Quotes from Taboo or Not Taboo

Julia: "Claudia, look at me. I have been moping around in my sweats for, like, days. Because why? Why? Because Adam is gone. Because my man went away. I am not a role model."

Daphne: "Oh, hey? WHat do you think of Wipe-out?"
Kirsten: "Oh, that stuff's great. It gets rid of that poopy smell like that."
Daphne: "It's a song, Kirsten. It's a dance remake. It's been in all the clubs for weeks. And I thought it was a diaper pail deodorizer."

Will: "He hung up. They all do. That's my job now, I'm a professional disappointment to people. And my parents said I couldn't make a living that way."

Daphne: "Look at me! I'm helpless to stop myself. I'm going to go air-dry my baby pictures, okay?"

Phoebe to Julia: "Smile. Look like the hero you are."

Julia: "Justin. What are you doing here?"
Julia: "I broke up with Laura."

Kirsten: "Oh my God, she doesn't wait for the guy to make the first move, does she?"
Daphne: "No, that's our Ty, she's the original feminist."
Kirsten: "She's amazing. God, you guys are all just so..."
Friend #1: "Crazy?"
Dusty: "Slutty?"
Daphne: "Burnt out?"
Kirsten: "Free."
Daphne: "Oh, no, the poor little thing, she's all wacked on club soda.

Daphne: "Sometimes fear is a healthy emotion, Kirsten."

Phoebe: "If he breaks your heart with his selfishness, don't be sorry for breaking his face with your door."

Phoebe to Julia: "If you're so sure about being with this guy, then why do you have to do so much explaining?"

Will: "I tried so hard to stop this from happening, Bay, I did. First, I tried not to feel it, and when that didn't work, I tried not to move in, I tried not to be where I'd have to be tempted."
Bailey: "Tempted. What are you...?"
Will: "Look, it happens. Okay, you meet someone, you spend time with someone..."
Bailey: "Will, hold on, you're losing me here."
Will: "I would have ignored it, I would have just let it wear off but we are always together, you keep pushing us both together!"
Bailey: "Wait a minute. You're not saying... Will, come on."
Will: "I know. I know it's messed up, okay? But I didn't want it to happen."
Bailey: "But it did happen. Didn't it?"
Will: "Bailey, come on. You think I can control that?"
Bailey: "Of course you can, Will. You don't even think about something like that. You don't even consider it."
Will: "How? When my job is to study this woman like homework? How?"
Bailey: "You find a way. If you want to be somebody's friend, Will, you find a way."

Todd: "You know, for a really smart person you're not very smart sometimes."
Claudia: "What?"
Todd: "Claudia, the only thing I don't wanna miss is being with you. How could you not know that by now?"

Bailey: "Will, you got married. You stood in front of a judge and got married. And if they find out you lied about that, that's against the law. She could get deported and you could go to jail."
Will: "But there's gotta be a way out, I mean, given what's happening here."
Bailey: "I'm sorry. This is how it is, and we have to live with this now."
Will: "We?"
Bailey: "I'm sorry."

Julia: "The reason was that I really wanted it. And so I kinda feel like by giving in to that I must be weak. But maybe I've got it all backwards. I mean, maybe by taking what you want it's being strong."

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