Quotes from Declaration of Co-Dependence

Joe: "Me and computers... it's the only match worse than me and Frannie."

Evvie to Bailey: "They ought to call that the 13th step - the one you take out the door."

Bailey to Joe: "I have a beer or two -- that's all I want."

Evvie: "You don't seem, like, as hard core as the rest of those freaks, you know? You might even still like to have a good time."
Bailey: "I'm not really sure that we should be having this conversation."

Julia: "Candles, flowers... I thought you hated the Indigo Girls."
Adam: "No."
Julia: "And you're wearing the shirt!"
Adam: "What shirt?"
Julia: "The one that I said I liked. The 'your eyes are so blue' shirt."

Julia to Adam: "All kinds of things are best left unsaid."

Bailey: "She came here to ask if I would be her sponsor."
Joe: "You can't do that right? Now? Now that you're drinking?"
Bailey: "No."
Joe: "Yeah, so you told her that?"
Bailey: "No, of course not."
Joe: "Because you wouldn't want your friends down at AA to know that, right?"
Bailey: "No, it's not like it's some big secret. That's not what I'm saying."
Joe: "Right, no, right. But your brother and sisters know, right? Bailey?"
Bailey: "OK, well, the reason that I haven't said anything to anybody about it is because there's nothing to say. Because it's no big deal."
Joe: "Well, it might be to them."

Bailey to Joe: "I would think that you would understand my position, you know? How maybe it's best not to upset them with something that they wouldn't really understand."

Bailey: "Hi."
Evvie: "Print, copy or fax. I don't see a disk or document on you."

Wern to Charlie: "Last night I took out my family to eat. First time in six months. And if felt good, y'know, to not worry that I might lose my job. It felt good."

Evvie: "So tell me the truth. Does it ever get better? Or is this what I have to look forward to? Ten years sober and still feeling the way I do right now."
Bailey: "Evvie, come on. It's life. It's life. I mean, what do you want?"
Evvie: "I want to feel good. That's all. Is that so much?"
Bailey: "No, I don't think so. I hope not."

Julia: "You are so great, Adam. You're fun, and you're funny, and you're smart and you're... really you're... you're everything I need right now. You're a really great friend. And what you don't know is there's all kinds of reasons why I can't let it turn into... into more. I have these really bad boyfriend habits. I jump from one to the next really quickly, and all kinds of other things, but the main one being that if I let it turn into more and it goes badly like it did last night... I'm afraid to lose you. So I just... right now I don't want to take that risk."

Adam to Julia: "Here's a concept for you. Not every boy wants to marry you."

Gus to Charlie: "Beautiful furniture, Charlie - the stuff you're building. The crazy thing is people will think I'm the genius that made it all happen. When the best thing I can do is just get out of the way."

Joe: "I know you wanted to handle it, Bailey, but just for my own sake, to get it off my chest, I told them. Now you see why I'd want to do that, don't you?"
Bailey: "Good for you."

Julia to Bailey: "What is going on with you and what is this weird denial thing?"

Bailey: "Evvie, your meeting."
Evvie: "Will you stop being such a good influence on me? Let's go to my house. We'll watch 'Leaving Las Vegas.' It'll be just like a meeting, but much more fun."

Charlie: "What's that gonna mean for Diana? I mean, that's so far away."
Daphne: "Well, maybe not. Not if she comes with me."

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