Quotes from Isn't It Romantic

Claudia: "Ross is a musician, you love music."
Victor: "Everyone loves music. Dogs and cats love music!"
Claudia: "You're the one always complaining about your love life."
Victor: "I am not. Alright, whatever. But that doesn't mean that I'm supposed to fall for the only other gay man that you happen to know in San Francisco!"

Victor: "He's not my type."
Claudia: "Why not? Why not? Victor, he's my best friend. He's smart, he's sweet...."
Victor: "Exactly. He's sweet. He's smart. He's smart and sweet, which, for me, it's, uh.. it's too sweet, it's too smart, you know?"

Victor: "Love just happens. You can't make it happen or set it up, because the minute you start doing that it's not love anymore, it's... work."

Bailey: "The only people who get caught doing this kind of thing are people who don't actually love each other."
Holly: "See? You're already being pressured into saying something that you probably don't mean."

Bailey to Holly: "No obligations. No promises. We'd just be married, is all."

Kirsten: "Oh, oh, you didn't have to get me roses."
Charlie: "Are you kidding me? After this morning I almost bought you a pony."
Kirsten: "Oh. So these aren't happy anniversary roses, these are don't be mad at me roses."

Julia: "I lost a year of my life, Ned. There is a year of my life that I am too scared to go back to and you did that. You took that from me, Ned!"

Will to Bailey: "So let me get this straight: you don't need a blood test to go fishing?"

Will to Bailey: "You gotta get new material, man. You gotta say to yourself, 'Let me get through one year without popping the question.'"

Ned to Julia: "I know I have problems. I know that. But I wasn't lying to you. I am actually trying. I saw a doctor - I'm seeing a doctor. And I made a promise. I'm not gonna be with anyone, anyone, until I know she's safe."

Ned: "How long until poeple stop looking at me like that?"
Julia: "I don't know."
Ned: "I just... I just want to feel... human."

Ross to Victor: "If I just sat around waiting for love to happen, I wouldn't have a daughter right now."

Julia to Claudia: "Bottom line is if I think it's ready, it's ready."

Claudia: "You're on a date with Ross."
Victor: "No. This is coffee."

Will: "You're my best friend, OK? And you've proven that to me again and again. I mean, last year with Hannah and then this year with letting me move in with you. The point is - this is my chance to give something back."
Bailey: "What's goin' on?"
Will: "Will you marry me, Holly?"

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