Season 6, Episode 9: The Ties that Bind

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Written by: Robin Schiff & Mimi Schmir
Directed by: Lou Antonio
Edited by: Dana Devorzon

Co-starring Alice Carter as Dr. Yang, Adam Donshik as John, Chad McCord as Bob, Chariesse Lavelle as cop

Transcribed by Rachel

Julia has put together some figures for the rest of the family so they can see how they can use their shares of the profit from the restaurant to pay for Griffin's surgery. Bailey and Will come into the kitchen carrying boxes. Bailey apologizes for being late. He was helping Will move his stuff in. Will asks about Griffin. Julia says he's doing much better, but they don't know about his hand yet. Will takes his things and heads for the basement. Bailey picks up the hospital bill. They are all pretty surprised to see how much it is. Charlie asks if the share from the restaurant is down a little bit. Bay comments that it's holiday time, it'll be back soon. Julia thinks they can each give up 1/3 of their share for the next 15 months. That's how long the hospital will give them. Julia says she will give up her full share when they are done and pay all of them back. Everyone agrees that she doesn't have to do that since they all decided together to pay the bill. Bay thinks they can swing it. They can put off some work on the house. Kirsten says they can put off the project she and Charlie have been working on. Bailey has some bonds he can sell and Claudia offers her college money. Julia doesn't want any of them to give up their money, they will all just chip in the same. She feels really bad about making them all get into this. Bailey points out that Griffin is all of their friends. Kirsten doesn't think it will be that hard to take 30% off their monthly budget.


The doctor is working with Griffin to see what he can feel in his hand. He doesn't have much sensation. Julia asks what that means. The doctor says that they had to replace a nerve in the surgery so it will take some time for him to regain the feeling and use of his hand. Julia asks what they should do now. The doctor recommends an ENG, but says they can hold off and wait until Griffin is an out-patient. Julia asks why they would hold off. Because of his insurance situation. Julia tells her to go ahead. Griffin asks who is going to pay for it. Julia tells him not to worry about it. She follows the doctor out of the room asking about occupational therapy. The sooner he starts, the better.

Will is telling Bailey about a "Welcome to the 49ers" party being thrown for the new interns. He wants Bailey to go with him. Bay asks if Will has noticed that he's selling his blender. Will can't believe that Bay would give up an opportunity like this because of a couple of bucks for parking. Bay isn't in the mood. Will tries to change his mind. This is rubbing elbows with NFL greatness, actual assistant coaches, equipment managers and groundskeepers. This is why he moved on from the wrestling business. Bay still isn't interested. Will points out that there will be female interns there as well. This has no effect on him? Bay tells him to shut up and put on some pants (he's wearing his boxers). Bailey's sisters live in the house too. Will can't, all of his clothes are dirty. Bay reminds him that he lives in a laundry room. Bay thinks all of the hound dog stuff is boring to him. Will hears his alien language, but it's all just bleeps and clicks to him. How can Bailey find it boring? Bay just wants to be spared the bother. Will realizes that it's all about Holly. Bay is in pain. Bay asks him again to go put some clothes on.

Yogurt shop
Charlie and Kirsten are getting dessert while Charlie discusses why he doesn't want them to tell his family about the fertility treatment. They would all want to help and that would just make them tighten their belts even further. He doesn't want to burden them that way. Kirsten doesn't either, but they don't have the money. She thinks they should take a break, a year or so off. Charlie thought she wanted a baby. She does, but the time would give her the chance to take the job that she wants and he could spend some time drafting. Charlie points out that she's already five days into her cycle. They've spent hundreds of dollars on drugs, they have to continue. Kirsten tells him he will have to cut everything out of their budget. They get their bill for the yogurt. It's $6.50. Charlie announces it's their last hurrah while Kirsten fills their pockets with napkins and Sweet 'n' Low.

Bailey is having a rummage sale. Holly shows up and asks him how much a large frame costs. He asks what she is doing there. She has a date with John, but he's late. Bay tells her the frame is $75. It has sentimental value. Holly asks why he needs the money, does he plan to but a wide screen TV? He tells her that it's to pay for a friend's operation. She feels very bad. She wonders if there is a hole she can crawl into. Bay tells her to ask her boyfriend. Holly tells him that he isn't her boyfriend. She says again that she feels really bad. She asks if he has to be so angry. He does. He really liked her and for no good reason she threw that way. She tries to say something, but he says he doesn't want to waste his time.

