Quotes from Too Cool for School

Adam to Prof. Walker: "Who said everything has to mean something? I thought art meant not following rules."

Career Counselor to Bailey: "It doesn't matter what you've done. Without that piece of paper I can't even get you in the door."

Charlie: "It's a lot of money, but, I mean, that's why they have banks."
Kirsten: "It's just... I mean, it's huge."

Adam: "It's depressing watching my girlfriend turn into a drone."
Julia: "A drone? How am I a drone?"
Adam: "You are taking their crap as the gospel."

Bailey: "I just don't fit in here."
Holly: "Why not?"
Bailey: "They make me feel stupid."
Holly: "What?"
Bailey: "I'm not a great reader. I'm not a great writer. And everybody else here - they're like you. They can do this."

Prof. Walker: "It's good work - putting all of your effort into a big raised finger. You trying to say I shouldn't be teaching this class?"
Adam: "Nah. I just - maybe nobody should."

Charlie: "Can't we do something creative here? I mean, this deal is good, Mark. You know me."
Mark: "See, we're a bank, Charlie. Fiduciary officers, loan committees. Creativity's not really our thing."

Victor to Claudia: "If having no privacy is a condition of my employment, then you let me know. 'Cause maybe I shouldn't be working here anymore."

Adam to Julia: "You have all this talent. But you just - you slink around begging for scraps of approval. I mean, it's like your writing is not good until someone else says so. Maybe you're right. Maybe I could stand to commit to some things. But at least I commit to myself."

Bailey: "Two years ago you couldn't have paid me to slog through this thing."
Holly: "But now you've been out in the world."
Bailey: "Yes. Right. So it's not just ideas now. You know - there's stuff that I've done that makes this real."
Holly: "So, what does this mean? Does it change how you feel about college?"
Bailey: "I guess maybe I could give it a try. Maybe."

Julia: "We took a vote, and we want to put our shares of the restaurant in."
Charlie: "OK, look, that's very generous, you guys, but..."
Bailey: "No, it's not generous. It's smart."
Charlie: "It's a big risk, OK, to put all your money in."
Bailey: "Well, we think it would be riskier not to. Charlie, if we do this, then we would own a piece of your business, and we feel like it would be better to own a piece of something that's growing than a piece of something that's not."
Charlie: "This is Dad's restaurant. It's the family business. I mean, if something were to go wrong, and it easily could, and we were to lose that..."
Julia: "Yeah, we've thought about that. But you know what? The thing is, the family is different now. I mean, the family is us."
Claudia: "And maybe the family business could be different too."

Victor to Claudia: "Val's parents don't think that I want this, but I do, more than anything. I just wanna be a good father."

Adam's message to Julia: "Only one thing feels right in my life right now. That's you. And that is great, but I kinda need more. So I'll see you, OK?"

Charlie: "He said he would call when he has an answer."
Bailey: "Did he specify a year?"

Charlie: "It's mine."
Bailey: "Wait. What? He took the offer? Charlie, you did it! You did it man! What? What's wrong with you?"
Charlie: "I don't know. It's just - it's just so huge."

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