Afterthoughts ~ Get Back

Written by Isa

Set after "Get Back" - Kirsten more or less tells her mother about her reconciliation with Charlie

"Hello?" Ellie asked, answering the phone with her free hand. She was scrambling eggs with the other.

"Hi Mom."

"Kirsten! Honey, how are you? I haven't heard from you in a few days, I was getting worried."

"I'm fine Mom, really. I've got a place now, and I'm looking into a teaching job, I'm okay."

"What's wrong?"

She grinned across the room at Charlie who was installing his CD player into Kirsten's entertainment center. "Nothing's wrong Mom. I'm great."

"You sound funny." Ellie paused. "You sound happy."

"I am happy, Mom."

"Why? Are you and Paul--"

"Oh, Mom, no. That's over."

"Shit!" Charlie gave himself an electric shock and sucked on his finger.

"What was that?" Ellie demanded.

"Um, Charlie gave himself a little shock, it would appear. He's hooking up my stereo."

"Kirsten," Ellie used her warning tone. "Are you--"

"If I am, then what?"

" aren't even divorced yet. I just want you to take some time for me."

"I think I've had enough time for me. And none of it really was for me. This is."

"And Charlie--"

"Makes me happy." Kirsten said, smiling at her boyfriend who was still sucking on the finger. "Isn't that what matters the most?"

Ellie laughed. "I suppose your right. Damn."


"I really hate it when I'm wrong."

Kirsten laughed. "Talk to you tomorrow. Bye Mom."

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