Ross' apartment
Claudia shows up at the apartment of Ross, her old violin instructor. He's working with a young, talented student, but he's very pleased to see Claudia. She has been thinking about it and she would like to play again. She really misses her music. She wonders if he has any open slots. She can't pay him much now. He says he can give her some lessons on credit. She asks what he has today. He's surprised at her urgency. He had meant to go to Tess' ballet class, but he agrees to do the lesson. He asks what the rush is, doesn't she have school? She says it's a free period.

Bailey answers the door. He's been working out and is very sweaty. It's Holly. She called the hospital and talked to several doctors and she thinks she can get Griffin into a really good therapy program. Bay thanks her. She wonders if she shouldn't have done that. He wonders why she is there, she could have just called him. She tried, but obviously he wants to play games. She wanted to see him. Is he satisfied? No, he wants her to say she's sorry for judging his whole life based on one incident. She's sorry. Now she should say she'll see again. She will. Soon. No, she'll see him when she can. He tells her to wear the same skirt she wore before. She agrees.

Daphne comes in with a large bouquet of white lilies. She got them from Victor's uncle's funeral parlor. Griffin thanks her. She apologizes for what she did to him. He tells her not to be, the cops told him what happened. She continues, saying that she had no reason to be on the bike. Griffin says she doesn't owe him an explanation. She offers to treat him to a real healing place like Calistoga after he's released. He isn't sure. She tells him that she understands that they aren't together. He asks who is paying for the hospital. She says that she doesn't know. He pushes her further. She tells him that the Salingers are. Griffin pulls his IV out and gets out of bed. Daphne tries to stop him, but he goes anyway.

Griffin's apartment
Griffin is trying to open his TV dinner with one hand when Julia shows up. He lets her in. She understands that he didn't want to stay in the hospital, but he should have said something to someone. He's putting his whole recovery at risk. Griffin can't believe that she's mad that he didn't call and tell her that he was coming home from the hospital. She didn't even let him know that she was paying for him. He was in trouble... He says that they should have sent him to County, they would have fixed him for free. Julia wanted the better surgeons to work on his hand. Griffin doesn't care, it wasn't her decision to make and now he owes a fortune. He's not going to let them pay for him. Julia tries to get him to go back to the hospital. His hand could be infected, he has to let the doctor check it. He's not going back to that doctor because every time he does it costs him money that he doesn't have. Why is she doing this? There is no reason for her to pay for him, so all the money is his to pay back. That's going to take a couple of years, but he'll pay it all back.

Living Room
Claudia is trying to play, but she keeps getting distracted. Ross thinks is sounds much better. He asks how much she's been practicing. She practiced for 5 or 6 hours the night before, but her fingering still feels all wrong. She feels like she's under water. Ross tells her to relax her bow arm. She tries again, but stops. Ross reminds her that she has just started playing again and she'll have to relearn a few things. She doesn't have the time. She signed up for the Bauer. Ross reminds her it's a serious competition. She knows, so they should get back to work.

Bailey is leading Holly blindfolded down a long hallway. He stops her and then turns on some music. She pulls off the blindfold to reveal 3Com Park. Bailey has set up a picnic for them in the middle of the football field. She is shocked. How did he rent a stadium for her? Last week he was selling his belongings for pocket change. He tells her that he owns a restaurant and his friend works for the team. She wants to at least pay for the food. He won't let her, he doesn't know what brought her to him, but he wants to show her how much she means to him. He's not going to waste the chances that he's got. Suddenly the sprinklers go off and soak them. She comments that dinner is getting ruined. He doesn't care, so they dance around like fools in the rain.

Charlie and Kirsten's apartment
Charlie and Kirsten are sitting in their coats with candles lit in their apartment. He's maxed out their credit cards and emptied the bank account and they still don't have enough money. Charlie has another idea. He remembered a conversation he overheard in the waiting room. There's a place where you can buy all the drugs for really cheap. A guy has made a deal with various nurses at different clinics. They sell him the drugs of people who get pregnant and don't need the rest and then he sells them for about half of what the clinic does. Kirsten doesn't know. Charlie acknowledges that it's a teeny bit illegal, but it's a way to even the playing field a little bit. Kirsten points out they could go to jail. Charlie says that they are buying hormones, not heroin. She wonders if they are that desperate. They are dining on unidentified five month old frozen food, with the lights and heat off...yes, they are.

