doesn't think so, because if he has to hide or feel ashamed, then he really doesn't.

Bailey meets up with Tracy, the woman from the bar. She can't believe that he called her. She figures he must be desperate, but he says that isn't so. She needs to do something, since they spent so much time talking about his girlfriend the night before. He asks what. She leans in and kisses him. She apologizes, but he says it was really, really okay. They kiss again.

Derek's party
Derek and Claudia go into Derek's sister's bedroom. Derek begins to kiss her, then takes her over to the bed. Claudia tries to slow him down when he pins her to the bed. He's hurting her arm. He pulls his wallet out and gets a condom out. She asks what he's doing. She doesn't want that. He keeps kissing her, holding her down. She tries to get up, but he throws her back on the bed. She tells him no, for him to get off of her. He points out that she led him in there. She knows, but not for that. He won't let her up as she starts to hit at him. Finally she knees him in the groin and runs out of the room.

Claudia runs out to Julia's car. Alexa comes over and asks why she's going. Claudia is crying and says she has to go.

Hotel room
Bailey wakes up to find Tracy getting dressed. She has an early meeting. She says thanks. He was amazing. He agrees. He wonders about later. She tells him to order some breakfast, she's expensing the room. She leaves.

Grant High School
Charlie is waiting to go into see the principal when first Myra, then her mother come out of the office. Neither one speaks to him. The principal calls Charlie in. He has a thought. He wonders what would happen if Myra worked for her mother after school. She'd get some self-esteem, some extra spending money and could spend some time with her mother. Mary Ann Grey, the principal, stops him. She has to ask him some questions. Did Myra ever show him her diary? No. Did she ever discuss her feelings with Charlie, after school, or when they were spending extra time together? Charlie doesn't understand what the questions are about. Where did Myra sleep when she spent the night? On the couch. Did he have a conversation with Myra about birth control? Whether or not he found her attractive. No, he picked her up at the drugstore. He wants to know if she's accusing him of something. Miss Grey isn't, but Myra's mother is. She thinks that his relationship with Myra has become inappropriate. She thinks it's become sexual and Myra isn't denying it. Charlie is shocked. What is Myra saying? Just that she's upset and she doesn't want to get into it. Charlie doesn't know what to say. He's sitting there in shock. He can't believe that Mrs. Wringler said he had been sexual with her daughter. All he tried to do was help and clearly Myra is a very mixed up girl. He begs Mary Ann to tell him that she doesn't believe the allegations. It doesn't matter what she believes.

Claudia's bedroom
Julia comes in to check on Claudia who has told everyone she isn't feeling well. Claudia is huddled under the covers with her back to the door. Julia asks if she's had lunch yet. She isn't hungry. Julia checks her forehead, she's a little hot. She asks Claud if she's been drinking. Claudia says no, just that she's sick. Julia says she'll let her sleep. If she needs anything, she should just holler.

The Shed
Griffin is working on a bike when Daphne comes in. So, he got an eyeful the other night. She wishes that she didn't have to do it. Griffin says that she doesn't have to explain anything to him. It isn't like she hasn't tried to find another job, but she's good at this one and the money is so amazing. It's rent and food and more time with Diana. Griffin stops her. She's just…she's not proud. Griffin tells her that she doesn't have to say anything to him. He's the creepy guy that was in there in the first place, second of all, people do what they have to do. Who is he to judge? Third, he thought she looked good. Way better than the kinky cop girl or the red-head with the silicone job. Make no mistake, she owned the stage. She thanks him.

Will is playing some virtual bowling game while Bailey tries to talk to him. Bay figures that if Will's parents want him out, then he can come live at their house. Will is excited. Is there room? In the basement. Will thinks it's very cool. Bay thinks it's a good thing for him too. If Will had to quit now he would have missed the Holy Vengeance tour. Bay can't believe he's leaving again. If Will goes in the morning he'll only miss one show. Will turns back to the bowling.

(Tori writes that she recognizes the arcade, and Bailey and Will were at Metreon in San Francisco playing HyperBowl.)

Stilman Press
Julia is trying to work on the book, but Evan's thoughts are elsewhere. He interrupts her. He needs to say something about the night before. She points out that the door is open, it might not be a good time. Evan gets up and calls his receptionist. He would like her to book him a table for two at Auberge, with flowers on the table…roses. He tells her it isn't for business…it's for him and Julia. Evan hangs up and instantly you can see the people in the office start to talk. Evan goes over to sit next to her on the couch and resumes talking about the book. She smiles at him and leans her head on his shoulder.

Doctor's office
Kirsten has had the embryos implanted. The doctor comes in and tells her that she looks great. She's fine, except for the waiting. He tells her to relax. She asks again if Charlie called. He wonders if she wants something to read. She just wants him to check the messages again.

Tracy comes to find Bailey at the bar. He calls her at eleven at night, so, what's up? He asks if he dragged her away from anything. No, she just never expected him to call unless he lost his wallet or something. He tells her that she should work on her self-esteem. She thinks he should tell Franklin. The man spends his life breaking her down. Bailey wonders who Franklin is. Her husband, certainly he figured out that she was married. Why else would she have gotten them a room, given him her pager number? What did he think? Bailey doesn't know. Well, now he knows. She asks about his day.


I have to admit that I have often thought the one story they have never played on this show is the rape storyline. Unfortunately, like Bailey's alcoholism, Julia's abusive relationship and a host of other problems suffered by the family this is all to common an occurrence. I think this will be a very powerful story arc as Claudia, who has always been very self-sufficient, deals with feelings of shame and powerlessness. I'm confident that this new plot area will be dealt with in the same comprehensive, sensitive nature that so many other plots have done.

I am really glad Bailey didn't drink. He deserves to be sober for more reasons than Sarah. His family, his business, even himself, they all deserve him to retain his sobriety. Only Bailey would be so clueless about the married woman. He's just such a good guy, he probably wouldn't do such a thing, so he assumes the rest of the world is as straight-forward. The look of shock when Tracy matter of factly announces she's married is priceless.

So, Evan and Julia are going public. I thought that her argument that he wasn't happy with the relationship if he cared what people thought was a good one. If they really do care about one another, it shouldn't matter what everybody else thinks. Personally, I was hoping for the big scene where Charlie explodes and yells, "You're old be her uncle!" Oh well, maybe next time. I did think the scene with his office was stupid. First of all, any assistant worth her salt would wait a few minutes, drag her friend to the ladies room or the coffee room and tell her there. I wouldn't hire anyone who was so blatant about it!

Good to see some of the supporting characters again. I continue to like Victor very much. I think Will moving in is a great idea, although I don't remember any room in the basement besides the little room with the washer/dryer, Charlie's treadmill and their storage. Oh well...I guess there's always room for one more!

Also not surprising at all that Daphne went back to stripping. It would have to be very hard to turn down the money. Good follow through to have Griffin run into her there. Two years ago we saw Griffin and Julia have a big fight over his love of the strip club. It is pretty unlikely that he would have given it up.

Finally, there is the complex life of Charlie and Kirsten. I think Kirsten put it best when she commented on the irony of them working so hard to have a child when there was this other child (Myra) whose mother didn't seem to want her at all. Unfortunately, that is all too often true. Charlie has worked very hard to be a friend to Myra and now that is all exploding in his face. It's very difficult to be in one of these situations where legally one is required to report what might be an unsafe situation for a child. Charlie can't predict what might happen to Myra, that she could be taken out of her home, because he is only capable of dealing with what he does know...that Myra's mother is not taking care of her the way that she needs to be.

A solid episode and we continue to be on a good start to the new season.

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