Quotes from Fate, Hope and Charity

"A restaurant owner's job is never done." -Bailey

"Do me a favor, will you? Talk to me for a minute and please don't laugh at everything that I say." -Bailey
"Well, if you were a little less funny, or cute, and whatever the hell else your secret is." -Joe

"It's just a number." -Charlie
"Of course, I know - it's just a number." -Kirsten
"I'm still the same old me." -Charlie
"Hey, not so old, Charlie." -Kirsten

"Victor." -Daphne
"What? Why does it have to be me? You're the one stopping by every day to borrow sugar. They figured it out for themselves. I just didn't deny it." -Victor

"I thought I was the dog. You put me to shame." -Charlie
"It's nothin' to brag about, Charlie." -Bailey
"Nothin' to brag about? Bailey, two women begging for you, simultaneously?" -Charlie
"That's the thing. They were begging. I mean, where is the challenge in that? You know, there's such a thing as the thrill of pursuit." -Bailey
"Way overrated. Take it from an old man who's had it both ways." -Charlie

"Sometimes you just can't take no for an answer, okay. When you feel a connection like this and when fate has spoken so clearly." -Bailey
"You are out of your mind. You do know that." -Holly

"You and I were a terrible match, which kind of made it for me. You were always a big surprise. But Daphne, she's, I don't know - she's so much like me." -Griffin to Julia

"A jerk? He was worse than a jerk." -Claudia to Alexa about Derek

"Before I kiss you again or start behaving like an even bigger idiot, I'm just gonna go." -Brian to Julia

"I like you." -Bailey
"I had a feeling." -Holly
"I don't know if you noticed, but my suave charming levels are way up." -Bailey
"Yeah, but you get serious points off for having to point that out. I like you too. Only, not as much as you like me. Which I sense is what's gonna keep you interested." -Holly
"So you know my type, do you?" -Bailey
"Pre-med since freshman year. Refused to take any money off my parents so hence two part-time jobs. I'd rather drive than be a passenger. I think that ordering in a restuarant should be a competitive sport. Tell me that I can't do something or be something or have something... I'm there. See, I don't just know your type, Bailey, I am your type." -Holly
"I could have told you that." -Bailey

"Look, I know you probably hate me." -Myra
"Well...." -Claudia

"You are scum, pal. Is this one married too?" -Tracy's husband to Bailey

"I don't want a boyfriend who's learning all his life lessons on my time." -Holly

"I want you to give more to me than you would some editor you just hired or a bank teller. 'Cause otherwise what does this mean, the two of us together? So I get to see you naked. Great. But anything deeper than that is off limits? That is not gonna work for me, Evan." -Julia to Evan

"When you're up on the top looking down, everything's - it's a nice view. You know what? I'm so tired of what I'm seeing." -Claudia to Cameron and the crew

"Hey, look who's here, it's my knight in shining denim." -Daphne to Griffin

"Look, I only have one helmet, and we really need to talk." -Griffin
"Can we just go for a quick ride? Please?" -Daphne to Griffin
"All right. But you're wearin' this." -Griffin

"Are you Griffin Holbrook's family?" -Dr. Yang
"We're... yeah, yeah, that's us." -Charlie

"Do the surgery. We'll pay for it." -Julia
"Julia, come on. Let's think about this. We don't even know how much..." -Charlie
"He could lose his hand, Charlie. That's Griffin's whole way of life - working with his hands." -Julia
"I'm not saying that we shouldn't do it. I think we just need to figure out how we can." -Charlie
"Do the surgery. We'll find a way." -Claudia

"What have I done?" -Daphne to Victor

"You know what the problem is? I just wrote this book about my whole life, and now I'm finding it hard not to notice that I keep doing this. I keep getting involved with guys who say, 'I have a problem. Bear with me.' I don't know, maybe I thought you'd be different, 'cause Ned, he had no control over his feelings. Or maybe I... maybe I thought you'd be the same. But the thing is, I care so much about you. I might even love you. But it's too much work. It's too much. And I'm sorry, I really am, but I can't anymore. I can't." -Julia to Evan

"Happy Birthday." -Kirsten
"Yeah. You know I was looking at Griffin lying there, lying in that bed. Not too long ago that was me." -Charlie
"I remember." -Kirsten
"And I promised myself that if I ever got out of there alive, I wasn't going to waste time on the stuff that doesn't matter. I'm gonna quit teaching, Kirsten." -Charlie
"Charlie." -Kirsten
"Yeah, the factory pays more and we need that money." -Charlie
"Yeah, but you love teaching better." -Kirsten
"That's not what matters now. What matters the most to me right now is making this baby. And the rest of it... it'll come in time. The stuff I always dreamed about, the design stuff, it'll come." -Charlie
"Are you sure?" -Kirsten
"Yeah. The funny thing is, I am. There's just been so many times that... I mean, when mom and dad died and I had to put my whole life on hold... when you went away... when I got sick.... I kept just having to trust fate, y'know. If I just held on, the things that I wanted would come back to me. And they always did. And they will again. If I just hold on, they will again." -Charlie

"You pegged me wrong, you know? I'm a lot of things, and not all of them good things, but a kid? I wish. I mean, if you only knew what the last six years of my life have been like. I made a mistake, Holly, and I'll make a lot more before I'm old, but, you know what, you rang my doorbell by mistake." -Bailey to Holly

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