Matthew Fox

Character: Charlie Salinger, the oldest brother

Birthday: July 14, 1966

History: Matthew Fox grew up on his family's ranch in Crowheart, WY, and developed an early interest in sports and the outdoors. He began horseback riding at the age of six and currently enjoys fly fishing, basketball and swimming. He got a B.A. in Economics from Columbia University in New York, and was also wide receiver on Columbia's football team. Fox met his wife, Marguerita, in college, and they dated for five years before getting married in August of 1992. The had their first daughter in the early spring of 1997. Her name is Kyle Allison Fox. Fox also has a pet Green Iguana named Stevie.

Career Highlights
Behind the Mask, 1999: James Jones
If I Die Before I Wake, 1993: Charlie Deevers
Freshman Dorm, 1992: Danny Foley