Quotes from Bad Behavior

Owen: "How come Bailey gets to wear the same clothes every day, but I can't?"
Victor: "Let's ponder that on our way to school, shall we?"

Will: "So, for those of us who are keeping score, and I am, have you slept in your own bed at all this week? I'm not judging, I'm jealous."
Bailey: "Why? I thought you and Deborah were, uh...."
Will: "Yeah, we're fine, we're just taking it slow. Responsibly, excrutiatingly, slow."

Will to Bailey: "What happened, Bailey? I thought this whole sex pirate thing wasn't hoisting your sail."

Charlie to Kirsten about Daphne: "She's like a sales genius, or a sales idiot savant."

Victor: "I think that Stan Ward doesn't want his son anywhere near Owen's gay nanny."
Bailey: "OK."
Victor: "Wait. Where are you going?"
Bailey: "I'm goin' over there and I'm gonna bring Owen back home."
Victor: "But, come on, Bailey. Owen's not gonna understand."
Bailey: "Good, I don't want him to understand. I just don't want him hangin' around those people."

"How long have you known Bailey?" -Deborah
"Pretty much my whole life, I guess." -Will
"I don't like him." -Deborah

"You learn how to trust your insticts...." -Todd
"I don't know if I can do that." -Claudia
"You can, believe me." -Todd

Joe to Will about Bailey: "See, speak of the devil - here he is."

Will: "Did you know she was a virgin, Bailey? Until last night. Did you know that?"
Bailey: "What? No way."

Charlie to Daphne: "It's really great that there's all these people here, but I'm just not sure that this is the image we want to project."

Claudia to Julia: "Where are my instincts, you know? 'Cause I used to have instincts."

Victor: "What? What did I do?"
Owen: "You're a faggot."
Victor: "What?"
Owen: "Hughly said you're a..."
Victor: "All right, you know what, can we not use that word again?"

Victor: "Do you even know what that word means?"
Owen: "No, but it's bad, Hughly said."
Victor: "What else did Hughly say?"
Owen: "He said you're gonna make me one too."

Victor: "Okay, um, the first thing you should know is, every single person in the world is different."
Owen: "Different, like how?"
Victor: "Okay, um, you know how some peoople like DC comics and some like Marvel?"
Owen: "Yeah. I like both."
Victor: "Right. And some like both. People like different things, which is not good or bad. It's just - what it is."

Victor: "I wasn't supposed to have that conversation with him."
Bailey: "I know, I just, I didn't know how to explain it to him, so I thought if I just got him out of there...."
Victor: "I'm not his parent, Bailey. He needed to talk about this. Look, I know you have a lot on your mind right now, but the thing is if my being here with Owen is making it easier for you not to be, then, I don't know, I wonder if I should even be here. I wonder if I should leave."
Bailey: "Victor."
Victor: "Look, don't get me wrong, okay. I care about Owen a lot, and I know that he cares about me. But you're the one he needs."

Julia: "You might be able to stay here."
Adam: "Not according to president Winship whose shoes I am digesting... backwards."

Bailey to Owen: "I want you to know one thing will never change, and that's how important you are to me. Okay? I care about you more than anything else, anything in the world, and that'll never ever change."

Todd to Claudia: "When I saw you, I thought, man, you finally have a second chance with her - just don't blow it by being yourself."

Claudia to Todd: "Us band geeks, we have to stick together."

Adam: "Julia."
Julia: "What?"
Adam: "Tell them about your frigate."
Julia: "What frigate?"
Adam: "You know, the... what is it? The S.S. Spontaneous?"

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