The Shed
Griffin is trying to work on a bike, but it is nearly impossible with one hand. He hits his hand and then the bike tips over. He kicks it in frustration.

Locker room
Bailey tries to warm up Holly with a towel. She's freezing. He puts her under the hot shower so she can warm up. She pulls him in too. They stand close while they warm up. She leans in and kisses him. They begin to kiss more deeply. She pulls her shirt off and he removes his as well. They kiss again.

Holly's apartment
Bailey and Holly are in bed. He asks if she's okay. She is, she's great, fantastic. He needs to know that this never happens, she never does this. What? Have sex? No, have sex twenty times on the first date. Bay corrects her, it is their second date and it hasn't been 20 times. He keeps saying that their relationship is destiny or fate but she doesn't believe in that. She believes that two people meet and fall for each other for very specific reasons. Bay tells her that they can take their time and have fun and find the reasons. Yeah, but he has her thinking that maybe she's wrong. She's feeling all sorts of stuff and it's intense and she doesn't seem to be needing any reasons. It's going very fast and it's scary. She's afraid that she botched that, but Bay tells her she did just fine.

Griffin is sitting in a bar drinking. He goes to call him mom. He already tried to talk to his dad, but he's in Germany. He isn't going to lean on the Salingers anymore. He realizes that she is working, but he just needs a place to stay for a couple of weeks. He tells her not to worry about him. He always turns out okay. He tells her that he misses her and then hangs up.

Bauer competition
Claudia is in the wings listening to the contestant before her. Claudia wants to rehearse again. Ross tells her there isn't time. She's going to do fine. She's playing much better than he had expected. Claudia doesn't think she can play well enough to win. She won't even place in the top three. Ross tells her to relax.

Holly's apartment
Holly and Bailey are watching an old Brando movie. The doorbell rings and she goes to answer it. It's John. Holly talks to him. He wants to know what's going on, is she into this person? Holly doesn't say, but she blushes. Bailey stands at the bedroom door, hidden, listening to them talk. John knows that she slept with the other guy. Is it serious? She doesn't know, but she could be falling in love with him. He tells her to call him when she's ready, but he won't hold his breath. She comes back into the bedroom and says it was her crazy neighbor looking for her cat. They start watching the movie again.

Charlie and Kirsten are in a bad-looking neighborhood. They go into a store after making sure it's the right address. Kirsten isn't sure, but Charlie tells her that they can always leave. A guy comes out of the back. They're looking for Bob, Mark called about them? He has them come into the back room. He asks to see her prescription. Kirsten asks if he's a pharmacist. He isn't, but he needs to see her dosage. He goes to a refrigerator. Charlie asks why they keep them in there. Bob says that it keeps the drugs a lot fresher. He and his wife went through the infertility too. It's all about money. He gives Kirsten the drugs and asks for $600.

Bauer Competition
Claudia won't go on. Ross tries to dissuade her, but she realizes that she will never be as competitive as she would have been. He doesn't understand why it suddenly matters so much. He told her that she would play Carnegie Hall someday. Ross thinks she would have, but she made a decision and as much as he was disappointed, he thinks it was a good one. She wanted to be a kid, a normal kid and she got that. She got to stay young. She leaves.

Charlie doesn't think it was that bad. Kirsten looks more carefully at the medication. He gave them expired hormones. They can't use them. The door is locked and the guy is gone. They were totally ripped off. Kirsten turns to see a cop booting their truck. Charlie asks if she can't just give him a ticket instead of the boot. She would, but he has several outstanding tickets. He starts to tell her that he just lost the last of his money, but thinks better of it. He asks her again to not do it, but she gives him the ticket anyway.

The Shed
Julia comes in. She knows that Griffin is still mad at her, but she wants to help him change his dressing. She asks what he's doing. He's moving out of the shed. He can't work, so he can't pay the rent, so he has to move out. She understands, he can pay them later. He disagrees. He's taken out an ad to sell his stuff. They can just keep the rest of his month's rent and take it out of what he owes them. She says that they aren't a bank. Griffin is going to leave town for a while. She tells him to stop. He's talking like this is a business relationship, that they were some strangers who decided to pitch in for no reason. She's sorry, but that isn't the case. He had no reason to help her sister when she was unhappy at boarding school, or to help her with Ned. It's too late to say he isn't part of their family because if he didn't want them to take care of him, he shouldn't have done it first.

