Okay, so this is blatantly stolen from the Sony Party of Five page. I hope no one minds and it makes people happy and it doesn't cause too much downloading trouble.

The Salingers' House in 3-D

Before you download these movies, make sure you either have a quicktime VR plug-in for your web browser, or a quicktime VR player for your computer.

Directions for viewing these VR movies while browsing with Netscape:
If you'll be using your browser to view these, simply click once on the link for the room you'd like to see. If you're going to be using an outside application, click and hold on the link until a menu appears and then choose "Save this link as" to save the movie to your computer and then view it using your outside application. (Okay, so I use a Mac. On a Windows machine I think you do that right-click thing.) If you want to save a copy of the movie, use the "Save this link as" option as well. Make sure that if you save the link, you save it as "source" and not as "text" or you won't be able to view it.

Note: These are not normal movies. They are VR movies and can only be viewed as such. If you try to view them as normal movies they will look blank.

Have fun!

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The Salingers' Living Room

The Salingers' Kitchen