Quotes from Great Expectations

Bailey: "Hey, Will, down boy."

Kirsten to Charlie (re. crib): "It makes me nervous - that being here so early. I feel like we're tempting the gods or something."

Will: "Do you know what happens to us if we get caught? I can never run for elected office. Yeah, you realize that, right?"
Bailey: "Elected...? Will, can we worry about your political career after you move out of my basement?"

Julia: "Writing is hard enough, but writing about how other people wrote about writing just seems like so much writing."

Bailey: "Would you please tell him he doesn't need to know every single intimate detail of your life? I mean, next thing he's gonna be hunting through your underwear drawer."
Will: "Underwear drawer."
Holly: "Put it on the list."

Professor: "Message: don't get bogged down by rules and mores. Fly. Follow your urges. Listen to your hearts. That's the way to true prolific freedom and creative fulfillment. Not to mention a very hot love life."

Charlie: "You don't know a dowel from a spindle."
Bailey: "Okay, but I know a paycheck from a pink slip."

Adam: "What made you change your mind?"
Julia: "I want something to write about that's not other writers writing about other writers writing..."

Will: "Which side of the bed does she sleep on?"
Bailey: "Left."
Will: "Oh, which puts me on the right."
Bailey: "Actually, it puts me on the right."

Bailey: "You couldn't make something up for that one question? There's nothing of ours that's worth protecting to you?"
Holly: "We don't have time for this, Bailey. The interview's in three hours."
Bailey: "I know when the interview is. I've got it tattooed on my brain."
Holly: "Yeah, so let it go, please. You understand how much this matters to me, Bailey?"
Bailey: "Yeah, I understand. I understand that it matters to you more than anything."
Holly: "Meaning what? You?"
Bailey: "Yeah, that's how it feels."
Holly: "Well, then, maybe it's true."

Kirsten to Charlie: "She told me to just trust what should happen will happen, you know? Just have some faith."

Will to INS officer: "She kept telling me that she wasn't worried. That she believed in me. And the way that she said it, you know, the look in her eyes, I could see myself there, you know? And the me that I saw in her eyes - I never saw myself that way before. I mean, she made me feel like this guy that I so want to be."

Todd to Claudie: "Let's go for a ride. You're drivin'."

Julia: "I would love to be able to just pack up my bags and go with you, but my family..."
Adam: "I knew this would happen."
Julia: "They're going through all this stuff now."
Adam: "And they will be, forever. You don't owe it to them never to leave."
Julia: "No, I know that. Actually, this isn't about them needing me. This is about me needing them. They're so amazing, Adam - my family. I mean, they are all so brave. And I get stuff from them that I don't even realize half the time. Like being able to say this to you when I know that you think I'm taking a huge step backwards."
Adam: "No. No, I don't. Not as long as it's what you really want."

Holly to Bailey: "I was so proud of him. He actually made this guy believe that he was madly in love with me. Kinda had me going too."

Bailey to Holly: "You told me the truth. I should be grateful that you trust me to know it. I should be grateful for a lot of things."

Bailey to Owen: "Hey, you're gonna be an uncle again, bud!"

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