Quotes from Getting There

Kirsten to Charlie: "Every breakfast I lose I'm one toss closer to having our baby."

Bailey: "I should own more orange."

Holly: "She spent so much bloody time trying to find herself that it just gets her even more lost."
Bailey: "Right. But you're not saying that she should give up trying, are you? I mean, how else is she supposed to find the thing that she loves enough not to give up on?"

Charlie: "What's that?"
Bailey: "You know - one of those tests that tells you what you're good at."
Charlie: "Yeah, what does it say? What are gonna be when you grow up?"
Bailey: "According to this one, restaurant manager."

Will to Bailey about Griffin: "You know what? I love that guy and all but what does he have that I don't have, huh? A tattoo? An old limp? I can get those. Here, kick me, right here in the shin."

Adam to Julia: "It is always about the ending with you."

Adam to Julia: "The reason for doing it is doing it."

Charlie to Kirsten: "The life that I want is supposed to be something else. I mean, it's supposed to be spending time here with my pregnant wife. It's supposed to be spending time dreaming up new ideas of stuff to build and not finding new ways to finance some factory."

Griffin to woman at Salingers: "Look, I'm not gonna show you my ass, okay?"

Holly to Bailey: "I'm the one who's allegedly going somewhere and she's the one who's allegedly going nowhere, but she seems to be doing a helluva lot more dancing than me at the moment."

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