Quotes from The Ties That Bind

"Shut up and put on some pants, OK? My sisters live here." -Bailey
"I can't. They're all dirty." -Will
"You live in a laundry room, Will." -Bailey

"We've done all this. The hound dog thing. And it's just - it's pointless and it's boring." -Bailey
"You know what - I hear this alien language that you speak sometimes and it's all bleeps and clicks to me. It's boring?" -Will
"Yes. Especially if it's just 'Hey, how're you doin? You're obviously not the woman of my dreams, so let's just have some overpriced meal which is just to stall until we can have sex and then duck each other's phone calls.' I mean, really, man, spare me." -Bailey

"I miss it. I miss my music. I really do." -Claudia

"I wanted to see you. Satisfied?" -Holly
"No. Say you're sorry." -Bailey
"For what?" -Holly
"For thinking you knew me. For judging my whole life unfairly based on one single event." -Bailey
"Alright. Fine. I'm sorry." -Holly
"Good. Now say you'll see me again." -Bailey

"Peas are an underrated vegetable, don't you think?" -Griffin

"Nobody even bothered asking me, and now all of a sudden I owe a fortune." -Griffin
"Wait. Who said you owed anything?" -Julia
"What? I'm not gonna let you guys pay for me." -Griffin

"You're acting like this is normal. Like you paying for me makes sense. But I'm not even your family anymore. So all of this money that you've spent - it's mine to pay back. It's gonna take a couple of years, but I'm gonna pay it back - every penny of it." -Griffin to Julia

"Care to dance around with me in the rain like a fool?" -Holly
"Don't mind if I do." -Bailey

"It's a teeny bit illegal." -Charlie
"A teeny bit illegal?" -Kirsten
"But, how often do we complain about this? How it costs too much - how people like us can't afford to have babies this way. I mean, it would be a chance for us to even the score." -Charlie
"Or go to jail." -Kirsten
"They're hormones, Kirsten. We're not buyin' heroin." -Charlie
"Are we really that desperate?" -Kirsten
"We're dining on unidentified 5-month-old frozen food, and we've turned off the lights and heat." -Charlie

"I never do this." -Holly
"What? Have sex?" -Bailey
"Have sex 20 times on the very first date." -Holly

"You wanted to be a kid, a normal kid, and you got that Claud, right? You got to stay young." -Ross to Claudia

"Stop, alright? You're talking like this is some kind of business relationship here. Like you owe us money because we're some strangers who decided to pitch in for no reason. Well, you know what? You had no reason to help my little sister when she was unhappy at boarding school, or me, when I was with Ned. So, it's too late to say you're not a part of this family, 'cause if you didn't want us to take care of you, you shouldn't have taken care of us." -Julia to Griffin

"God, look what you've done to me. I used to be such a cool and detached Brit." -Holly to Bailey

"We didn't wanna make this your problem." -Charlie
"My problem? Charlie, you're not my problem - you're my brother." -Bailey

"If I can't have that. I mean, if I can't be the way I was, then I don't wanna play." -Claudia to Ross

"I'm a couple of dates and some pillow talk away from a big-time commitment." -Bailey to Will

"I don't wanna be a burden, Julia. That's not why I'm here." -Griffin
"Griffin, you don't have to..." -Julia
"Look, I can't explain it. I just... asking for your help, or your brother's or your sister... it's... I'd rather ask anybody else... my parents, a stranger, anybody." -Griffin
"Why? Griffin, we wanna help you. So much." -Julia
"Maybe that's why. I'm not very good at sayin' this stuff, so if I don't seem thankful, I am. I really am." -Griffin

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