Quotes from Fear and Loathing

Victor: "You gave some boy your shoes?"
Owen: "It was more like 'Give me your shoes or I'll beat your face in.'"

Holly to Bailey: "What if we just threw caution to the wind and spent two whole nights together?"

Bailey to Holly: "This whole sexual desperation thing - why would I want to lose that?"

Laura: "A guy I dated freshman year tried to get tough with me once too."
Julia: "Yeah, what'd you?"
Laura: "Oh, I fractured his larynx. I'm a third degree black belt."
Julia: "Oh, good for you."

Laura to Justin (about Julia): "She is really great!"
Julia: "How can you tell? I'm not even conscious yet."

Victor: "Let's get Bailey and go bowling."
Owen: "Who cares about bowling? I wanna learn how to do that wrist thing!"

Justin to Julia (about Laura): "She's a force of nature. I mean, just being around her is like being on a drug."

Charlie: "Daph, this never happens, okay? I've just been so exhausted trying to figure out this problem at work."
Daphne: "Yeah, I know. Stuff happens - even to responsible parents."

Victor: "Violence is always the last resort. You use your words and you use them again. And then and only then do..."
Owen: "Can you show me a flying scissor lock?"
Victor: "Excuse me?"
Owen: "Will and I saw the Asian Assassin do it on the wrestling deathmatch. Just in case my words don't work."

Holly to Bailey: "I'm going to leave before I say something that I don't regret."

Julia: "Claudia, talk to me. Tell me what I can do, and I'll do it."
Claudia: "Can you travel back in time and stop me from going into that room with Derek? Can you do that, Julia?"
Julia: "No, I can't."
Claudia: "Then you can't help me."

Charlie: "Actually, Kirsten could probably use a good night's sleep tonight, so, uh, would you and Daphne mind taking her overnight?"
Luke: "You sure you're OK with that?"
Charlie: "Yeah."

Bailey: "I've been scared, Holly. That's all. I've been scared of losing you. Which is harder for me than it is for some other people for a lot of reasons, but especially because - let's face it, I'm just getting over the last relationship that I lost."
Holly: "Yeah, I've been aware of that."

Holly: "You're not over her."
Bailey: "I know, but I'm getting there, OK. Which is why I want us to do this."
Holly: "Do what? Have a rebound relationship to dull the pain?"

Holly: "Right now, I can't take this. You know, it's been stopping and starting for the last few weeks, and it's nobody's fault, but it's breaking my heart."
Bailey: "Holly."
Holly: "No, please don't. 'Cause there's nothing that I want more than to believe whatever it is that you're about to say."
Bailey: "We're breaking up, aren't we?"
Holly: "You need time. So take it. And when you're ready to fall for someone, really ready, I just hope that I'll still be around."

Claudia: "I feel like I don't really know anyone. I think I do, but I can't really trust my feelings. You know what I mean?"
Julia: "I know. You wanna tell me what happened?"
Claudia: "Yeah."

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