Quotes from Don't Let Go

"They will not get married in that backyard, because first of all, that backyard is rotten luck for weddings. Charlie, Julia, am I right? And, second of all, hopefully, this is the last wedding you are ever going to need, and if that's what it is, isn't that how it should feel?" -Bailey

"He's a little bit off. That airline beef bourguignon just kind of boggs him down. But he just finished saying how happy he is. He did!" -Ellie

"Ah, weddings. They're stressful for everybody." -Joe

"Non-fiction... paperback... book?" -Julia

"You think, like, Manilius read Caeser's horoscope without a few practice charts first? No. Do you think a Mandarin healer just starts sticking needles into people like, right away?" -Daphne

"This is the home you've made for my child? An out-of-wedlock child with a woman I wouldn't trust with my houseplants?" -Gene

"The lucky couple. Is that you?" -priest
"What? Oh. Oh, no. It's my brother and his fiancé." -Bailey
"But someday. Someday, maybe, I hope." -Sarah

"If you love me enough to ask, then I should love you enough to say yes." -Sarah

"Ever since they died, for almost six years now, our family... we've been this thing... this thing, that we weren't even sure what it should be. But when all of us pull together... I don't know. It was good." -Bailey

"There is no bad luck for us anymore, OK? There's no accidents and no mistakes. 'Cause what we're doin' right now, it wipes that all away. I mean, everything that's ever happened -- the breaking up, the cancer, Paul, your parents, whatever...I mean, it all brought us right here. And this is where I've belonged my whole life -- right here." -Charlie

"You know, I really don't want to hear that this whole thing, this new girl, this dancing guitar with lips, was just because we don't have sex, Cody." -Claudia

"So I sat in a quiet place and I tuned out the world and I tried really hard to listen to the inner, you know, Julia, and she was like 'Get real, you fool. It's a book -- how often is that gonna come along?'" -Julia
"She sounds pretty sure of herself." -Griffin
"Yeah, she is. I wish she was here more often." -Julia
"Don't worry. She's here. She was all over me for, like, a year." -Griffin

"Your tie is crooked. I'm not even going to ask you if you got the rings." -Charlie to Bailey

"Y'know, someone said there's a really great view of the cove from behind that tent." -Bailey
"Yeah? You wanna show me?" -Sarah
"God, I love weddings." -Bailey

"I don't know if they're listening, cause we changed the location many, many, many times, but I hope Mom and Dad are out there. I want them to know a few things. A lot of you worried when they left that maybe things wouldn't turn out alright, that maybe we'd learn the wrong lessons from losing them, that we'd be so scared from losing them that we'd never attach ourselves to anything again, including each other. I can't speak for everyone, but I know what I learned. When something is important to you, you grab on with both hands and you don't even think about letting go. Letting go is not even an option. And I can't forget that now, because Kirsten, my wife (there's a concept) wouldn't be my wife for any other reason. So, I don't know what's next for us after this, but I know that I don't have to worry. Because my parents left me the secret to life. Mom and Dad, we never let go. And I don't believe we ever will." -Charlie

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