Quotes from All's Well That Ends Well

Victor to Bailey not washing the dishes: "They get cleaner when you get them wet."

Griffin: "You know when you were talking just then?"
Julia: "Uh huh."
Griffin: "I had this weird thought. I actualy said to myself, 'Man, I really wish Justin were here.'"

Owen to Bailey: "Do I have to? I mean, are you just pretending to ask me but we're really going no matter what?"

Claudia: "I had sex."
Julia: "What?"
Claudia: "Yeah, I, um, had sex. I... had sex."
Julia: "Wow."

Julia: "Are you being safe?"
Claudia: "Julia, we're talking about Todd. The guy's so hygienic you could practically perform surgery in that bed."

Justin: "Their heads hit the ground and it sounds like coconut drums."

Daphne to Bailey: "Have a cheese-steak for me."

Charlie: "You're not picking up any, uh, spare change or keys are you? Because - and I mean this in a completely loving way - but my wife has been eating everything that's not locked down."

Doctor: "What can I say? He looks great."
Kirsten: "He. You mean that in a generic non-sex specific way. Right?" Charlie: "Kinda like how you refer to a ship as she."
Doctor: "No, kinda like how you refer to a baby with a penis."

Bailey: "What's going on? Is everything okay?"
Claudia: "What, I can't treat my brother to a nice lunch?"
Bailey: "Of course you can, you absolutely can. It's just in seventeen years, you haven't."

Bailey: "I thought you guys were getting engaged."
Julia: "Engaged? What are you, clueless? Justin just got separated a month ago."

Owen: "Hey, what about me? Who's gonna stay with me and Charlie if you all go?"

Bailey: "I'm always the one that backs down, Julia, I'm always the one that gets stuck here. I'm not giving in this time."

Bailey: "It's okay. I mean, no, obviously it's not okay, but it's how it is. We've had the chance to say that about a lot of things for a long time now, haven't we. It's not okay, it's just how it is."

Charlie: "We love each other. Doesn't that mean we got it right?"

Griffin: "That's kind of a weird thought though, huh? Someday I'm gonna have kids. Someday you're gonna have kids. They're not gonna be the same kids."
Julia: "No, but they'll know each other. They'll be friends. They'll know we loved each other... that we still love each other."

Charlie: "What do you say we go out with a bang?"

Julia: "What time is it?"
Claudia: "I don't know. I packed the alarm clock."

Julia: "Look how fast we grew."
Claudia: "Charlie, look, you're taller than dad."

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