Quotes from Wrestling Demons

"So, we haven't been introduced yet. I'm Victor." -Victor
"That's okay. None of the nannies last more than a couple of days." -Owen
(Claudia and Bailey running around with the phone arguing.)
"Go figure." -Victor

"Watching somebody slowly undress is far more provacative than seeing them already naked." -Evan

"Wait a second, you left college to intern for wrestling?" -Bailey
"There it is! The exact expression my parents had when I told them." -Will

"If we could actually have our own, Charlie - we'd have to try, right?" -Kirsten

"Consequences. You throw a coconut up, it comes down on your head. Consequences. You throw a party, it comes down on your head. Consquences." -Victor

"Things are a little dicey with him and his wife since the whole Monstra thing." -Will
"Monstra?" -Bailey
"Yeah, Monstra is a female wrestler who was putting the moves on Mr. Mayhem. Now Isis caught them on Monday Night Massacre, and..." -Will
"Isis?" -Bailey
"Isis is Mrs. Mayhem. She thinks Mr. Mayhem has a thing for Monstra." -Will
"And is any of this actually real?" -Bailey
"Hey, Mr. Mayhem met his wife in the ring. I mean, what is realer than that, huh? I mean look at him, he misses her." -Will
"Listen, eh, can we check in with our home planet, here, for a second?" -Bailey

"If you would just cut yourself loose every once in a while, huh? Maybe take a vacation from this middle-aged Bailey thing." -Will
"I'm sorry that I'm not all jiggy to be runnin' around with you on your teenage thrill ride." -Bailey

"She has some obsession with how she looks." -Cameron
"She's a girl, Cameron, wake up." -Claudia
"You're a girl, you're not like that." -Cameron

"I tell ya - every time I leave this place I don't know whether to drive to the poorhouse or the loony bin." -Patient at fertility clinic

"What the hell are you doing?" -Isis pinned to the floor
"It's called wrestling." -Bailey

"A little life advice for you, pumpkin? Always cultivate friends in the theater." -Victor

"If this is my option, some pointless detour with a steroidal nutjob, then, you know what - I will take my boring existence any time." -Bailey

"I can't pass up an oasis like him. I'd die of thirst." -Isabel to Julia

"I know that I would be happy with any baby we shared, I know that. But I have this dream, this fantasy, where we have a baby who has your eyes, my nose, your laugh... and cries like me. It's just a dream. The reality is... remember when I was sick? 'Cause the funny thing is, I honestly don't. I know you do. I know that in some ways it was harder on you than it was on me. And I know that I can dream about all kinds of things, but that's what's real." -Kirsten to Charlie

"The truth is, I think maybe things are a little too under control around here as is." -Bailey

"How many twenty-one-year-olds own that many ties?" -Bailey

"Y'know, I look so much younger in this light." -Evan

"It's like, the thing that I do the best... the thing that I spend half of my life doing, is fighting off the chaos. At work, at home... I'm like constantly holding it up. But maybe that's wrong. Because everyone else, everyone else is... is into that stuff. Everyone else enjoys it. You, and Sarah with this trip she's taking, and your job. And I get so down on you guys for that stuff. But God, I think maybe I got it all backwards. Y'know, this whole stupid thing. My whole life. And it scares me, it scares me because it feels like... like I'm losing people." -Bailey
"You're not losing anybody here." -Will
"So what do I do, Will? I mean, I don't know." -Bailey
"Well, if I were you, first of all... I'd stay away from pink, 'cause it's really not your color." -Will

"You know, I realized tonight that I come from a really big family." -Charlie
"You just realized that?" -Kirsten
"No, not exactly, but... I forget, sometimes, y'know, just how lucky I am." -Charlie
"Charlie..." -Kirsten
"I was just thinking, I don't want Diana to miss out on that because I was afraid." -Charlie
"Look, don't do this to me." -Kirsten
"No, no, I'm not. If having a baby like this is what you want, and you're ready for the risks, I'm ready too. I want us to try." -Charlie

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