Quotes from Bye, Bye, Love

"It was telemarketing. It was evil." -Daphne

"No offense, but the last thing I need is advice from the guy who grew up to be the shop teacher." -Myra

"You're gonna have to teach me, like, everything, because the only thing I know how to do is make long distance phone calls and steal office supplies." -Daphne

"Oh, neat, the 'I'm just an outsider like you' trick? Be careful, you might have to pierce your tongue to prove it to me." -Myra

"You're actually considering flying all the way to New York?" -Bailey
"I'm not considering it, Bailey. I already bought the ticket." -Sarah

"Families. Can't live with 'em, can't dispose of their limbs without drawing attention." -Isabel

"So, fine then, Julia, make sense of it. Just don't pile it all on Mom and Dad, okay? Maybe you should stop digging around in the past for all your answers and start looking for the ones that are right in front of you." -Bailey

"I am not the kind of person that can do the same thing every day and call that living. I can't be, I can't be..." -Daphne
"Like me?" -Kirsten

"I need to feel spontaneous, you know? Find my father if I can. Maybe even find out he's world famous circus acrobat, and I've been given a genetic predisposition to do triple somersaults. All right, that's just an example. I just need to feel twenty for a few days... to look at the world like I don't live in a three-bedroom house with a grand piano and a view of the bay. Like I don't have kind of a husband who goes to work every day and comes home where I'm waiting." -Sarah
"And that's what this trip is about?" -Bailey
"Yes. Everything that you think makes it foolish is kind of the point. It's like I left my ID, you know, my passport, in the middle of New York City, and I have to go and get it and bring it back home so that the two of us can go anywhere together. Please, I mean, that's not such a scary thought, is it?" -Sarah
"No." -Bailey

"Why do you think he cares about you guys so much? It's because Bailey needs stuff around him that doesn't change. Which is why he lives in this house still, and, let's face it, why he proposed. And why you should stay. He really needs you guys around, Julia." -Sarah

"Don't you be sad. You should smile. Smile. You show that to your father. If there's a heart in the man's chest, you will own it, believe me." -Bailey
"Alright. It's only five days and I will call you every minute 'til then." -Sarah
"You find what you're looking for, Sarah. Whatever it takes. And I'll be right here." -Bailey
"I love you, you know that." -Sarah
"I know it. I love you too." -Bailey

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