Happy Halloween

Written by Susan Draper

Set during "A Midsemester Night's Dream"

FADE IN: A cold, crisp, moonlit San Francisco night.
Griffin and Owen are out and about on what appears to be Halloween.
Owen's dressed as a vampire, nervously clutching onto his trick-or-treat bag, as small groups of Halloween revelers pass them by.

Look, Owen. Its easy. Real easy.
This -- this is all you do.

Griffin takes Owen's bag to demonstrate the techniques of trick-or-treating.
See? That's all you gotta do and -- Bingo! Candy!
Wanna try? C'mon! Its fun!

(nervous small voice)
I don't wanna. I'm scared.

Griffin rolls his eyes in frustration as he spies a costumed duo, all smiles as they leave a residence, successful in their quest for candy.

(muttering to himself).
This is gonna be a long night.

He takes Owen's hand as they trudge up the steps to the very same residence.

Look -- Owen.
Watch me. I'll show you.

He rings the doorbell with Owen by his side. Older woman answers.

Trick or treat!

He holds out the bag, smiling triumphantly as he shows the little guy the ropes.

(irritation showing in her voice) -
Aren't you just just a *little* old to be trick-or treating? --
And where's your costume, anyhow?

(Looking completely baffled by her asssumption).
What?! Huh? -- Oh!
You think its for...?

He sheepishly laughs at her obvious mistake as he attempts to pull Owen in front of him. Only Owen's NOT there.

Owen? Owen!!

Griffin goes into nervous panic as he realizes Owen is nowhere in sight.

I'm calling the police!! You're truly pathetic,
you know that?! Someone your age. Ringing doorbells,
trying to get free candy off of little kids.
Get a job!!

She slams the door as Griffin frantically runs down the steps, candy bag in
tow, yelling for Owen. He spots Owen sitting on the sidewalk, hands calmly
resting on chin - waiting.

anger rising in his voice as he approaches Owen

Owen!! Why'd you do that, huh?! Run away?!
You had me scared to death.
Don't ever do that again, you hear me?!

He looks up with an innocent expression, as Griffin, registering both relief
AND exasperation at the way the night has turned out, grabs Owen's hand in a
hasty retreat. Owen grabs back his candy bag and peeks inside.

So... what'd you get, Griffin? --
Anything good?!

Griffin, cracking a little smile, shakes his head as the two walk away, hand
in hand into the autumn night.