Holly's apartment
She thinks Bailey has been quiet suddenly. He was just really into the movie. She wonders if she freaked him about with her feelings about him. He says that he isn't. She can take things slow if he wants. He tells her that it's okay, he loved what she said. She can't believe what he's done to her. She used to be such a cool, detached Brit. Bay's phone calls. It's Charlie. He's sorry, but he needs Bay's credit card to get the boot off the truck. Bay says he'll be right there. Charlie tells him he doesn't want to come, but Bay uses it as an excuse to leave Holly. He apologizes for having to leave. She is going to go with him, but he tells her to just stay and he'll call her when he's done. It's kind of late. He'll call her tomorrow. He asks if that's okay. She says it's fine.

Police Station
Bailey is happy to hear they were spending their money trying to have a baby. That's exactly why he got the savings bonds. Charlie believes him, but that's the whole point, they didn't want to make it their problem. Bailey points out that he isn't his problem...he's his brother. Charlie tells him that they aren't going to have this conversation. Kirsten backs him up. She doesn't want to talk about it. Bay goes to get the car. Kirsten tells him that they will eventually do it. He hopes so, he really wants it. She does too, but on his birthday he said that he trusted fate. Maybe this is fate telling them that they should do some stuff for themselves first. They aren't supposed to know what to expect.

Living room
Ross comes to find Claudia. He's been trying to call her. He knows what it's like to have been the best for a while and have that change. There are a lot of great things she can do with her music. She can be in chamber groups or teach. That isn't what she wants. He doesn't understand what it meant to have something that she could completely count on, that if she practiced she could win. If she can't be that way, she doesn't want to play.

3Com Park
Will doesn't understand. The problem with Holly is that there is no problem. Doesn't she have a boyfriend? Bay tells him that they broke up. He likes her, she likes him and dumped her brother to be with him. Bailey tells him that he just broke up with Sarah a month ago and now he has met this amazing person. Will thinks that he had too much sex in a previous life and Bailey was a nun. Bay stops him. There is nothing that makes him think that the relationship could go south. He doesn't see anything that could break them up. He's a couple of dates and some pillow talk away from commitment. Will asks if he has some choice in the matter. Bailey could, but he doesn't think he wants to. He asks Will to tell him more about the stadium. Will starts to do so, but Bay pulls out his phone and calls Holly. Will just smiles.

The Backyard
Griffin comes to find Julia. He's worked it all out. He doesn't want to keep working in the shed. He has a buddy he can go work with. He's going to pay them $300 a month, more when he goes back full-time. When his hand is better he'll work on the house for them. He doesn't want to be a burden. He can't explain it, but asking for their help...he would rather ask anyone else, his parents, a stranger, anyone. She doesn't understand why. They want to help him, so much. That's why. He's not very good at saying this's not that he isn't thankful, he is. He really is. She hugs him as Daphne watches through the kitchen window.


This one didn't really work for me. It had a couple of moments, but the holes were so gaping that they were hard to ignore.

First of all, why in the world are Kirsten and Charlie working so hard to have a baby? They have a one year old daughter that we never even see. I sure hope they didn't have her in the apartment when they had the lights and heat off. Just love and parent the child you do have...worry about the next baby later!

Secondly, the money stuff. The shares in the restaurant answered a question I've had about how the family bought the restaurant and whether or not Bailey was the sole proprietor or not. Of course they should use that money for the bill...why would they even dream of using Claudia's college money? I'm not sure why Charlie and Kirsten are relying so heavily on it since they both work, but I guess that's TV.

Claudia's return and departure again from music seemed a little trite. First of all, we heard several weeks ago that Derek was taking pictures of her in orchestra, so it's not like she completely stopped playing the violin. I also don't get why she was so unrealistic in her expectations. It could have worked, but it all felt so forced. It was nice to see Ross around again, though.

Poor Griffin...the guy just can't catch a break, ever. I understand his frustration at not being able to decide for himself about the surgery, but he was unconscious when they made the decision. If I was Julia I would have told him to not jeopardize the expensive surgery that had already been done by messing around and not doing the therapy. The only way he'll be able to pay them back is if he recovers.

I still like Holly and I appreciate Bailey's concern at finding her so soon after Sarah. I really wonder if he would have been able to start a relationship so soon...but whatever.

Owen, Diana and Victor were missing in action again. Will was a welcome comedic influence as usual. It was too bad to head into a hiatus on this somewhat lame effort.

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