Quotes from One for the Road

Adam: "I feel like I ate a small village."

Adam to Julia (about Justin & Laura): "They don't click. They don't riff off of each other."
Julia: "Riff off of each other? Who riffs off of each other?"
Adam: "Well, Justin and you."

Charlie: "I'm not tryin' to scare you, Daphne."
Daphne: "No, you're just trying to get your way, like always."

Daphne: "I want to take my daughter with me to Texas."
Charlie: "Well, I'm sorry, but that's not a decision you get to make. Not alone."
Daphne: "Are you saying that you'll try to stop me?"

Evvie to Bailey: "You had a few drinks, a few orgasms, and nobody died, right?"

Kirsten: "Think what this means. It means pretty soon you guys aren't speaking, except through a lawyer. It means suddenly you're not deciding what's best for your daughter, neither of you. Some judge will do that."
Charlie: "Kirsten, I have to protect myself, and Diana."
Kirsten: "You really think that this gives you protection? Daphne's the mother. And I don't care what a judge hears about her. If you think you're ever gonna win custody from her..."
Charlie: "I don't wanna win anything. I just wanna know what I can count on, that's it."

Kirsten: "You had a child with a woman who's not your wife. You had to know that this could happen someday. Like it or not, you created this situation. And if you don't wanna risk losing Diana, you better find some other way to deal with this."

Luke to Charlie: "She's not goin' with me, she's stayin' in San Francisco. She couldn't do it to you, or to Diana, I guess."

Bailey: "I don't know how much she had to drink so please hurry!"

Justin to Julia: "You tell me at my engagement party that I should think twice about getting married. I can't just forget that. Why would you say this now?"

Julia: "Put it out of your mind, OK?"
Justin: "Oh, OK, yeah, that's what I'll do. Thanks, Julia. Thanks a lot."

Evvie's sponsor to Bailey: "Are you insane? Evvie told me you have been sober for two years - two years of meetings. How could you do this?"

Charlie: "Sorry we're not ready yet. She got bogged down in a game of runaway diaper-girl."

Griffin to Julia: "You and Justin, you got this whole soul-mate thing going on."

Griffin: "When we were married, we had all kinds of problems: the money, the business, your family, us.... None of it scared me as much as he did."
Julia: "What, Justin?"
Griffin: "Yeah, that he'd show up one day and suddenly you'd realize that you should have been married to him instead of me."

Kirsten to Charlie: "Hey. What are you thinking about? Stupid question."

Daphne to Charlie: "I have been good. I have done everything you asked me to do. You asked me to move back to San Francisco and be a mom and I did that. You asked me to not be afraid to love her completely and I did that too. But now it's like, you did this horrible thing to me, Charlie. You showed me everything that I can have, and then, like, just when I'm about to have everything - everything that you have - a baby, and a person who loves me - you take that all away."

Daphne to Charlie: "You can't have it both ways, Charlie. You can't expect me to see everything that you have and pretend that it doesn't kill me that I can't have it too."

Bailey: "You wanna know what's real? This is what's real, Holly. People who have problems. That's what's real."
Holly: "Get out of my house now."

Charlie to Daphne: "It's weird in a way. I wanted it the most and I was the last one to see it. You're really her mom."

Charlie: "I want you to take her, Daph. I want you to go to Texas with Luke and I want you to take our girl."

Julia: "How am I supposed to feel? Am I supposed to feel hopeful because you met someone so maybe I will too, or am I supposed to feel sad because I'm losing one of the few people who ever made sense for me?"
Justin: "I get it."

Justin to Julia: "I'm afraid that there might be somebody else that I oughta be with. And you know if I was doing a list of who that might be, who do you think's number one?"

Charlie: "I don't know how to explain how long a month is, but it's not that long. You'll go night-night, and you'll wake up, and you'll do that again and again and again, and then... and then Daddy'll be there. Okay? Kirsten and I will be there and we'll be together again, and until then, we'll just... well, remember that I love you. Okay? I love you so much. And we'll talk on the phone every day. Okay? All right? I'll see you real soon. I love you."

Charlie: "Take care of them."
Luke: "I will."

Bailey: "I had a bad day so I had a couple of drinks. That's it. I'm not going to burst into flames."
Julia: "Bailey, what happened to you? How did that happen?"
Claudia: "Bailey."
Bailey: "Well, let's see, we had these parents. You remember? And then we didn't. And then suddenly, their whole life, their... their... their job and their baby and their house landed on me."
Julia: "Bailey, that's not..."
Bailey: "No no, I'm not... it's fine. I'm not complaining about it. If I've been behind the wheel for six years or whatever it's been, then maybe it's good that I pull over now and I get out and I strech my legs for a little while."
Claudia: "Bailey, I can't believe this."
Julia: "Listen to me. Whatever is wrong with you, Bailey - this has nothing to do with them. You know that. Don't blame Mom or Dad or anything else. This is the alcohol, Bailey. That's it."
Bailey: "Yeah, thank you for your help."

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