Quotes from Too Close

"Julia who? Oh right, she's the one who's shtupping Stilman." -Evan

"Well, you could tell her that you were working with Isabel." -Evan
"Well, then I would have to let Isabel in on the secret, and that's pretty much like putting it on CNN." -Julia

"I'm about as appealing as spinal meningitis. I'm like the fantasy equivalent of burning tar." -Myra to Charlie

"So, what, you're gonna tell me now that AA says you shouldn't fall in love, that love's just like another addiction?" -Bailey
"No, of course not." -John
"Because, to be honest with you, John, she was like a crutch. I mean, I stayed sober for her more than anyone. And there were a lotta nights where I wanted to use where she was the reason I didn't - her alone. So how does it feel to free? I'll tell ya, it feels like... frankly, it feels like I wanna drink." -Bailey

"You think love matters less than the dates on your drivers license?" -Joe

"OK, if you can't even lift the glass I am guessing somebody died, you lost your job, or the love of your life just took a hike." -Tracey
"What?" -Bailey
"I'm rootin' for number three, you know, so we can bond." -Tracey

"So what is the official position on yours? Do we hate her, or is no one to blame?" -Tracey
"The last one." -Bailey
"Ouch! I hate when that happens." -Tracey

"Interaction with you: 'Hey, man, wonder what she looks like naked?' 'Pretty much like that.'" -Bailey
"God, you make it sound totally cheap and empty." -Will

"Do you hear me? I'm saying no!" -Claudia to Derek

"So, you got a eyeful the other night, huh? Thank God for dimmers." -Daphne to Griffin

"First of all, you don't have to say anything to me. I mean, I'm the creepy guy that was in there in the first place. So, I mean, and second of all, people do what they gotta do. Who am I to judge? And third, I don't know, I thought you looked good." -Griffin to Daphne

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