Quotes from Dog Day After New Year

Julia to Bailey: "You're gonna meet the entire family, which in girlspeak is commitment with a capital C."

Griffin to Julia: "Just see if this sounds familiar. The only way to be sure you don't get this is not to try."

Bailey: "Thurber's been kinda lying around lately."
Claudia: "As opposed to what?"

Claudia: "I'm just over it - high school - you know, all the standard stuff you're supposed to go through, finding yourself and the cliques and gossip. And I'm just done with it."
Bailey: "But why haven't we talked about any of this?"
Claudia: "We just did."

Griffin to Julia: "The truth is, I could use this too. I mean, otherwise what am I doing on New Year's Eve except for sitting on my sorry self-pitying ass thinking of ways to pop a beer with my one good hand?"

Holly: "Do you want me to want you to not see anyone else? Because I think that I want you to want me to not see anyone else."
Bailey: "That's a good question. A necessary question, at some point, for us to answer."

Aunt Lydia: "Bradford, this is Barry Salinger, Holly's boyfriend."
Bailey: "Bailey Salinger. It's nice to meet you, congratulations."
Aunt Lydia: "This is Barry Salinger, Holly's fiance."
Bailey: "It's Bailey, and we're not engaged yet, note even close yet, I think maybe..."
Aunt Lydia: "This is Bailey Salinger, Holly's husband. Did I get it right?"
Bailey: "Close enough."

Julia: "Mine has to be different. I mean, mine is mine."
Elaine: "That may be, but it doesn't matter. You wrote a nice book, you just - you missed your moment."

Holly to Bailey: "You just stood there holding that stupid bouquet like it was a grenade about to explode in your face."

Bailey to Thurber: "Hey, Thurbs, you're being such a good boy, yes you are, you're being such a brave puppy."

Claudia: "He's only six. Why can't we spare him this? Why does everything bad that happens have to be put out in the open?"
Bailey: "Claud, what are you talking about?"
Claudia: "Why can't we just let him be young a little bit longer?"
Bailey: "Look, I understand. But think about this - Owen has a chance to say goodbye, and no one should miss that chance, don't you think?"

Owen: "This is so sad. It just makes me wish he was here."
Bailey: "Hey, who says he's not here, O."
Owen: "Bailey, you're holding his ashes."
Charlie: "Who says you can't still see him? You know, like in your head?"
Julia: "Yeah. I see him eating that family's picnic over there."
Kirsten: "I see him peeing all over that wall."
Bailey: "What about that rope toy he loved? We'd spend half of every afternoon trying to figure out where he hid that thing - over by that tree, behind those bushes.... So where should we spread him then? Maybe this isn't the spot."
Owen: "How about everywhere?"

Julia: "You know, this might be the first time Thurber's dumped and we haven't gotten a ticket."

Charlie: "I need what I do, I need it to be about the future, okay. I don't have any more time to be moving sideways."

Bailey: "I wanna be with you. I don't wanna know what the future is yet."
Holly: "So, I'll see you. Whenever."

Bailey: "Come on guys - it was one millennium. There'll be others."

Julia: "Who said we missed it, really?"
Claudia: "I don't know. The clock?"

Julia: "Who says the world can decide that for me? What my moment should be? I mean, who says we can't all decide for ourselves?"
Claudia: "You wanna wake up Dick Clark? Raise that ball again?"
Charlie: "You know what? Julia's right."
Claudia: "Oh, accept it, you guys. Y2K - not a Salinger holiday."
Charlie: "Then, you know what I say? I say - ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! Happy New Year!"

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